2011 07 oms atlanta-gillian-muessig-topic-modeling
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2011 07 oms atlanta-gillian-muessig-topic-modeling



Topic Modeling; What to write and how to write it to attract and engage readers, customers, and search bots.

Topic Modeling; What to write and how to write it to attract and engage readers, customers, and search bots.



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    2011 07 oms atlanta-gillian-muessig-topic-modeling 2011 07 oms atlanta-gillian-muessig-topic-modeling Presentation Transcript

    • Topic Modeling
      Writing for People and Search Bots
      Gillian Muessig
      Co-founder and President, SEOmoz
      OMS Atlanta | July 2011
    • Today’s Menu
      • Topic modeling
      • Vector space models
      • SEOmoz’ primary research on Latent Dirichlet Allocation
      • Relationship & applications to SEO
    • Search Ranking Factors 2009
    • Search Ranking Factors 2011
      Link Signals
    • Topic Modeling
      Topic models provide a simple way to analyze large volumes of unlabeled text.
    • Topic Modeling
      Topic:A cluster of words that frequently occur together.
    • What Topic Modeling Does
      • Use contextual clues
      • Connect words w/similar meanings
      • Distinguish between uses of words w/multiple meanings.
    • Why Engines Need Topic Modeling
    • Term & Inverse Documents Frequency
    • Co-Occurence
    • Topic Modeling
    • Content-related signals require the ability to determine INTENT
      Rock or baseball?
      Are you SURE?
    • If Your Response Is…
    • Simplistic Term Vector Model
    • Correlation Is Strong
    • Deviation is Small
      Standard Deviation
    • LDA Tool in the Labs
      URL input box
    • LDA Tool in the Labs
      Text input box
    • It’s Relative
      • Don't presume that getting a 15% or a 20% is a terrible result
      • Some queries simply won't produce results that fit remarkably well with given topics
    • Causation? Not So Fast!
      • Are good links are more likely to point more "relevant” pages?
      • Do other aspects of Google's algorithm naturally bias toward these results?
      • Correlation is NOT causation!
    • Causation vs. Correlation
    • Out of the SERPs!
      Keyword spamming might improve your LDA score,
      …but not your rankings
    • Do
      Compare Your Friends
    • The Whole PictureWhat to Write and How to Write It
      OMS Atlanta| July, 2011
    • How to Build Your Keyword List
      OMS Atlanta | July 2011
    • Salespeople & Customers
    • Google AdWords Tool
      Be Wary of
      Match Type
    • Bing AdCenter Excel Plug-In
    • Google Trends
      Sign In for Y-Axis Numbers
      Not Very Accurate
    • Internal Site Search Stats
    • Competitive Keyword Research
      Restrict query
      to competitor’s
    • How Tough Is It to Rank for That?
    • Choose the “Best” Phrases to Target
    • The Long Tail of Keyword Demand
    • The Search Demand Curve
    • Predict Effort Required to Rank Well
    • How Tough Is It to Rank for That?
    • How to Write It
      OMS Atlanta | July 2011
    • The Era of In-Your-Face Marketing Is Officially Over
    • Page Copy Is About More Than Keyword Frequency
    • Query Deserves Freshness (QDF)
    • Query Deserves Diversity (QDD)
    • Avoid Duplicate Content / Use Canonicalization
    • Hot Topics
      Money | Health | Family
      These subjects get picked up faster than articles on latent dirichlet allocation
    • Infographics
    • Rules of Engagement
      • Focus on the issue
      • Control the trolls
    • Thank You
      Gillian Muessig
      President | Co-founder, SEOmoz
      OMS Atlanta | July, 2011
    • No… REALLY thank-you!
      Use code: OMS2011
      Try SEOmoz PRO free for 45 days
      OMS Atlanta | July 2011
    • Moz Tools
      OMS Atlanta | July, 2011