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Twitter: Business Use and Social Reach


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Presentation delivered at National Union of Journalists on 19 April

Published in: Technology, Business
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Twitter: Business Use and Social Reach

  1. 1. Twitter: Business use and Social Reach
  2. 2. Twitter stats • 6 Years Old • 500 million users • In the UK: • London World Tw Capital • Ranked 4th in world use • 24m UK users • 12 minutes a day • 25-44y = 60% audience @TiffanyStJames
  3. 3. US ‘old’ examples Dell • Direct Sales on Twitter • Few times a week • Tracking URLS to find what most appeals Jet Blue • One of first Tw corporates • Established Tw 2007 • Just Customer service ..but we need more relevant UK examples.. @TiffanyStJames
  4. 4. Business use • HR • PR • Direct Sales • Customer Service • Business Intelligence Olivier Blanchard @thebrandbuilder @TiffanyStJames
  5. 5. Customer service Make people feel • Welcomed • Appreciated • Want to return • Want to share Peter Shankman @TiffanyStJames
  6. 6. Event Leaders • Ask questions live • Guest blogs in real-time • All documents on Scribd • Download from Flickr • Davos YouTube debates • Follow attendees in one place on Twitter Source: fresh networks @TiffanyStJames
  7. 7. Event Journalism • Factual commentary • Open questions • Transparent walls • Real-time feedback • Audience sentiment @TiffanyStJames
  8. 8. Social data
  9. 9. Twitter drivingengagment
  10. 10. Personal reach • Exposure: 80 countries • 4638 unique visits • 3 National newspapers • 1 Podcast • 2 Radio interviews • 12 Offer • Marketing Budget £0.00 @TiffanyStJames
  11. 11. So what can we do? @TiffanyStJames
  12. 12. Key activities• Listen, monitor and gain insight on what is being said• Build an interested community• Manage reputation• Promote initiatives and campaigns• Engage with influencers• Idea creation• Market testing• Product testing• e CRM – full service customer relations @TiffanyStJames
  13. 13. Set an objective Listening Buzz generation Research, Stimulate discussion, audience insight, encouraging sharing understanding views Co-production Discussion & Response Working with a Driving take-up, community to produce asking for feedback a resourceSource: @TiffanyStJames
  14. 14. Digital FrameworkCreate a digital/social framework Strategic Creative Insight Delivery Results understanding Development Understand the Listen online to Develop tactical Deliver and manage Using monitoring and objectives, target what’s being said activity (including all activity measurement toolsaudiences and what about brands, content) that will Benchmark andthe ROI needs to be products etc engage with core measure outcomes to audiences and help understand ROI achieve objectivesSource: Tiffany St James and Gemma Went @TiffanyStJames
  15. 15. Thank you Let’s keep talking… TiffanyStJames on most social channels @TiffanyStJames
  16. 16. This presentation is
  17. 17. BIMA• Founded in 1985 - world’s oldest new media association • Support and promote the British digital industry • Share knowledge and best practice • Reward great work and encourage the next generation• Over 200 members with combined revenues of £3 billion, representing hundreds of thousands of people• Members of the Advertising Association – giving digital a seat the top table• ConnectedUK, Digital Hall of Fame, National Standards and of course the BIMA Awards…