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What next for Facebook


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First given on July 27th, 2011, at the Facebook in the North

Published in: Technology, Sports
  • As much as Facebook has helped reconnect with old acquaintances, I find it unfortunate that it is a huge intrusion of privacy. Granted, it's a personal decision to make an account, but nonetheless, it still does have a profound effect on how people choose to socialize.
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What next for Facebook

  1. What next for Facebook? Ross Breadmore
  2. Hello! not Ross
  3. Who is NixonMcInnes?
  4. Why am I here?
  5. Facebook as hero
  6. Facebook as villain
  7. Facebook is slowing down
  8. Growth declining in the US/UK “ (Facebook) gained 11.8 million people over May (2011), following 13.9 million over April. In contrast, it grew by at least 20 million new users over the typical month in the past 12.”, June 2011
  9. Familiar pattern?
  10. Google+ as competitor
  11. Google+ as catalyst “ for at least some of (Google) Plus’s leadership the goal is not to win social networking outright …but to disrupt the social networking economy with a big enough, good enough and popular enough service that the walled gardens (Facebook in particular) are forced to open up interoperability enough that their users can communicate with the significant enough number of people…that use a different social network” Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb), July 2011
  12. Facebook as passport
  13. Facebook as passport
  14. Facebook as passport
  16. Facebook as bank
  17. Facebook as hierarchy
  18. Facebook as hierarchy
  19. Facebook as home-wrecker 
  20. Facebook as home-wrecker
  21. Facebook as school
  22. Facebook as school
  23. Facebook as school
  25. Facebook as training ground
  26. Facebook as big brother
  27. Auto-tagging
  28. Product tagging?
  29. Auto-tagging
  31. Facebook as uncool
  32. Facebook as uncool “ Kids don’t want to be friends with their parents. Many kids have great, honest, trusting relationships with their parents. But when it comes to your personal social graph, at some point during the teen years you realize that you need your space” David Martin (Forbes), June 2011
  33. Diaspora
  34. Anon+
  35. Facebook junior?
  36. Facebook senior?
  37. How to prepare
  38. POST
  39. OODA loop
  40. Mammal versus dandelion
  41. Always…
  42. Thanks! @rossbreadmore