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Practical digital strategies for impactful change and growth


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As presented at Internet World 2013, Earls Court on 24 04 2013

Published in: Technology, Business
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Practical digital strategies for impactful change and growth

  1. 1. Practical digital strategiesfor impactful change and growth @TiffanyStJames
  2. 2. What do we mean by digital strategy? • Identifying the business opportunity where digital delivery can provide solutions • Identifying the unmet needs of customers that most closely align with those key business opportunities • Developing a vision for how those digital solutions can fulfil business and customer needs • Prioritise the solutions which can deliver this vision @TiffanyStJames
  3. 3. What’s different about digital strategy? Objectives Measure Audit Optimise Activity Listening Opinion and leverage Channels Audiences = corporate transparency @TiffanyStJames
  4. 4. Action-orientated strategy @TiffanyStJames
  5. 5. Transtheoretical Behaviour ChangeWhat can you do hereto facilitate action? Maintenance Action Preparation Contemplation Pre-contemplation Source: Prochaska and DiClemente @TiffanyStJames
  6. 6. Transtheoretical Behaviour Change Facilitate actionRaise Provideawareness solutionsCombatdisengagement Maintenance ActionIncrease Preparation Reinforcerelevance Contemplation Maintain Pre-contemplation Generate advocacy Peer feedback @TiffanyStJames
  7. 7. Data-led strategy @TiffanyStJames
  8. 8. Data-led strategies @TiffanyStJames
  9. 9. Why do we look at the data? • Brand engagement tracking • Campaign tracking • Competitive analysis • Generating leads • Improving SEO • Increasing reach • Internal communications • Monitor discussions • Monitor industry environment • Real-time conversations • Reputation anagement • Research and insight • Social customer service • Talent finding • Thought leadership Yes, but…… @TiffanyStJames
  10. 10. To find the insights That will • help us build our strategy • change our strategy; and • create an action in our desired audiences @TiffanyStJames
  11. 11. What do you want people to do differently as a result of your communication? @TiffanyStJames
  12. 12. What are you looking for?Campaigns – Quantitative measures – Qualitative measures – Risk managementMedia monitoring – Identify key influencers and critics – Discover signs of lobbying from groups or individuals – Gauge reaction and interest in other related media coverage – Risk management – identify issues and be able to respond quicklyInsight and engagement – Identify rumours, misunderstandings, misinformation – Audience insight – Evidence of behaviour change – Help identify gaps or opportunities for new services or sales opportunities @TiffanyStJames
  13. 13. Insights are most effective when… Unexpected Create disequilibrium Change momentum Highlight a USP you can deliver @TiffanyStJames
  14. 14. How do you know you have an insight?REALITY: RELEVANT: Does it reflect something significant in people’s lives Is it applicable to the task or issue?RESONATE: REACTION: Can we see people acting or thinking differently as a result of applying it? Does it ring true? @TiffanyStJames
  15. 15. Audience-participation strategy @TiffanyStJames
  16. 16. The Pepsi Refresh Project @TiffanyStJames
  17. 17. The Fiesta Movement @TiffanyStJames
  18. 18. User-led• To enable, empower, excite• To persuade your audiences to take part• The offer must be so compelling• That it creates the desired reaction• And people get stuck in by the droves @TiffanyStJames
  19. 19. Content with context40 seconds of twitter mentionsHttp:// @TiffanyStJames
  20. 20. @TiffanyStJames
  21. 21. Source: Guardian Digital Agency @TiffanyStJames
  22. 22. What makes good information design? Source: @TiffanyStJames
  23. 23. Saving lives by good comms? Source: @TiffanyStJames
  24. 24. Carbon Footprint Calculator Source: Guardian Digital Agency @TiffanyStJames
  25. 25. Balance business and customer needs @TiffanyStJames
  26. 26. What are you trying to achieve? Outputs • exposure • visits, referrals, subscribers • loyalty, web analytics, bounce rates Outtakes • message and experience for user, • satisfaction, change of attitude Outcomes • what do you want the user to do? Source: COI, Interactive Services @TiffanyStJames
  27. 27. People capabilities • Attitude • Aptitude • Capability • Capacity • New peeps vs training • Culture Understand your current talent and their aspirations: develop or hire people for objective-led purposes @TiffanyStJames
  28. 28. Get the right tools for the job Define the tools you use by @TiffanyStJames your objectives
  29. 29. Sometimes you’ll need to be two-facedBe a pedant Love yourfor analytics customers @TiffanyStJames
  30. 30. Surprise and delight your customers @TiffanyStJames
  31. 31. Thank you, let’s keep talking… Tiffany St James Digital Strategist @tiffanystjames tiffanystjames @TiffanyStJames