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Chapter 1
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Chapter 1


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Welcome to EDU 590 CHAPTER 1: Setting Objectives “Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works.”by Howard Pitler, Elizabeth R. Hubbell, Matt Kuhn and Kim Malenoski Central Michigan University
  • 2. Chapter One – Setting ObjectivesSetting Objectives: •Be specific but flexible •Allow flexibility for students to personalize objectives take control of their learning •Communication is key. •Contract
  • 3. Chapter One – Setting Objectives Planning Question: Word Processing: Creation of KWHL Charts What will  Templates to print or allow students to fill out on a computer students  Save as an HTML File and post to website learn? (communication)  Learning Goals sheet Learning  Other uses Strategies: Setting Objectives
  • 4. Chapter One – Setting Objectives Planning Organizing and Brain Question: Storming Software: Kidspiration and Inspiration: What will  Free Software Trial: students  You will become more familiar with the learn? software in other courses. Learning  Allows students to plan/organize thoughts. Strategies:  Brainstorm  Create templates in which a clear purpose Setting is presented and the lesson becomes Objectives meaningful.
  • 5. Chapter One – Setting Objectives Planning Organizing and Brain Question: Storming Software : Kidspiration and Inspiration (cont.): What will  Can be a “working” assignment through students an entire unit.  Can be used with younger and special learn? needs students  Symbols/graphics instead of words Learning  Sound components Strategies:  Barriers to use –  There is a cost. Setting  Not readily available on home computers – not great for take-home assignments. Objectives
  • 6. Chapter One – Setting Objectives Planning Data Collection Tools: Question: Online Survey  Engage the student with background info. What will  Use open-ended questions to reveal any students misconceptions about a topic  Examples: learn?  Survey Monkey  Pollcat Learning  Google Forms (You should all be familiar with this Strategies: one by now. )  Web Surveyor Setting  Profiler Pro  Use as a pre-assessment to help Objectives determine goals and focus class objectives.
  • 7. Chapter One – Setting Objectives Planning Web Resources: Question: Use the Internet to access School, District, State & National What will Standards in order to: students  Create standards-based objectives  These resources are also useful in writing learn? effective assessments based on your learning objectives. Learning  Create Rubrics – Strategies:  Students should know what is expected of them. Setting  Why re-invent the wheel and waste time? Rubrics are available on the web – use as is Objectives or edit to fit your objective(s).
  • 8. Chapter One – Setting Objectives Planning Communications Software: Blogs and E-mail: Question:  Allow students to set and What will communicate learning objectives.  Blogs: students  Communicates learning objective learn?  Can differentiate instruction  Other teacher blogs Learning  Free online services Strategies:  Features that engage students  E-mail. Setting  Simple communication btw. Student and teacher. Objectives  Communication is recorded.  Newsletters (communication & contract)
  • 9. Chapter One – Setting Objectives Questions: Planning  When setting learning Question: objectives, which technology do you think is best in increasing What will student achievement and students learning? learn?  Can you think of any other uses for the technology tools listed in Learning this chapter in planning what Strategies: students will learn and setting objectives? Setting Objectives