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  • can use her blog as an educational tool by going to the blogs website and using the “search” to look for helpful strategies in an area they might be struggling in. Students can use her worksheets as practice worksheets. Teachers can use this blog as a resource. Teachers can find different strategies to teaching fractions that may cater to different students individual needs. If students are not understanding fractions a certain way their teacher is teaching them, they can go onto this blog and look for other strategies.
  • YouTube video was created by an elementary school teacher. This video is a song about fractions! This video will encourage students to sing about halves, thirds, quarters, numerators and denominators! This is a great educational tool for students to learn about fractions from a song. This is great for various different learning styles. Watching this video will allow students to follow the words on the video, listen, and sing along!
  • Academy provides numerous instructional videos specific to fractions. These videos are a great tool for teachers to use before teaching a lesson. Teachers can use these videos to see effective techniques and ways of demonstrating fractions to students. There are instructional videos for different lessons pertaining to fractions as well. Teachers can also use these videos during a lesson to provide students with a visual and oral way of learning.
  • Pinterest is a great tool for students, teachers, and parents! By searching “fractions” into Pinterest, hundreds of Boards come up that include fraction games, activities, lessons, worksheets, practice problems, tools, strategies, etc.! All of these resources that Pinterest provide can be very beneficial in deepening the understanding and knowledge of fractions.
  • 1.) How would this diagram/GO be used in an actual lesson? -This diagram would be used in a math fraction lesson to show students a visual representation of fractions. This diagram would be printed out for every student and also displayed on a big piece of chart paper in the front of the classroom for students to refer to. 2.) How does this visual enhance student understanding of the topic?This fraction chart would allow children to see how many halves, thirds, etc., it takes to make a whole.
  • Click on the picture to be brought to the iPhone app!
  • Fractions

    1. 1. Fractions 3rd Grade Taylor Dean
    2. 2. Rationale for Technology Integration • In our 21st century classrooms, there are endless opportunities to improve students math skills with the use of computers, smart boards, and calculator technology. Incorporating technology when teaching math lessons can not only enhance the lessons but also the students’ level of understanding. When teaching math to elementary students, visuals are very beneficial for their understanding. The use of technology can enhance
    3. 3. Internet Content • All websites included in the project are from reliable and credible sources. • All sources included in this presentation are cited with the URLs from which materials were taken. • Clicking on graphics will direct you to the original site and links are cited in the notes section.
    4. 4. Blog Donna Boucher is a K-5 math instructional coach with 16 years of classroom experience. She created this blog as an educational tool to provide teachers and students with different strategies for teaching math. Her blog includes a strategies specifically aimed at fractions with additional worksheets for student practice. She is available for professional development sessions throughout the summer and travels to different schools that contact her.
    5. 5. Instructional YouTube Video Click the picture to link to the video!
    6. 6. Instructional Video from Khan Academy
    7. 7. Pinterest: Fraction Boards
    8. 8. Internet Resources • Mathematical Association of America (MAA):The MAA support learning in the mathematical sciences by encouraging effective curriculum, teaching, and assessment at all levels. • Consortium for Mathematics: A non-profit organization whose mission is to improve mathematics education for students of all ages. Since 1980, COMAP has worked with teachers, students, and business people to create learning environments where mathematics is used to investigate and model real issues in our world. • National Organization of Teachers of Mathematics: An organization for students, math enthusiasts, educators, and parents for improving the teaching and learning of mathematics for all.
    9. 9. Kidspiration
    10. 10. Teaching Materials: Anchor Chart An anchor chart on fractions is a great resource for students to refer to throughout lessons and assignments!
    11. 11. Teaching Materials: iPhone/iPad Application This is an app that students can download on an iPhone or iPad. There are three versions of the game available depending on what difficulty level you want.
    12. 12. Teaching Materials: Worksheet This is an example of a great worksheet for students to practice their understanding of fractions. This tests their understanding of how to interpret and write a fraction using different shapes.
    13. 13. Teaching Materials: Interactive Fraction Game Click on the picture to be brought to the pizza fraction game! This is a fun computer game that students can play in school or at home. Instead of students interpreting a fraction, they can now create a fraction! This game could be used as a follow up from a fraction lesson by having students create the requested fraction out of a pizza!
    14. 14. Subject-specific Internet-based Resources is an interactive math resource for teachers, parents, and students. This resource provides free math worksheets, math games, math flashcards, and more. A teacher might use this website as a resource for worksheets to give to the students. This is also a great tool for teachers to find different games and strategies specific to a math subject.
    15. 15. Uses of the Internet: Interactive Websites is an interactive website that allows students to practice their math skills such as fractions, in a fun and interactive way! Students can choose different games based on the specific area they need extra help in. They can practice adding fractions, simplifying fractions, etc.
    16. 16. Uses of the Internet: Video Tutorials is a website that contains step by step math video. These videos cover a range of topics which include fractions. These videos show step by step of how to solve problems. This is a great way for students to get extra help on fractions while following along to the video. Along with the videos are games that the students can play to build up their fraction skills.
    17. 17. Web 2.0 Game Classroom provides educational games and homework help for K-6 students. Comparing Fractions Game: Students must drag fractions onto a number line in order of lowest to highest. • A great formative assessment for a fractions lesson. • A fun and interactive way for students to enjoy learning math! • Students can play this game on a computer in school and even at home!
    18. 18. Web 2.0 • With social networking becoming more and more popular among young kids, Twiducate is a great way for teachers to reach out to their students in a fun way! • Teachers can tweet fraction problems at their students and students can reply back! • Teachers can also post homework, assignments, and tips for the students!
    19. 19. Slideshare This PowerPoint is available to view on slideshare!