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Telling Time


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Telling Time

  1. 1. Telling Time 4th Grade Unit Theresa Amabile
  2. 2. Technology Integration • Rationale Incorporating various uses of technology in the classroom is both beneficial and effective. Students are given the opportunity to experience interactive learning through multiple types of media that support classroom material. This allows students to strengthen their knowledge on various subjects. Several types of learners are given the opportunity to excel. Specifically, the unit of ‘telling time’ can be enjoyable and fun for students who are given access to be engaged in technology. The more fun a topic is, the better the performance of students. Students are able to experience and prepare for applications that are used and needed in the real world.
  3. 3. Internet Content • The websites and links included throughout this presentation have been reviewed to make sure they appropriately and accurately address the subject material. • Before choosing the media and links throughout this presentation, various other websites have been extensively researched in order to make sure the most suitable ones were chosen for this unit.
  4. 4. Blog Mrs. McDonald created a blog to help others with teaching various subjects. Her blogs tell all about herself and her teaching. She also gives other teachers, parents and friends ideas and links to more classroom activities, games and worksheets!
  5. 5. Kahn Academy What Time Is It? • This instructional video is taken from Kahn Academy, an educational website that provides educational exercises and ideas for classroom activities. • Specifically, this exercise focuses on telling time via computers.
  6. 6. Pinterest Telling Time (3rd Grade) Boards
  7. 7. YouTube YouTube is another helpful way to incorporate technology in classroom units. Telling time can be difficult for students to understand, and watching videos like this one can help enhance their ‘telling time’ skills.
  8. 8. Internet Resources #1: Home School Math This website provides lessons, worksheets, online games and more. It gives parents and teachers efficient ways to teach time to their children or students in an effective manner. #2: Time This website provides fun games for students, all varying in ways to tell time. This website is extremely hands on, fun and great for younger children. The website is fast, modern and easy to use for kids. #3: Scholastic This website entails effective teaching strategies, books that incorporate telling time, worksheets that have worked in the past, and corresponding activities with the Common Core State Standards! Teacher comments are also provided to help each other, strengthening the necessary team collaboration in schools today.
  9. 9. Kidspiration
  10. 10. Teaching Materials 1 & 2 Worksheet #1 Telling time to the nearest minute Worksheet #2 Word problems to work on elapsed time
  11. 11. Teaching Materials 3 Velcro Fun! Students can use Velcro to piece together missing word problems, tell times of clocks, and more!
  12. 12. Teaching Materials 4 There’s An App For That! "Telling Time Free" “Telling Time” is a free app through iTunes that can be used in the classroom via iTunes on the smart board or through iPads (if accessible in the classroom). Kids can associate fun technology with telling time!
  13. 13. Subject-Specific Internet-based Resources Math Goodies Customized Worksheet! Teachers can create their own worksheets through this easy to use website, Math Goodies!
  14. 14. Uses of Internet Good Reads Teachers can use this website to find great recommended books to read to their class for a unit of telling time. Each book has a link to click on, that brings you to another page with a summary of the book, age ranges for the book and websites to buy the book from! Interactive Fun! This website is great for teachers to use in the classroom. This website entails games, practice pages, and lessons for telling time and math. Kids can race each other in answering questions about the clock! This is a great way to enhance performance skills while making a lesson fun for the kids!
  15. 15. Web 2.0 Game Classroom App! “Draggable Math” is a fun game for kids to work on their basic math skills! You can draw, drag, or color; anything to help you solve the math problem given! You can also choose from Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division!
  16. 16. Slideshare Watch this PowerPoint through Slideshare as well! Enjoy!