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Social media and insurance markets


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Social Media for Commercial Insurance Markets, presented 05 March 2013

Published in: Technology
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Social media and insurance markets

  1. 1. Creating a Social Media Strategy in Insurance Markets #eisocialmedia @tiffanystjames
  2. 2. Governance @TiffanyStJames
  3. 3. Code of conductA behavioural wish list for your organisation:• Be credible• Be consistent• Be transparent• Be relevant• Be an ambassador for your organisation @TiffanyStJames
  4. 4. Social media policyLeave staff in no doubt what they are allowed and aren’t allowed to do• Purpose• Principles• Statement of ethics• Context for organisation• Professional and personal use Give your people ‘How to’ guidance @TiffanyStJames
  5. 5. Have social media staff guidance Give your people ‘How to’ guidance @TiffanyStJames
  6. 6. RebuttalHave a process for whathappens when someone postssomething negative about theorganisation or brand.Have a social media crisis plan:
  7. 7. Strategy @TiffanyStJames
  8. 8. There are only 6 uses of social media1 • PR2 • HR3 • Direct Sales4 • Customer Service5 • Business Intelligence6 • Internal Comms @TiffanyStJames
  9. 9. What’s different about social media strategy? Objectives Measure Audit Optimise Activity Listening Channels Audiences @TiffanyStJames
  10. 10. Digital and social audit • Audit • What works Your Competition Organisation Other Similar Industries Industry • Best • Bench Practice • mark @TiffanyStJames
  11. 11. Set an objective (for audience engagement) Listening Buzz generation Audience insight, Stimulating discussion, understanding views encouraging sharing Co-production Discussion & Response Working with a community Driving take-up, to produce a resource asking for feedback Source:
  12. 12. People capabilities • Attitude • Aptitude • Capability • Capacity • New talent vs. training • Culture • Profession Understand your current talent and their aspirations: train, develop or hire people for objective-led purposes @TiffanyStJames
  13. 13. Get the right tools for the job Define the tools you use by @TiffanyStJames your objectives
  14. 14. Good practice @Tiffany St James
  15. 15. Live events and twitter Q and A’s @TiffanyStJames
  16. 16. Aggregating news @TiffanyStJames
  17. 17. Video is the most engaging mechanism @TiffanyStJames
  18. 18. Innovation: outside of mainstream social @TiffanyStJames
  19. 19. This presentation is available on: @Tiffany St James
  20. 20. Thank you, let’s keep talking… Tiffany St James Social Media Strategist @tiffanystjames tiffanystjames @TiffanyStJames
  21. 21. Embedding digital and social media capability in organisations