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Embedding Social Media


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'How to embed social media' presented by Tiffany St James and Delphine Remy Boutang at Women's Forum Global Meeting 2012 at the Orange corner

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Embedding Social Media

  1. 1. How to embed social media in your business « Orange digital corner»
  2. 2. Who am I? CEO and founder of the social bureau, a London/Paris based, social business consulting agency. Our mission is to work with organisations to move business in the new paradigm of customer, partner, employee participation. • @delphineRB • • ]Before WW social media director at IBM for 4 years. Hold a track record ofimproving critical business outcomes exploiting new market opportunitiescreated by the adoption of social media.• Held a serie of increasingly responsible positions within IBM Corporate Communications, Marketing and Sales
  3. 3. Who am I? Global Digital and Social Media Strategist Tech Speaker Former Head of Social Media for the UK Government Specialising in: • Social Media in Global Corporate Comms and HRTiffany St JamesCEO and Founder Stimulation Ltd • Creating revenue for media agencies@tiffanystjames • Social TV: Helping broadcasters with social
  4. 4. Evolution of online marketing Relationship Direct Results  Value: Web as a relationship Experimentation management platform  Value: Web as a direct results  Primary Goals: Engaging platform prospects and customers outside of their Web site  Primary Goals: Drive traffic and Value: Web as a promotional lead generation  Secondary Goals: Lead vehicle generation, drive traffic, thought  Secondary Goals: Thought leadership and branding Primary Goals: Trial a new leadership and branding media concept, gain eyeballs,  Measurements: Cost of sales, build brand and drive awareness  Measurements: CPL, CPC, customer retention, brand brand measurements confirmed penetration and measurements Measurements: Cost per through surveys from direct results stage impression  Marketing Tactics:  Marketing Tactics: Marketing Tactics: – Search ads – Vendor communities – Branding – buttons, banners – Lead generation – white – Two-way ads papers, webcasts – Messaging connections – E-mail – newsletters, list rentals – Branding - IMUs, larger using trigger marketing units, microsites – Successful tactics from – E-mail – list rentals direct results stage 1996-2003 2004-2009 2010-2015
  5. 5. Social media in the world today
  6. 6. The world is now square BRAND BRAND EMPLOYEECONSUMER CONSUMER CONSUMER Old world New world
  7. 7. Corporate culture v. = Fail Social mediaCorporate Culture + = Success Social media
  8. 8. Business Model + Enterprise Corporate Culturesocial business + Desired value formula = Social business success
  9. 9. Top Down Empowerment Trust Tools (availability)Proper roles ofmanagement & Guidelines Value employees Bottoms up Interest Tools (selection) Participation
  10. 10. • Empowered everyone to participate • Learn from mistakesWhat I did (or near mistakes) • Social Computing at IBM Guidelines • Building a culture for participation started inside first • Experiment. A lot
  11. 11. • Audited skills and capabilities • Created a community of practice of social What I did media practitioners in the UK • Enabled training inGovernment the skills gaps • Social Engagement Guidelines • Engaged with other governments worldwide
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Function Initial Excellence Strategy Objectives, Audit, Strategic Case Embedded Strategy Policy, Guidance Mitigation, Governance Useful Practical Governance Embedded Crisis Comms, Channel Use Social Talent Mechanisms. Employee Social Talent Attraction Programme, HR Engagement, Reward Dynamic Innovation Culture Internal Comms Collaborative working tools Social Intranet with soft walls PR Engagement delivering objectives Social multi-way collaboration• Direct Sales Mechanisms, Tools, Channels Social Sales and Conversion Programme Customer Service Sentiment, Care Channels Social CRM Hub Research, NPD, Policy, Sales, HR, Business Intelligence Capability Embedded Innovation, CRM
  14. 14. Facebook
  15. 15. F-Commerce on Facebook
  16. 16. LinkedIn LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet More than 175 million members in over 200 countries and territories 62% of LinkedIn members are located outside of the United States 2011: members did nearly 4.2 billion professionally-oriented searches 2012: Set to surpass 5.3 billion in 2012.Available in 19 languages:English, Czech, Danish, Dutch,French, German, Indonesian,Italian, Japanese, Korean,Malay, Norwegian, Polish,Portuguese, Romanian,Russian, Spanish, Swedish andTurkish.
  17. 17. Twitter Twitter is a microblogging site with an organized stream of tweets that delivers the best suited content for you instantly media, news, events and all information you need regarding your interests. Share information online, exchange with your followers Create, build and develop relationships• number of Twitter accounts: 465, 000, 000• number of tweets per day: 175, 000, 000• new Twitter accounts per day: 1, 000, 000
  18. 18. YouTubeYouTube is a video sharing website. Every users can upload, views andshare videos.2nd search engine in Europe4 milliards of videos watched around the world800 millions of unique visitors per month
  19. 19. One of the best YouTube campaigns
  20. 20. Pinterest Pinterest is a place where you can dream about, plan and organise all the things you like into boards. This platform is only about pictures. The concept: you pin pictures you like that you find online or upload them from your laptop. It is about building your history and your interests via pictures Key words: Interest, surprise, emotion, interaction11 700 000 members worldwide104 000 000 unique visitors p/month2,3 milliards of viewed pages in March 2012
  21. 21. Pinterest drives sales
  22. 22. One of the most successful brand on Pinterest Etsy has all its pins organized to give you tons of ideas. Giving customers new ideas for how they can use products Give them more reasons and incentives to buy. roughly 3% of all Pinterest pins are of Etsy products 19% des cyberacheteurs ayant récemment acheté après avoir vu une image sur Pinterest ont passé leur commande sur Etsy.com153, 494 followers45 boards3,648 pins
  23. 23. Top 10 Social BookmarkingTwitter: 250 000 000 - Est. Unique Monthly Visitors Alexa Rank 9digg: 25 100 000 - Est. Unique Monthly Visitors Alexa Rank 139StumbleUpon: 17 500 000 - Est. Unique Monthly Visitors Alexa Rank 112reddit: 16 000 000 - Est. Unique Monthly Visitors Alexa Rank 115Pinterest: 15 500 000 - Est. Unique Monthly Visitors Alexa Rank 109Buzz Feed: 14 500 000 - Est. Unique Monthly Visitors Alexa Rank 632delicious: 5 500 000 - Est. Unique Monthly Visitors Alexa Rank 342tweetmeme: 4 500 000 - Est. Unique Monthly Visitors Alexa Rank 426fark: 1 850 000 - Est. Unique Monthly Visitors Alexa Rank 2120
  24. 24. PathPath is a personal network where you conect with family ans closefriends. By limiting you to 150 connections, Path is a trusted place toshare your moments that matter with your closest people.Take pictures, videos and share it on Twitter, Tumblr, FoursquareCheck in to places with friends, share thoughts and content3 millions users
  25. 25. Instagram With 100 million users, Instagram is an application for smartphones to make and share gorgeous photos thanks to a range of filters. Transform every moments into works of art you will want to share.On Facebook 300 millionphotos are uploaded p/dayOne new user every secondOne billion photos have beentaken with the appRoughly 58 photos uploadedeach second
  26. 26. TwylahScoop. It is a publishing platform. Twylah is an automated twitter aggregatorhelps to find content from your favorite topics with the ability to set topics you wish to beand creates your own online magazine renowned for. Each tweet is indexed by Google, ensuring better search. Tiffany part 5.5 million unique users per monthThe growth is trending at 30-35% per month
  27. 27. About.Me Flavors
  28. 28. Burberry : the social enterprise
  29. 29. Burberry: the social enterpriseTwitter account: 1,249,170 followersFacebook: 13, 675, 686 fansPinterest: 13 496 followersInstagram: 530 821 followers
  30. 30. @delphinerb Social Computing Guidelines Living IBM Values in the Digital WorldBe who you areSpeak in the first personUse a disclaimerRespect your audience Add valueDont pick fightsBe the first to respond to yourown mistakes.Use your best judgment.Dont forget your day job.
  31. 31. @delphinerb IBM social footprint Internal External 300,000+•Blogs - 17,000 blogs•SocialBlue – 70K members 25,000+•WikiCentral –1 million daily page views 100,000+•InnovationJam – 4 Jams, 200,000 + 500,000 participants•Media Library – 14 million 370,000+ downloads
  32. 32. @delphinerbEmployee-generated brand interactions are growing exponentially
  33. 33. @delphinerbSocial Business enablement program
  34. 34. @delphinerbSurfacing experts: On our own domains Grow IBM’s digital eminence
  35. 35. @delphinerbSurfacing experts: On third-party platforms (First ever Slideshare network)
  36. 36. @delphinerb EssentialsSet objectives Have the right skilled peopleMeasure and optimise Have the right tools @TiffanyStJames
  37. 37. @delphinerbIf you can’t…. Inform InspireEngage Educate @TiffanyStJames
  38. 38. Questions? Delphine Remy-Boutang Tiffany St James +44 7720 414 493 +44 870 444 1887 +33 6 31 65 69 43 +44 7970 798804 @delphineRB @tiffanystjames