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  • Today I would like to share my passion using practical experience and demonstrate how common sense, personality and attitude plays a role in successful BRM.
  • Business Relationship Management (BRM) is an advocate for customers, but has a role which exists internally within the service provider.BRM can exists inside and outside the IT Department.It isn’t just the IT industry that relies on business relationships. BRM became a formalized process because the need for aligning IT and business has grown into an essential requirement and a valued best practice for many organizations
  • IT is becoming the strategic partner the peer in business managementReal ROI, service integration, alignment, innovation and growthYou need BRMs at all levels from CXO to front line support staff, employees
  • What ties us together? – The common goal, the services provided and supported.What’s in it for me? – Services used are the most appropriate for those using them there are no disruptions, service providers and supporters seen as friends not enemies, part of the same teamIt can be applied to business relationship interactions
  • Explain the type of relationships and what are the dangers of fake relationships like the pseudo.
  • How to stay real – practising BRM is about being natural, straightforward and honest. Just like in your personal relationships.
  • Each competency is a collection of other competencies like the yellow brick.
  • Each competency is a collection of other competencies like the yellow brick.
  • ITSMF UK BRM Master-class in November at TCS offices by meThe Master Class’ ObjectiveIs to help individuals to develop and strengthen their abilities and strategies that harness with practical common sense the ITIL BRM process and the theory of personal relationships to ensure that those attending the class will be able to build and maintain solid relationships. Attendees will be able to share the objective of their learning with their peers enabling common sense, good BRM to become an efficient IT service management working practice.
  • BRM is the link: an IT capabilityembedded in business capabilityIt is a skill, an ability, a competencyIt isn’t a role but can be a roleThe BRM is capable to understand the business demand – results in optimised value added services, IT innovation, true value of IT to business is revealed


  • 1. The beauty and simplicity of common sense Business Relationship Management Andrea Kis TCS Public Copyright © 2013 Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  • 2. Themes Introduction BRM and ITIL Personal relationships and BRM How to become better at building relationships Characteristics of a good BRM Real life examples Summary ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 3. Introducing your speaker Service Management and Integration Consultant with strong practical experience and passion in service and business relationship management. -2- ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 4. Introduction ‘Business relationship management is a skill, an ability not a process or a job title.’ Andrea Kis Takeaways •Understand business relationship management from a non-process structured point of view •How to improve customer satisfaction by building relationships •Understand what lessons from personal relationships can be easily applied to interactions in BRM •Understand the characteristics value of good BRM -3- ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 5. BRM and ITIL “Business Relationship Management aims to maintain a positive relationship with customers. ITIL Business Relationship Management identifies the needs of existing and potential customers and ensures that appropriate services are developed to meet those needs. “ ITIL v2011 -4- ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 6. IT and Business Relationship Management Shift in IT industry: From Provider to Peer You need BRMs in all levels of your IT organisation -5- ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 7. The Theory of Personal Relationships The categories of personal relationships: What ties us together? What‟s in it for me? The focus must be on the relationship from the viewpoint of the customer rather than the service provider to provide real value for business. -6- ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 8. Relationship types Pseudo relationship Committed relationship Ad-hoc relationship Don‟t fall into the trap of „fake relationships‟ -7- ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 9. BRM is like being in a relationship Take responsibilit y regardless of the outcome Treat your partner right • Be fair and honest with them Build their trust Be open about your mistakes Show them their feedback and opinion matters • Show them you care Listen to your partner Treat them like a valued partner -8- ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 10. Six competencies of relationship building 1. Inspire 2. Influence 3. Develop 4. Initiate change 5. Manage conflict 6. Establish teams and collaboration -9- ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 11. Depths of competencies - Inspire To be able to inspire, you will need to have:      Passion Purpose Listening Meaning Ability to communicate - 10 - ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 12. How to become better at building relationships Be personal and honest Be a good listener Build relationships at all levels in any scenario Manage expectations Engage in sharing a common goal - 11 - ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 13. Characteristic of a good BRM Someone who: Defines trust in an IT organisation Builds and maintains trusted, long term relationships Is a valued member of Business and IT leadership teams Is a strategic partner of the business Understands and interprets the true business need and demand - 12 - Common sense ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 14. Characteristic of a good BRM Someone who has: Broad knowledge of industries and businesses Excellent knowledge of technologies and trends - 13 - Common sense ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 15. Real life examples Macmillan Nurses and Disaster Recovery - 14 - Red vs. Green The Business Perception of IT SLA‟s Andrea Kis ITSM13 TCS Public
  • 16. BRM Institute “... BRM is both an organizational role and a competency–one that can be held by business and service provider professionals whether or not they are assigned to a Business Relationship Management role...” http://brminstitute.org/ - 15 - ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 17. Summary BRM is a competency BRM is a skill BRM can be performed without a role BRM can be a role BRM is common sense BRM is understanding business demand and need - 16 - ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 18. Q&A - 17 - ITSM13 Andrea Kis TCS Public
  • 19. Thank you for listening  Twitter: @AndieKis LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/andiekis