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Hacking the government and other stories


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Hacking the Government and other stories: how coders and developers have helped the UK Government on its open data journey and how Young Rewired State is helping to educate kids to code.

Published in: Technology
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Hacking the government and other stories

  1. 1. Hack the Government and Other Stories @TiffanyStJames
  2. 2. Find GPs – 11,000 0f them @TiffanyStJames
  3. 3. Or dentists @TiffanyStJames
  4. 4. Or pharmacies @TiffanyStJames
  5. 5. National Hack the Government Day Saturday March 7th 2009 Rewired State held “National Hack The Government Day” 80 developers created 30 working projects in 8 hours Photo Credit: Paul Clarke @TiffanyStJames
  6. 6. Data can be local @TiffanyStJames
  7. 7. Postcode Newspapers @TiffanyStJames
  8. 8. Crowdspeak – Parliamentary candidates AirTEXT Compare the Care Home Day Nurseries Where did my tax go? UK Climate projections @TiffanyStJames
  9. 9. Justice & Home Affairs, March 2010 @TiffanyStJames
  10. 10. The final 20 hacks included:• a system to alert drivers to nearby cyclists, Honda: Power of Minds hack• an anti-GPS that encourages you to visit new places;• an experiment to see if you could connect to the internet using chicken wire - You can!
  11. 11. MIP: How to make TV more sociable @TiffanyStJames
  12. 12. Release data, let devs play Free your data Engage developers Create sandboxes R&D Prototype Ideas and execution @TiffanyStJames
  13. 13. Isabell LongAge: 16Open University student. Frenchspeaker. Passionate about theEnglish language, code, technologyand open data. @TiffanyStJames
  14. 14. Redesign of mobile site, SMS and Facebook @TiffanyStJames
  15. 15. Redesign of family story IDFather’s role in thecommunity?Previous local Imam?Sub-clan membership? @TiffanyStJames
  16. 16. Young Rewired State 2012 @TiffanyStJames
  17. 17. Winning Hacks 2012 @TiffanyStJames
  18. 18. Best example of coding YRS2012 @TiffanyStJames
  19. 19. Code a Better Country YRS2012 @TiffanyStJames
  20. 20. Best in Show YRS2012 @TiffanyStJames
  21. 21. Should Exist YRS2012 @TiffanyStJames
  22. 22. Wish I’d thought of that YRS2012 @TiffanyStJames
  23. 23. Thank you, let’s keep talking… Tiffany St James Social Media Strategist @TiffanyStJames
  24. 24. Digital: • strategy • training programmes • social engagement • amplification