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The Naked Ceo


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Presentation on how social media and communities are changing organizations

Presentation on how social media and communities are changing organizations

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  • 1. The Naked CEO How Social Media, Communities, and User Generated Content is Forcing Change in Organizations Rachel Happe Principal & Founder The Community Roundtable
  • 2. President Truman Controlled the Message
  • 3. Gov. Patrick is Just One Participant
  • 4. Social media is kind of like this
  • 5. Looks like chaos to the untrained eye – but it does self-organize
  • 6. It’s also unlike the physical world where things must be organized
  • 7.
  • 8. Making organized business types….
  • 9. …cranky.
  • 10. So what do you say when?
  • 11. Or when?
  • 12. One Option 10:54 a.m @pblackshawI was made aware of it this morning and I'm tracking down our trademark counsel to weigh in on it. Not good. 11:13 a.m. @leeTrans@davidrinnan @Energy_Geek @petertdavis @insideline_com I'm personally looking into it. Hope to have an answer soon. 11:23 a.m. @ContractorTalk I'm in discussions with our Chief Trademark Counsel about it right now. I'm none too pleased. #ford 11:31 a.m. For anyone asking about the Ford fan sites and legal action: I'm in active discussions with our legal dept. about resolving it. Plsretweet 4:34 p.m. @BrettTrout Please correct that. We've since remedied it message to 21,000 more Twitter members. 4:56 p.m. Here is Ford's official response to the fansite cease & desist debacle #ford Please retweet Credit to Ron Ploof: The Ranger Station Fire
  • 13. Another Option
  • 14. What’s Going On?
  • 15. Drop in Cost of Content Creation $40,000
  • 16. Drop in Cost of Content Creation $300
  • 17. Drop in Cost of Communications
  • 18. Drop in Cost of Communications
  • 19. Drop in Cost of Discovery 6 Billion
  • 20. Drop in Cost of Discovery 1 Billion
  • 21. Drop in Cost of Discovery 200 Million
  • 22. How Is This Changing Organizations?
  • 23. STRATEGY
  • 24. You Need An Engaged Network Having a passive constituent base is no longer enough Investors Customers Employees Partners
  • 25. Alignment Customer Brand Perspective Messaging
  • 26. Expectations – Reality = Satisfaction
  • 27. What To Do • Think of customers as marketing partners • Determine how socially-enabled your constituents are • Identify the drivers that will help you build a network • Acknowledge and articulate who you are as a organization – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly • Align how you talk about your company and products with what customers think about you
  • 29. The Good News? Cost of Sales is Dropping Cost of Content Creation Cost of Information Distribution Cost of Sales
  • 30. Implications – Cost of Sales • Customers can be found more easily and cheaply because they are discussing their interests and issues online • A lot of content can be tested to see what changes behavior • Transitioning toward a world of less advertising and more content targeted at developing leads • Smaller marketing & sales infrastructure is needed
  • 31. The Bad News? Margins Are Eroding Cost of Information Discovery Margins
  • 32. Implications - Margins • Customers harder to keep if they are not happy • Information allows customers to negotiate better deals • Customers can easily organize with each other • It is harder to hide product quality issues
  • 33. What to Do • Shift investment percentages from customer acquisition to relationship development • Develop new skills sets in online community management and moderation • Enable and encourage customer content creation • Accept that you do not control your marketing message – use that to your advantage • Understand that no amount of marketing can fix a product – and it can backfire
  • 34. CULTURE
  • 35. Informal
  • 36. Informed Informed
  • 37. Powerful Powerful
  • 38. What You Need To Do • Interact informally with customers • Keep up with customers online • Know more than your most well-informed customers do • Be as responsive to customers as their friends are
  • 40. Transparent
  • 41. Authentic Photo by T.McEnroe
  • 42. Modest
  • 43. What You Need To Do • Practice conversational and facilitated communications internally • Experience self-organizing environments – developer communities, India, Wikipedia, user groups • War game radically different communications cultures – using games like BafaBafa
  • 44. Embrace your inner Naked Cowboy
  • 45. Thank You @rhappe I blog at