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Navigating big data


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Quick presentation on Navigating Big Data at The BIO Agency event for B2B Social Media, January 2013

Published in: Technology
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Navigating big data

  1. 1. NAVIGATING BIG DATA #whatstrending B2B Social Media & Marketing40 seconds of twitter mentionsHttp:// @tiffanystjames
  2. 2. Make data intelligible @Tiffany St James
  3. 3. @Tiffany St James
  4. 4. @Tiffany St James
  5. 5. What makes good information design? [Source:] @Tiffany St James
  6. 6. Give context @Tiffany St James
  7. 7. Carbon Footprint Calculator @Tiffany St James
  8. 8. What do you need? @Tiffany St James
  9. 9. Objectives: what are you trying to achieve? There are only 6 functions of social media in a business context: HR PR Direct Sales Customer Service Business Intelligence Internal Comms Be REALLY clear on your objectives before you start @TiffanyStJames
  10. 10. People capabilities • Attitude • Aptitude • Capability • Capacity • New peeps vs training • Culture Understand your current talent and their aspirations: train, develop or hire people for objective-led purposes @TiffanyStJames
  11. 11. Get the right tools for the job Define the tools you use by @TiffanyStJames your objectives
  12. 12. Action-orientated modelling @Tiffany St James
  13. 13. Action-orientated modelling Based on Prochaska’s theoretical model of behavioural change @Tiffany St James
  14. 14. Saving lives by good comms? Source: @Tiffany St James
  15. 15. What’s Hot What’s NotBig Data ‘Empty’ monitoringChief Scientists Giving it to the internFocused objectives Social buzzActionable insights Responding to everythingGreat tools Using tools because they are freeCapable teams Hoping your people will ‘pick it up’ @Tiffany St James
  16. 16. Thank you, let’s keep talking… Tiffany St James Social Media Strategist @tiffanystjames tiffanystjames @TiffanyStJames
  17. 17. Embedding digital and social media capability in organisations