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Factoring PowerPoint


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Published in: Education
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Factoring PowerPoint

  1. 1. FactoringMaria OnofrioGrade Level 7
  2. 2. • Rationale: Future generations have such a high dependency on technology which is why it is important to incorporate it into the lessons in the classroom. This will allow teachers to use different mediums to engage all types of students and help them understand topics like factoring by using songs to remember the order of processes along with visual color coordinated aids to show the steps.
  3. 3. Instructional Video• Instructional Video On Factoring
  4. 4. Teach Me How To Factor• "Teach Me How To Factor"
  5. 5. Math Blog• Math Blog
  6. 6. Podcast• Factoring Podcast• Please choose item 21, Unit 6.5 titled Factoring
  7. 7. College Board• College Board• College board is an organization that strongly encourages students to consider higher education.• As students may know the SATs were created to put each prospective student on a level playing field. The SATs have a math component which is difficult and I believe that starting with factoring and building on these skills will allow students to do well on the SATs and go to the colleges and universities of their choices.
  8. 8. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)• National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)• NCTM is a nonprofit education association and is dedicated to improving mathematics teaching and learning from kindergarten through high school.• This association is important because it allows teaching techniques to be improved upon, and make recommendations on what should be learned. They have the ability to evaluate school programs and encourage the schools to make them better.
  9. 9. National Education Association• National Education Association• This is a web site that allows parents, teachers, and students the ability to use the web in order to create a great classroom that runs effectively.• We all know that having great communication between administrators, teachers, and parents is essential. This web site allows parents to understand issues that may be happening, like educational reforms, and allow them to see the action that is taking. It also gives teachers and parents the ability to have an open relationship to work towards the common goal of an effective classroom.
  10. 10. Inspiration: Worksheet
  11. 11. Worksheets• Factor Tree Worksheet• Greatest Common Factor Worksheet• There are two types of worksheets here that I think would be helpful. One of them is the factor trees. This would be a building block for the students. This helps them know what factors are and this then would be used in factoring quadratics. This also brings me to the second worksheet which is finding the Greatest Common Factor. This is another way to factor and I think it is important students understand different ways to attack the problems because it may help different students in the classroom.
  12. 12. Word Search• Word Search Creator• This is a link to an internet site that would allow me to create a word search. It is important that students understand the important terms of this topic and these would keep them fresh in their minds. I would use words like; coefficient, integer, product, sum, constant, operation, factor, prime, polynomial, quadratic, etc.
  13. 13. Factoring App• Quadratic Factoring App – Factoring Application• This app has the ability to be portable and convenient for every child. It also gives a step by step process of how to find the factors and uses color coordination in order to show the user the thought process.
  14. 14. Subject Specific Internet Based Resource• Interactive Mathematics Investigations: Interactive Mathematics• This website is an interactive one where students have the ability to explore different topics of math using games, puzzles, and video clips. Since students have so much difficulty with math and this generation will have such a high dependency on technology I think that these interactive games will be a homework assignment but also a fun assignment which would allow them to learn while they play a game. I think that this could also be something we do in class before we begin a topic because it would allow for us to get a start into thinking about what the concept would be. This site gives basics and once they have the basics I could work with them to develop the math further.
  15. 15. Uses of Internet: A+ Math• A Plus Math• The website is used in order to help students develop their math skills. There are options to use flashcards, play games, homework helper, and worksheets for practice. Factoring is something that builds upon your multiplication skills. This site would be able to help students practice their multiplication tables and become proficient in that which would allow students to better understand the concept of factoring.
  16. 16. Uses of Internet: Elementary Games• Elementary Games• This site has a section that allows students to play math related games. There is one game in particular that I like is the Factor Feeder where the player eats factors of a given multiple. In this case students would be learning their factors while playing an interactive game. This would help them become more proficient while having fun.
  17. 17. Uses of Internet: US Census• U.S. Census Bureau• Here is a real world application of math used in everyday life. Here the Census Bureau gives definitions, statistics, data, and researches that they have done nation wide. I think it would be interesting for students to see the real world application and future professions that have the potential to use math daily.
  18. 18. Uses of the Internet: Titanic Statistics• Titanic• Most people know the story of Titanic however I believe that future generations will have to be taught the background. This site gives the background story and statistics and data about the events that happened on that cruise ship. I think that the fact that this is real and the historical evidence will incorporate other subjects not just math but will hold a strong interest by the students to see math in the real world.
  19. 19. Web 2.0: Collba• Students always seem to understand concepts when in class and having a support system and once they get home they tend to have a little trouble. This web application named Collba is designed so that people can chat in private rooms and share things over the computer. I believe this would be helpful for students because other students could be there to help with their homework, or even the teacher could set up a specific time that they would be available to answer any questions that students or parents may have. This would show parents how dedicated these teachers are and also give for better communication between teachers, parents and students.
  20. 20. Evaluation and Citation of Internet Content• There is a U.S. Copyright Law which allows teachers and students to use internet materials for their classrooms. These sites and videos for this presentation are reliable since they each come from valid internet websites that are focused on academic integrity.