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Tiffany St James at #EmbraceSocial - Social Business Culture for Talent


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Tiffany's presentation on #SocialBusiness Culture at the 25th June event, #EmbraceSocial.

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Tiffany St James at #EmbraceSocial - Social Business Culture for Talent

  1. 1. @TiffanyStJames Embracing Social Media Culture in your business
  2. 2. Hello! Social Media Strategist Tiffany St James @TiffanyStJames @tiffanystjames tiffanystjames
  3. 3. Key changes brought about by social media @TiffanyStJames
  4. 4. Trust in individuals Edelman Trust Barometer 2013 here @TiffanyStJames
  5. 5. Glassdoor: candidate feedback Candidates have the opportunity to provide feedback on: Recruitment organisations, jobseeker selection, the interview process @TiffanyStJames
  6. 6. The most socially responsible project worldwide? Good People Projects here @TiffanyStJames
  7. 7. Leading talent and skills matching software Source: @TiffanyStJames
  8. 8. Generations at work Generation Characteristics Motivations Attitudes B • Strong work ethic • Respectful and loyal • Hours = output Moving up the ladder Financial perks Being seen as a leader Gen X lacks respect Gen Y needs to stop being on Facebook Source: X • Independent • Change job for worth • Work/life balance Flexible schedule Value empowered Feeling appreciated Boomers should stop telling us to be like them Gen Y are lucky Y • Values driven • Need to know ‘why’ • Peer orientated Need and expect praise Flexibility in life Co-worker recognition Boomers should relax, have fun… and probably retire soon Gen X should chill out and stop talking so much about their kids @TiffanyStJames
  9. 9. Gen Y Culture Expectations Then •I can learn most from those with more experience than me •Excellence is defined by what I know and what I do well •Progression in my career is vertical and logical •Effective learning is in the class and rooted in books •The performance review helps me stay on track and grow Now •I learn from everyone around me •Excellence is defined by my strengths and what I ship •Career development is like a climbing frame •Small bites of real-time learning on the job are most powerful •Constant real-time feedback helps me get better everyday and know what’s next Jeff Turner, Head of L&D, EMEA, Facebook @TiffanyStJames
  10. 10. What can you do?
  11. 11. Transtheoretical Behaviour Change What can you do here to facilitate action? @TiffanyStJamesSource: Prochaska and DiClemente
  12. 12. Transtheoretical Behaviour Change Raise awareness Combat disengagement Increase relevance Provide solutions Facilitate action Reinforce Maintain Generate advocacy Peer feedback @TiffanyStJames
  13. 13. Make your site engaging, use rich media
  14. 14. Demonstrate processes, segment jobs
  15. 15. Leaders leading by example
  16. 16. Share on business-branded social platforms
  17. 17. • showcase your culture and employment brand • fans = database of interested users • engage with fans & create a community • link back to your corporate website/careers page Manage engaged communities: Facebook Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Hallmark, Apple and the CIA all have dedicated Facebook recruitment strategies Facebook is being used as a strategy to connect with passive candidates and to build long term talent pools
  18. 18. Dedicated outreach channels and mechanisms
  19. 19. Socialisation in the workplace Onboarding Software Social Performance Management Intranets with soft walls
  20. 20. Facebook: Social Business Culture Principles Focus on Impact Move Fast Be Bold Be Open Build Trust @TiffanyStJames
  21. 21. Thank you, let’s keep talking…. Social Media Strategist Tiffany St James @TiffanyStJames @tiffanystjames tiffanystjames Photo Credits: Building Trust TSJ at C4:
  22. 22. Embedding digital and social media capability in organisations