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Soal refl 2

  1. 1. Good Luck ! Page 1Name:Class:Fill in the blank with the suitable words!The text 1 is for question number 1 - 10GIRL IN THE MIRROROne day, I was at a party when somebody dared me to go …(1) the bedroom in the basement,turn off the lights, and close the door. I …(2) stayed there for five minutes. After about a minute,the lights started flicker on and off. I …(3) sure it was one of my friends playing trick on me.About the third time the lights …(4) , I noticed a beautiful girl in the mirror and her hand …(5)reaching toward me. I heard a voice but I had a hard time to …(6). I finally realized that the girlwas uttering, “Beware, he’s coming.” I …(7) a tap on my back and all of sudden, she was gone. Iran out …(8) and my friends made fun of me. The next night …(9) my family was asleep, itrained so heavily and my cat, Rosie, …(10).(Adapted from: ) Look ahead2 page 671. a. inb. onc. intod. at2. a. hadb. wasc. amd. has3. a. wasb. amc. haved. had4. a. had flickeredb. is flickeringc. flickeredd. flickering5. a. wereb. arec. wasd. is6. a. rememberb. seec. understoodd. understand
  2. 2. Good Luck ! Page 27. a. feelb. feltc. knowd. knew8. a. cryingb. laughingc. screamingd. talking9. a. whenb. afterc. befored. during10. a. was deadb. diedc. deathlyd. deathThe text 2 is for question number 11 - 15New BabyA woman is sitting at home entertaining her parents who have come around to congratulate her…(11) the birth of their first grandchild.“So, when can we see the baby?”, asks the grandmother.“In a little while”, replies the mother.Some time passes. The grandparents …(12) quite anxious at this point.“So, when can we see the baby?”, asks the grandparents.“When the baby …(13) crying.”, replies the mother.The grandparents turn to look each other, a little perplexed and ask, “Why …(14) we have towait until she starts crying?!”The mother snaps back, “Because I put …(15) down somewhere this morning and I can’tremember where she is!”(Taken from Look Ahead 2 pages 167)
  3. 3. Good Luck ! Page 311. a. inb. onc. intod. at12. a. are lookingb. were lookingc. was lookingd. is looking13. a. triesb. startsc. stopsd. started14. a. doneb. doesc. didd. do15. a. himb. hisc. herd. themThe text 3 is for question number 16 - 30How Do Honeybees Make Honey?The honeybee colony must have honey to eat in order to live. ... (16) is made and stored in thehive. Here live the …(17) queen, a few hundred drones, and 20,000 to 60,000 workers. All havepassed their babyhood (egg. larva, and pup stages) in the hive. The beehive is a factory. To runit, three raw materials are needed: nectar, pollen, and water. The worker bees bring all these intothe hive. The pollen is used by the nurse bees in ... (18) food for the queen bee and the younggrowing bees.When the nurse bees ... (19) adults four about 12 days, they begin the job of ripening honey andstoring it. They also start …(20) beeswax. Beeswax is the waxy material the bees release fromtheir bodies. They ... (21) it to make the honeycombs and to cover to cells of ripened honey.Worker bees are house bees for20days, then they become field bees. Some field bees becomescouts. The scouts …(22) a good the source of nectar and return to the hive. Here they dance inspecial ways to let the other bees know where to go. The pattern of the dance tells the other beesthe ... (23) and distance to fly and the kind of flower to look for the gatherers; they zoom towork.
  4. 4. Good Luck ! Page 4When a field bee visits a ... (24), she pushes her proboscis (a tongue-like organ with a spoon-liketip) into flower’s nectar. She sucks its nectar to her honey sac. When her honey sac is (25)..., thehoney field bee returns home.The field bee ...(26) her nectar to a house bee. To do this, she opens her mouthparts wide. Thehouse bee sucks the nectar from the field bee’s mouth. …(27) the field bee has a snack of nectar,rubs her eyes, clean her feelers, and zooms off again to her special area.The house bee now must finish the job of honey making. She adds an ... (28) to the nectar to turnit into honey. (Enzymes are chemicals made by living cells to help process like digestion.Enzymes speed up chemical change.) At the end of the 3 days the honey …(29) fully ripened.Then the house bee seals it with a thin cap of ... (30).(The New Book of Knowledge, 1981.V.8.Grolier inc.) PemkotPath to English ForSenoir HighSchool Students Grade XII- Science and Social Programs page 6316. a. Beeb. The honeyc. Queend. Larva17. a. oneb. popularc. firstd. famous18. a. Preparingb. Makingc. Workingd. Bring19. a. Has beenb. Have beenc. Isd. Are20. a. makesb. madec. maked. making21. a. Runb. Givec. Maked. Use22. a. findb. looking forc. gived. ask23. a. Directionb. Sourcec. Bodiesd. Dance24. a. Homeb. Nectar
  5. 5. Good Luck ! Page 5c. Mouthpartsd. Flower25. a. Zoomb. Makec. Closed. Full26. a. Givesb. Processc. Makesd. Get27. a. Afterb. Andc. Thend. Before28. a. Chemicalb. Enzymec. Celld. Area29. a. wasb. werec. isd. are30. a. Beeswaxb. Sealsc. Honeycombsd. FlowerThe text 4 is for question number 31 - 40The Mouse Deer and the CrocodileThe mouse deer was a very tricky animal but he had ... (31) enemies. One of his enemies wasa crocodile. The crocodile ... (32) in a river near a forest. One day, the mouse deer ... (33) to theriver. It was a very hot day, and he ... (34) very thirsty and dirty. He wanted something to drinkfrom the river and then he bathed ... (35) splashed about in the water.Suddenly the crocodile saw the mouse deer. “Hmm… a ... (36) meal” he thought. Then, hesilently crawled behind the mouse deer and grabbed ... (37) . He caught the mouse deer’s legs.The mouse deer was startled and terrified as well. Then, he ... (38) a idea. He saw a twigfloating near him. He picked it up and ... (39), “You stupid fool! So you think you’ve got me.You’re biting a twig-not my leg, you, stupid crocodile! Here’s my leg.”
  6. 6. Good Luck ! Page 6And with that, he ... (40) the crocodile the twig. The crocodile could not see very well. He was avery stupid creature, too. He believed the cunning mouse deer. He freed the mouse deer’s leg andsnapped upon the twig. The mouse deer ran out of the water immediately.“Ha…ha…ha…”, he laughed. “I tricked you!”(Taken from Look Ahead 2 page 151)31. a. muchb. manyc. littled. a few32. a. liveb. is livingc. to lived. lived33. a. wentb. goc. goned. is going34. a. wasb. isc. wered. are35. a. butb. andc. thend. when36. a. badb. expensivec. niced. cheap37. a. himb. herc. hisd. he38. a. hadb. havingc. haved. has
  7. 7. Good Luck ! Page 739. a. sayb. saidc. cryingd. cried40. a. showedb. showingc. showsd. showThe text 5 is for question number 41-50A Farmer and His Three SonsA farmer had three sons. They were strong and young ... (41) never agreed with one another.They often quarreled among themselves. The farmer ... (42) them a lot of advice. But theyalways turned a deaf ear. ... (43) disliked advice. The farmer felt very sad about it.The farmer thought a lot and then he ... (44) up a good plan. He called his sons and ordered them,“Bring me a few sticks.” The farmer tied the sticks ... (45) a bundle.“Each of you, break this bundle of sticks!” said the farmer. They did so, ... (46) they could notbreak it. Then, the farmer untied the sticks and gave each of his sons a stick. Each of them ... (47)the stick easily in the twinkling of an eye.“There you are, my sons!”, shouted the farmer. “If you remain united, you ... (48) strong. But ifyou quarrel with one another, you will be broken one by one easily. Do you ...(49) what Imean?”At last, the advice worked out. They ... (50) in harmony and united ever after. The farmer feltrelieved. “Now I can die peacefully,” he whispered.(Take from: Look Ahead 2 page 141)
  8. 8. Good Luck ! Page 841. a. sob. thenc. althoughd. but42. a. had givenb. has givenc. have givend. had been given43. a. theirb. themc. theyd. he44. a. thoughtb. thinksc. thinkingd. think45. a. inb. intoc. atd. on46. a. butb. andc. befored. after47. a. breakingb. brokec. brokend. break48. a. isb. wasc. ared. had49. a. understandb. understoodc. understandingd. understanded50. a. livingb. stayingc. livedd. stayed
  9. 9. Good Luck ! Page 9The text 6 is for question number 51-60The vice president has reignited the debate about whether democracy or stability …(51) the bestpath to reach prosperity.Some people argue that stability is the best path to …(52) prosperity. This is based on the realitythat many investors are shunning Indonesia and move to other …(53) like Vietnam or Chinawhich many believe are less democratic than Indonesia. The investors do not really care…(54)democracy as long as their business safety can be assured.However, other people still believe that democracy …(55) the best path to reach prosperity.Democracy gives more freedom to express aspiration, …(56) leads to existence of checks andbalances. This, in turn, will prevent corrupt practices.Indonesia …(57) ever experienced stability as the path to reach prosperity. Despite theimpressive …(58) development, the absence of democratic checks and balances led to rampantcorruption that …(59) bankrupted the country and virtually mollified all the giant …(60).51. a. wasb. werec. ared. is52. a. takeb. getc. reachd. achieve53. a. citiesb. countriesc. villagesd. goverment54. a. aboutb. withc. ind. of55. a. wasb. werec. isd. are56. a. whob. whomc. whichd. whose57. a. havingb. hadc. haved. has58. a. economicb. politicc. democracyd. prosperity
  10. 10. Good Luck ! Page 1059. a. directlyb. virtuallyc. eventuallyd. silently60. a. makeb. madec. is makingd. was making