BIMA Transmedia Cases - MIPCube 2012


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Presentation at MIPCube Digital Cases from around the word at Cannes March2012

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  • BIMA MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT AWARD WINNER: ENDEMOL/MONTEROSA Million Pound Drop game is a masterclass in audience engagement and the convergence of a TV and online campaign. During each episode visitors to the official site and Facebook page are invited to play along, and answer the same questions as show contestants (with the ability to connect to Facebook, to battle against friends). But the game didn’t simply sit alongside the TV show, it actually fed back into the broadcast, providing the production team with demographic information on how the nation was answering each question. Information that added to the show’s entertainment. With hundreds of thousands of people playing along live, and more than 230,000 Facebook likes, this campaign was a triumph for Channel 4.
  • BIMA GRAND PRIX AWARD WINNER: AMV BBDO Targeted at youths on the periphery of crime, Who Killed Deon? is designed to publicise a complicated, but increasingly used law known as Joint Enterprise which enables those involved on the edge of a criminal act to be jointly prosecuted. AMV BBDO chose Facebook as the perfect platform to remind people that crime is BAD. Working with the Metropolitan Police, they created a fictitious whodunnit. Users watch a series of videos, with each one focussing on the murder of Deon from the perspective of a different protagonist. There are 6 suspects - all involved in some way - through their stories you discover that presence, knowledge, and direct action can all have very serious ramifications.
  • BIMA INNOVATION AWARD WINNER: AKQA Engaging the growing number of multi-screen consumers isn’t easy. These suckers don’t just watch TV, they want to do other stuff at the same time! However, in the Star Player app, AKQA enabled Heineken to marry its sponsorship of UEFA Champions League football with a real-time app, which users can play via iPhone or Facebook as they enjoy live games. Star Player creates a social TV game experience, inviting users to anticipate the outcome of events in a live football match in real time. With points being awarded if you guess correctly, it’s a great way to compete against friends. Star Player has been a huge success, and has now spanned two seasons of Champions League football.
  • BIMA Transmedia Cases - MIPCube 2012

    1. 1. Digital and TransmediaMIP Cube, Cannes
    2. 2. 4seven • UK • Channel4 • New Channel Launch • Last 7 days • Most popular • Missed programmes • Re-screened • Chosen by buzzInsight:Last 7 days programmes replayedchosen by social buzz @TiffanyStJames
    3. 3. Zeebox
    4. 4. Million Pound Drop • Game show event • 8 Questions • £1 Million • Contestants can win • - or lose – • Life changing amounts of money • LIVE on TV • 100 000s players • 230 000 Facebook LikesInsight:Opportunity to ONLY play live in real-timewith your friends @TiffanyStJames
    5. 5. Who killed Deon? • Youth targeted • Crime periphery • Joint Enterprise Law • Ficticious ‘Who Dunnit’ • Series of videos • Focusing knife murder • 6 suspects • All involvedTransmedia used for serious messaging:presence, knowledge, and direct action can all @TiffanyStJameshave very serious ramifications.
    6. 6. Heineken Star Player • Real-time football app • Play via iPhone or • Facebook • Users anticipate outcome of match • Played against friendsWould my parents understand what it does?Would my friends outside of advertising be @TiffanyStJamesinterested in it?
    7. 7. Keeping Keeley • Lynx: Twist • Boredom is the enemy • Sense of full interactivity • 300 possibilities • Xbox placement • Online • Social sharingInsight:12 minute film had an average viewing timeof 18 minutes across all users @TiffanyStJames
    8. 8. Let’s keep talking…@tiffanystjames
    9. 9. BIMA• Founded in 1985 - world’s oldest new media association • Support and promote the British digital industry • Share knowledge and best practice • Reward great work and encourage the next generation• Over 200 members with combined revenues of £3 billion, representing hundreds of thousands of people• Members of the Advertising Association – giving digital a seat the top table• ConnectedUK, Digital Hall of Fame, National Standards and of course the BIMA Awards…