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  • Blogs are a great way to see the benefits of technology. A Blog is a place where teachers can share ideas, activities, and successful lessons with each other. Much like the intention of Andrea Kerr’s blog, blogs have the intention of provided fun engaging lessons for teachers to use that will provide students with the most effective learning experience and will allow them to obtain the most amount of knowledge.Background Source: source:
  • Pinterest is a different type of blog. The best way to describe it is to say that Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. On Pinterest you can type anything want into the search bar and it provides “pins” (aka links, pictures, directions) of whatever you searched, and it also provided “boards” (pages created by users on Pinterest which contain “pins” that they found successful or want to try. Pinterest is a successful blog because it not only provides creative and engaging activities for teachers to use in their classroom, but it is also easy enough for students to use to help them gather project ideas. Background Source: source:
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  • This video is from the Khan Academy and is used as an informational tool and a way to use technology as a facilitator in a lesson. This video starts by activating prior knowledge by doing a quick review of addition. Furthermore, in this video there are different colors used throughout the lesson to differentiate the steps needed to successfully multiply. This can be useful because this step by step video will either reinforce what students have learned and mastered or will provide new insight and clarification for students that might have been confused.Background Source: Source:
  • Even though informational videos are beneficial, there are also videos that make songs to go along with the multiplication tables. Youtube is a great source for entertaining videos that can also be educational. Another great aspect of Youtube is that depending on the video you select, Youtube will show you other videos that are related to the video you originally selected. These videos can be a fun way for students to learn their multiplication facts without them realizing they are learning!Background Source: Source:
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  • This chart / diagram was created on Kidspiration. This graphic organizer is set up such that it walks a student step by step through a multiplication problem. For instance in the first box students are to draw the picture. This will help student visualize exactly what they are going to be counting. After the picture is drawn student will go to the next box where they create the equation. This comes after drawing the picture because students are to accurately write a multiplication problem, and the picture helps the students realize what they should be multiplying. The last box is where students write the answer, this square serves as the assessment. This is because if a student’s answer is right this demonstrates that they understand how to multiply. Background Source:
  • This worksheet was found on On this website you can find several other printable worksheets to choose from. You can also search the website by grade and see what is available for every grade you may teach!Background Source: source:
  • This worksheet was found on There are many other worksheets that teachers can choose from. Worksheets are easy to find because this website organizes all available worksheets by subject topic.Background Source: source:
  • 3rd Grade Splash Math is one of several Splah Math apps. These apps are created by StudyPadInc and are available for every grade. StudyPad’s vision is to make learning fun while also getting student acclimated with technology. This is a great way for students to learn multiplication and other 21st Century skills such as using technology!Background Source: Source:
  • Sushi Monster is a free iPad app created by Scholastic. Scholastic created this game with the intention of providing a fun and interactive environment for students to practice their math skills. Background Source: Source:
  • On there are several lessons and games available for 3rd grade math. On this website you can search by grade, subject, and country!Background Source: Source:
  • This worksheet was found on On this website you can search for a variety of math worksheets. They are sorted by age and topic!Background Source: source:
  • Background Source: http://www.aplusmath.com
  • An example of a project we can do during our multiplication unit is an online project that will be a virtual instruction book. This instruction book will have techniques and step-by-step directions on how to solve multiplication problems. This is a great assessment because if the students can explain how to multiply to others, it shows they have an in depth understanding of their own.Background Source: Project Source:
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  • Stasiak, Stephanie Multiplication

    1. 1. Multiplication Third Grade Unit Stephanie Stasiak
    2. 2. Overview In this presentation I will show how various forms of technology, such as blogs, interactive websites, and video clips, are beneficial and facilitate third grade students’ learning of Multiplication.
    3. 3. Rationale for the Integration of Technology Math is often a subject that is disliked by students. It is common for students to be discouraged by math and have trouble processing the material being presented. However, by using technology in the classroom we can eliminate this problem. With the integration of technology, students will constantly be engaged by using and referring to interactive websites and activities. With the help of technology, materials can be presented in various forms, thus relating to different types of learning styles. Also with technology, students will have access to additional informational resources and aids which will make processing math easier. Lastly, by using technology in the classroom students will not only receive a better understanding of math topics such as Multiplication, but they will also gain 21st Century skills such as using the computer, internet, and SMART Board. This presentation will show and provide examples of how teachers can integrate blogs, apps, interactive websites, songs, videos and SMART Board activities into their everyday lessons. Listen to my rationale: View...
    4. 4. Internet Content • All websites mentioned in this presentation have not only been proven to be reliable and frequently used, but also are appropriate for third graders. • You can gain access to the websites provided by the clicking on the images. Appropriate citations for each URL are provided in the notes section of the designated PowerPoint slide
    5. 5. Blog This blog was created by Andrea Kerr who has been a teacher for 14 years. On this blog you will see various activities used to not only engage students but to show them that math can be fun. This blog contains several free activities, links to other teacher blogs, and a link to a store where you can buy other successful activities.
    6. 6. Pinterest: Multiplication Boards
    7. 7. Podcast • This podcast is by done by Dr. Jason Marshall who calls himself the ‘’Math Dude ’’. He provides clear explanations filled with examples that can facilitate anyone’s understanding of math, and specifically in this unit multiplication. • A podcast is a great resource to use because students can follow along with the podcast as if they were listening to a teacher speak but they can also pause and rewind anything that is unclear to them. This additional reiteration can help make multiplication clearer and easier to understand.
    8. 8. Instructional Video
    9. 9. Instructional Video
    10. 10. Internet Resources Math Blaster Math Blaster was created by Knowledge Adventure, which is a company that creates games that promote learning. These games are played on the computer and monitor students’ progress. Furthermore, teachers can set the difficulty level for each student thus being beneficial to students that are advanced in math and those that may need more help. This fun way of learning motivates students to learn and memorize their multiplication facts so they can advance in the game! Click on the picture to play Math Baster!
    11. 11. Internet Resources Jump Start Jump start was also create by Knowledge Adventure. Like Math Blaster, Jump Start also has a variety of games created to help students learn their math skills. However, Jump Start also includes a variety of worksheets, activities, and links to resources that can be used by teachers, parents, and students. Click on the picture to visit the website!
    12. 12. Internet Resources Schoolhouse Rock Schoolhouse Rock is a series of short films that teach children various subjects through song. Even though the series aired from 19731985, the videos are still accessible online today. Schoolhouse Rock is a great way for students to learn because while they are watching videos and singing along to the catchy songs they are learning and practicing their multiplication facts! Click on the picture to visit the website!
    13. 13. Kidspiration
    14. 14. Teaching Materials • What a fun way for students to test their multiplication facts! • This adorable worksheet asks students multiplication problems and depending on their answer they have to color the square the problem is in a certain color. • If students answer all the questions right they will have a created a beautiful picture. • Click on the worksheet to access the site!
    15. 15. Teaching Materials • This worksheet uses the game of tick-tac-toe to help students practice their multiplication facts. • With every correct answer you place either and X or O on the corresponding space, once you get three in a row you win. • The best part of this worksheet is that it can be done either individually or in pairs! • Click on the worksheet to access the site!
    16. 16. Teaching Materials- Try An App! • Unlike most apps this app is free to download. 3rd Grade Splash Math is an app with various games that cover over 200 math skills including multiplication. • The best part about this app is that all of the games created align with the Common Core Standards. • Click on images to download the app!
    17. 17. Teaching Materials- Try An App! Sushi Monster • Similar to 3rd Grade Splash Math, Sushi Monster offers multiplication tests using monsters and plates of sushi with numbers on them to make multiplication a game. • This app is also free to download and provides various levels to meet the needs of all students. • Click on images to download the app!
    18. 18. Teaching Materials- Smart Board! • The best aspect of using a smart board is not only is it a great use of technology but it is also very interactive. • Students will love to come to the board and physically drag their answer the correct multiplication problem. • If the student’s choice was right the answer will stay, but if their choice was wrong, the answer will bounce back to where it came from. • Click on images to download the lesson
    19. 19. Teaching Materials • This worksheet makes students fill in the proper factors such that when they are multiplied together they equal the given product. • This is a worksheet that should be given towards the end of the unit because it shows that students really know their multiplication facts and are getting ready for division. • Click on the worksheet to access the site!
    20. 20. Subject-Specific Internet-Based Resources • A + Math is a website that helps students practice and improve their math skills by providing various online games, online flashcards, and printable worksheets. Click on a picture to go to the website! • For this unit we would click on the multiplication tab. This way all resources provided by the website help with the students’ learning of multiplication.
    21. 21. Uses of the Internet Online Projects • will allow students to complete an online project where students from anywhere in the country can join. • This online project also provides students with the opportunity to learn other methods of multiplication from other students around the world! • Click the link to register or join a project!
    22. 22. Uses of the Internet Online Projects Electronic Elementary is an online magazine that shows internet projects, activities, and creations of elementary students all over the world. This is a great way for teachers and students to collect ideas and show what they know! For instance students can show any techniques that they think made learning multiplication easy and fun. Click on a picture to go to the website!
    23. 23. Uses of the Internet Interactive Websites Click on a picture to go to the website! • Primary Games offers numerous games that are centered around various math topics. Therefore, for this unit students would get to choose a game that was interesting to them and learn their multiplication tables at the same time. • This website also offers links to other interactive websites such as GoGo Math Games where students can play games that review different techniques regarding multiplication.
    24. 24. Web 2.0: MuchEnough • MuchEnough is a website that offers instructional videos on any topic. This can be beneficial for teachers because they can use these videos as refreshers for topics they might not remember. Click on a picture to go to the website! • This can also be beneficial to students because they can watch videos their teacher posted at home to help them with homework or provide clarification if they were confused in school.
    25. 25. Web 2.0: ShareDiscuss Click on a picture to go to the website! • Share and Discuss is a website that is very similar to a blog. It is a free website that allows you to discuss ideas and projects. • Teachers can use this website to collect fun and creative ways to teach multiplication to their students. • As far as students this can be a great resource to find alternative techniques that help them solve multiplication problems and understand multiplication better.
    26. 26. Overview This presentation is also available on Slideshare!