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How to Maximize Data to Enhance Your Fundraising Programs and Campaigns – Allen Davidov


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In this workshop campaigners and fundraisers from any size organization will learn to use big data in a way they haven’t before. They will learn how to better target their messaging to influence people within their organization's community to encourage them to give a gift or volunteer.

Whether through a direct mail appeal, cross fundraising approach or a face to face ask, data can help.

Allen Davidov is Director of Business Development at Environics Analytics in the not-for-profit practice. With nearly twenty years of experience, he is responsible for helping charities and foundations apply EA’s products and services to attract and retain donors, corporate partners and volunteers.

Prior to joining EA, Allen successfully led marketing, annual giving, leadership giving and event initiatives at a number of organizations, including Sinai Health Foundation, Habitat for Humanity GTA, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, St. John’s Rehab Hospital Foundation at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and North York General Hospital Foundation.

Allen is also an active member of the Canadian Marketing Association Not-For-Profit Council. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Liverpool, a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University and a Creative Advertising diploma from Centennial College.

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How to Maximize Data to Enhance Your Fundraising Programs and Campaigns – Allen Davidov

  1. 1. How to Maximize Data to Enhance Your Fundraising Programs and Campaigns
  2. 2. 2 The Competitive Advantage ©Environics Analytics
  3. 3. 3 © Environics Analytics Treat different donor prospects differently, based on what you know—and on what you ought to know— about them. donor insights
  4. 4. Demographic Lifestyle Media Loyalty Channel Financials Competition Values Geography Channels Brands Digital 4 Major Gifts Intermediate Giving Planned Giving Corporate Sponsorship Annual Giving Event Participation Donor Communications Donor Relations Volunteers What it gives you Vendors © Environics Analytics
  5. 5. 25,000+ VARIABLES How we develop on-the-ground insights 5 *Canadian adults age 20+ CensusPlus DemoStats DaytimePop CrimeStats Origins AccultuRates PRIZM5 PRIZM5 QC DELTA5 HouseholdSpend FoodSpend Neighbourhood View™ WealthScapes Fundraiser AgebyIncome LiquidAssets MoneyMatters SocialValues Sites TrafficCounts TDLinx Opticks Vividata Opticks Cannabis Opticks Numeris Opticks Social Opticks Mobile Opticks eShopper Automotive Homescan 83 DATA SOURCES 800,000+ postal codes 34,388,300 Adults* 15,529,194 Households Canadian Financial Monitor © Environics Analytics
  6. 6. 6 CensusPlus DemoStats DaytimePop CrimeStats AccultuRates PRIZM5 PRIZM5 QC ResponseCanada Consumer ResponseCanada Movers ResponseCanada Pre-Movers SocialValues BusinessProfiles BusinessProfiles Lite HouseholdSpend FoodSpend WealthScapes WealthScapes Fundraiser WealthScapes Daytime AgebyIncome LiquidAssets MoneyMatters Neighbourhood View™ Mobile Analytics Businesses Financial Institutions Shopping Centres Retail Locations Grocery, Drug and Fitness Opticks Vividata Opticks Cannabis Opticks Numeris Opticks Social Opticks Mobile Opticks eShopper Opticks Automotive TravelCanada GreenLiving CommunityLife GivingBack Homescan Profiles MORE THAN 40 DATA PRODUCTS UPDATED ANNUALLY Behavioural PRIZM5 Spectra DELTA5 TrafficCounts Points of Interest TDLinx Consumer CommunityHealth © Environics Analytics
  7. 7. Prizm5 segmentation 7 68 Actionable Consumer Segments: Identify, Quantify, Locate and Connect With Your Best Donors and Prospects © 2017 Environics Analytics © Environics Analytics
  8. 8. 8 Case Study #1 Mackenzie Health Foundation
  9. 9. About Mackenzie Health © Environics Analytics EXCEPTIONAL. TWO HOSPITALS. Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital Richmond Hill Vaughan Richmond Hill Reactivation Care Centre Barrie Vaughan
  10. 10. About Mackenzie Health foundation © Environics Analytics
  11. 11. The Initial Challenge One-size-fits-all communications strategy not connecting with surrounding diverse donor base and community 35% Donor attrition from current base in 2 years Donor database on the brink of crashing © Environics Analytics
  12. 12. Theapproach:targetGroups ActionabletargetgroupswereformedfromoutputPRIZMprofileswhichdisplayedsimilardemographicand psychographicattributesanddonorbehaviourtendencies GenerousAsian Families Philanthropic OlderFamilies AltruisticYoung Families NobleSeniors KindMiddle- agedfamilies Donordata PRIZM5Profiles createdfromprovided FoundationDonordata ©EnvironicsAnalytics
  13. 13. 19% of OBN Trade Area Participants fall within this Group 5% of OBN Trade Area population fall within this group Kind Middle-Aged Families Canada Households 852,572 Canada population 1,790,418 6% 5% Index (236) Market: Canada Sources: PRIZM5, DemoStats 2017 (100) Index Value Under 80 81 to 109 110 to 119 120 to 149 Over 150 Below Average Average Slightly Above Average Above Average Well Above Average Index Legend Core PRIZM5 segments: 11, 12, 18, 34
  14. 14. Strong Social Values (Index) Weak Social Values (Index) Kind Middle-Aged Families: psychographicsProgressive and moving towards the future Market: Canada Sources: Social Values 2017 (100) Index Value Under 80 81 to 109 110 to 119 120 to 149 Over 150 Below Average Average Slightly Above Average Above Average Well Above Average Index Legend Observations and Implications 14 Flexible Families Equal Relationship with Youth Need for Escape Personal Control Pursuit of Novelty Personal Optimism Enthusiasm for Technology Effort Toward Health Importance of Brand Importance of Aesthetics 151 137 134 127 124 123 121 119 119 119 Patriarchy Sexism Xenophobia Primacy of the Family Cultural Assimilation Traditional Family Ecological Fatalism Obedience to Authority Religiosity Attraction to Nature 82 81 81 79 78 75 72 72 72 61 • Kind Middle-Aged Families tend to enjoy their personal control and want to have a say in what they are doing. As such, explaining the benefits of donating and what will be achieved through donations may have a stronger impact upon this target group. Consider giving them the option to choose what programs their donations will go towards. • Stronger than most in effort toward health, this target group is more likely to value health and will be more interested in specific ways that health is being maintained and how the organization will continue upholding mental health in the future. • As they score strongly in both the pursuit of novelty and enthusiasm for technology, emphasizing any potential new methods of care, exciting use of the latest innovations, and research that is being done will potentially have a strong impact upon this group’s interest in your organization. • Due to their need for escape and pursuit of novelty, the chance for a night of entering a new world in which they are standing up for those in need may excite their imaginations. This suggests they may be more interested in this view of the campaign. • Scoring high in personal optimism, they are more likely to think positively about the future and their roles in it. As such, using diction such as hope and emphasizing how they as individuals have the ability to make a difference may appeal to this target group. • This group tends to value brand, meaning that the recognisability of your name may have an impact upon this target group’s interest in your events. This target group also places value upon the visuals that they are presented with, so having eye-catching campaigns are likely to have a stronger effect upon this target group. • They value having an equal relationship with youth. Treating youth with the same respect as any other adult is highly valued and as such it may be beneficial to take extra effort in making them know that they are being treated as equals. • They also tend to be more socially progressive than the average person, so they may be more likely to respond positively to marketing that shows equality in sexes and race and focuses less on traditional family structure.
  15. 15. Consume (%) Index View friends' photos 112 Watch video 121 Read status updates/tweets 120 Read article comments 112 Listen to radio or stream music 129 Read blogs 129 Rate or review products 98 55% 53% 50% 47% 38% 24% 12% Kind Middle-Aged Families: Social media highlights Market: Canada Sources: Asking Canadians Social 2017 Currently Use 3+ Hrs/Wk Actions, AttitudesandInterestsUsage I use social media to stay connected with my family 42% (98) I use social media to stay connected with my work and professional contacts 26% (114) I use social media to keep up to date on general news & events 44% (106) Actions Taken Using SM 52% 32% 13% 16% 16% (103) (113) (107) (115) (139) Under 80 81 to 109 110 to 119 120 to 149 Over 150 Below Average Average Slightly Above Average Above Average Well Above Average Index Legend 24% 43% 12% 7% 9% 6% 13% 5% 8% 2%* 8% (116) (98) (83) (162) (148) (98) (174) (159) (192) (160) (148) 82% 81% 51% 52% 36% 35% 36% 23% 23% 9% 52% (107) (100) (92) (136) (133) (100) (137) (144) (162) (153) (127) Activities % Participate at least a few times per week**: (100) Index Value Like brand on Facebook Subscribe to brand email newsletter Register/join an online community of consumers who also like the brand Subscribe to brand channel on YouTube Follow brand on Twitter Heavy internet users Being a middle-aged target group it comes as no surprise that Kind Middle-Aged Families tend to over index in most areas of social media, suggesting it may be a powerful tool in reaching this target group. This target group tends to enjoy sites with pictures and sounds, with Instagram, audio podcasts, Flickr, and YouTube being popular platforms. Posting photos, watching videos, viewing photos, and listening to music all being popular activities, so consider appeal to their desire for these quick paced and interactive forms of media. They also enjoy reading blogs and wikis making these potential targets for posting advertisements and possibly having people write about their experiences in order to garner attention. Observationsand Implications Create/Share (%) Index Participate in online chats 119 Share link (via email, sharing tools, etc.) 125 Post photos 127 Update status 122 Play games with others 93 Participate in online forums 119 Comment on articles or blogs 113 Post videos 102 Publish blog, Tumblr, online journal 118 40% 39% 19% 19% 15% 12% 12% 7% 5% *2+ Hrs/Wk
  16. 16. Opportunity for Tailored Communications ©2017 Environics Analytics Where are they? Howdo we communicate withthem?
  17. 17. Data improving Fundraising response rates 62% Foundation donor response rates Keys results 45% Overall revenue per fundraising campaign while lower costs 33% Patient response rates © Environics Analytics
  18. 18. 18 Case Study #2 Mackenzie Health Foundation
  19. 19. The next Challenge: $ $10K+ 20 years 50+gifts 8 PRIZM segments © Environics Analytics
  20. 20. new high for Planned Giving Achieved a Donor-to- Planned-Giver conversion rate of 31% (19% higher than industry standard) Fall 2015PlannedGivingcampaign (First campaign with EA) EA Informed communications approach Tailored phone scripting Targeted direct mail packages Before EA Achieved a Donor-to- Planned-Giver conversion rate of <5% © Environics Analytics
  21. 21. Results: Building on unprecedented success Spring2017PlannedGivingcampaign (Most recent campaign with EA) RecalibratedEA Informed communications approach Achieved a Donor-to- Planned-Giver conversion rate of 26% EA identified high- potential donors achieved a conversion rate of 40% (compared to 20% for general Mackenzie Health donors) 35 bequest gifts with a projection of $500,000+ EA identified high- potential donors achieving positive response rates of 11.40% (versus 6.32% previous traditional response rates) Tailored phone scripting Targeted direct mail packages © Environics Analytics
  22. 22. donor Insights that lead to action 34 © Environics Analytics
  23. 23. Take-aways • Mackenzie Health Foundation were able to use market segmentation to support its fundraising needs. • Environics Analytics data is enabling Mackenzie Health Foundation to deliver more tailored communication and asks to its constituents. • Foundation is currently using the data to segment donors across all giving portfolios as they prepare to launch a public-focused $250 million campaign. © Environics Analytics
  24. 24. Questions? © Environics Analytics
  25. 25. Thank You Allen Davidov Director of Business Consulting Environics Analytics @AllenDavidov