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UK Social TV: Challenges and Opportunties


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UK Social TV: Challenges and Opportunties

  1. 1. Tiffany St James Social Media Strategist Stimulation Ltd Challenges and Opportunities UK Social TV @tiffanystjames
  2. 2. 62% of consumers use social media while watching TV. An increase of 18% since 2011 Using tablets, smartphones or laptops in their everyday TV viewing, both for video and real time TV Using social networking sites and forums while watching TV, 40% of these discuss what they’re watching on social networks Social TV globally Ericsson Consumer Insight Summary Aug 2012 @TiffanyStJames
  3. 3. Not watching alone Being part of a community Self validation Curiosity of other opinions Seeking additional information Wanting to influence or interact with content Gratification of being acknowledged by others The need to further analyse and discuss Behaviour drivers Ericsson Consumer Insight Summary Aug 2012 @tiffanystjames
  4. 4. The UK falls behind the US, despite evidence of viewer appetite for social TV engagement 12% of new UK shows have Facebook pages, compared to 30% in the US BUT… The Voice UK had 24,885 Twitter followers BEFORE broadcast and GetGlue and Miso check-ins are growing in the UK UK vs US The Wit Monitoring Service 2012 @tiffanystjames
  5. 5. Celebrity tweets drive engagement RESULTED IN Top 2012 shows by channel (does not include news and sport) Second Sync 2012 @tiffanystjames
  6. 6. Sky/YouGov Survey 2012 (4,400) @tiffanystjames
  7. 7. Production Broadcasters Companies Digital/Tech Content Comms Agencies Producers Agencies The ecosystem @tiffanystjames
  8. 8. Fans discuss show content; what happened, acting, new characters plot twists TV within the fantasy of a programme; fan plot lines and character diaries Highest levels of participation: threat of favourite show cancellation Fan behaviour @tiffanystjames
  9. 9. Broadcasters are divided over social TV strategy: To partner directly with social networks? Or to build their own platforms for more control and ad revenue? Few utilise a dual strategy Many in the UK are making the most of the dual screen back channel, broadcasting hashtags to invite people to join the chat Few are creating valuable content that extends the story outside of the show Broadcasters @tiffanystjames
  10. 10. What about the tech? @tiffanystjames
  11. 11. Have a robust infrastructure and planning War Room set ups for real time analytics and engagement Objectives will define tools @tiffanystjames
  12. 12. Give useful additional content and use analytics to create richer experiences Interactive content: Sync’d @tiffanystjames
  13. 13. Real-time sentiment on shows @tiffanystjames
  14. 14. Rewarding Social TV-ers @tiffanystjames
  15. 15. Social TV: Battle of the Apps @tiffanystjames
  16. 16. Opportunities @tiffanystjames
  17. 17. • Not all broadcasters are planning at the right time, it needs to start before filming starts • Use data for audience insight • Be clear what the objectives are: Reach a new audience Build on an existing community Create an engaged community to help secure recommission Create purchase desire for merchandise Create revenue Set clear objectives @tiffanystjames
  18. 18. Co-create with writers and directors Extend the story into peoples everyday lives Create content that works across various media Use different content on different platforms Focus on different aspects; setting, characters etc Create the right content @tiffanystjames
  19. 19. • Content should be… Fun Unusual Important Interesting Educational Newsworthy Entertaining Content should add value @tiffanystjames
  20. 20. Social TV lends itself to storytelling Extend the story outside of the show Allow people to be part of the story, to interact with it Create parallel storylines that extend the experience between shows Compliment the show, don’t duplicate it Be flexible, allow the story to take unexpected turns Storytelling is key @tiffanystjames
  21. 21. Embarrassing Bodies Live Entire editorial turned over to viewers Asking questions/uploading images Voting on what they want discussed Live from the clinic Live consultations on Skype App download: medical tests Valued user-interaction @tiffanystjames
  22. 22. Have a real use for interaction Ensure data is fed back into programmes My Health Checker 5 million tests taken 500k registrations 300k downloads Weekly visualising & analysis A real user need to interact Users trust you Be a trusted data holder @tiffanystjames
  23. 23. Captivating live audiences, providing real-time data, honouring the super-engaged Event TV @tiffanystjames
  24. 24. Free data Engage developers Create sandboxes R&D Prototype Release data, let devs play @tiffanystjames
  25. 25. Planning Layer data for insights and get the right tools for the job Extend the story and the experience outside of shows Make activity important, meaningful and relevant Leverage social channels differently for different kinds of shows Audiences Create opportunities for meaningful interaction Work with producers and developers to create bespoke content So….. @tiffanystjames
  26. 26. What do you want people to be doing? Based on Prochaska’s theoretical model of behavioural change Action-orientated modelling @tiffanystjames
  27. 27. Tiffany St James Social Media Strategist Thank you, let’s keep talking… @tiffanystjames
  28. 28. Resources Ericsson Consumer Insight Summary Aug 2012 The Wit Monitoring Service 2012 Second Sync 2012 Sky/YouGov Survey 2012 (4,400) With thanks to Gemma Went @GemmaWent Co-Research, build and presentation So TV Silicon Beach 2012 Acknowledgements…
  29. 29. Embedding digital and social media capability