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Project decumentation

  1. 1. Sultan Qaboos University College of Education Learning & Instructional Technology Graduation Project tech4999 Electronic Lesson Plans & Activities solutions of Information Technology Curriculum grade 8
  2. 2. Done by: Mawahb Ba-Hajjaj ID: 59979 Title: Electronic Lesson Plans & Activities solutions of Information Technology Curriculum grade 8 Project overview: o The purpose of my project was to provide the IT teachers with Electronic Lesson Plans & Activities solutions of Information Technology Curriculum (units that covered in grade 8). This project developed by following dick & cery model. o In fact, these plans are very important to IT teachers. This is because of the Ministry of Education plan to replace the traditional learning with electronic learning. In addition, that will apply in the
  3. 3. way of planning and activities. Also, the Ministry determine new way of lesson plan must be follow. Thus, my project aims to provide the IT teachers with examples of these plans and solution of books activates. I believe that these plans cannot be as a model in a preparing study but I hope be as standard and resources to IT teachers who want to operate learning process effectively.  Need analysis: o Actual status: IT teachers do not have the new lesson plans and activities solutions of IT curriculum. This status was figure out from my observation and experience in school this semester. In addition, I interview some teachers some
  4. 4. did not even know about how to do it. Therefore, I figure out that most teachers do not have background about how to prepare it. o Desired status: The teachers have an idea and model about lesson plans and activities solution of textbooks. o Gap (Need): Resources of IT teachers in preparing of study. Summary of Need Analysis: Actual: Do not have the lesson plans and activities solutions of IT curriculum Gap: resources of IT teachers grade 8 in Desired: have an idea and preparing of study. model about lesson plans and activities solution of textbooks
  5. 5.  Reasons of the problem : I figure out this problem by observation, experience in school this semester and interviews with some teachers. There were not obtainable model of new plans. Not offered answer textbook activities. Not were available strategies for teaching. All of that causes of complaints distributed by IT teacher in the web.  Suggested solutions: I have some suggested solution to fill the need (gap) between the actual status and desired status, which are: • Design plan of IT curriculum grade 8 as a sample of plans that ministry of education follow it.
  6. 6. • Answer textbook activities grade 8 to be easy as model for teaching. • Design the strategies that are the best from my view for each lesson. • Determine session distribution for units and its lessons. Goal: To design electronic lesson plans of information technology curriculum and resolve its activities in CD format for the use of IT teachers as a multimedia resource. Objectives: 1. Prepare lesson plans for all units of curriculum grade (8). 2. Solve IT textbooks activities. 3. Design other activities for each unit. 4. Design an electronic copy of lesson plans & activities.
  7. 7. 5. Produce a CD multimedia package along with guides. Targeted Audience: A. Gender: Male & female B. Qualification: IT teachers of grade (8) C. Overall impressions: By interview and experience, it was observe that the targeted audiences have high motivation to know and learn more about lessons plan and have draft of books activities solution. :Required Facilities A. Materials: 1. PC 2. Information technology textbooks of grade ( 8). 3. CDs 4. Stationeries.
  8. 8. 5. Internet connection. B. Software: For the design of the product: • Microsoft Office • Flash For the design of lesson plans and activities: • Program that are in the curriculum (Publisher, Squeak, Swish, Front Page) • MS Word For data resources and communicate whit other teachers: • Web browser :Project Schedule Task Date of submission • Plan Stage:
  9. 9. 1. Selection/discussion of ideas Week 2 & 3 2. Interview & communicate with teachers of grade 8 Week 4 3. Proposal submission Week 5 • Design Stage: 4. Preparation/collection of all software needed Week 6 • Implementation Stage: 5. Design lesson plans, activities & solutions to book's Week 7 - 13 activities 6. Design final product in CD format Week 7 - 13 7. Write the project report Week 14 • Evaluation Stage: 8. Review the product (inclusive in each stage) Week 6 - 15 :Implementation Stage :In this project, I covered units that study in grade 8 Grade 8: Unit 1: Publisher. Unit 2: Squeak.
  10. 10. Unit 3: Swish. Unit 4: Front Page. Before, design the lessons; determine the general objectives of IT curriculums. Determine session distribution for each unit according to the orientation of Ministry. Then collect all files that help teacher in operating the teaching and put it in associated file. Then, repeat these steps when design each units in the book. The major phases in the project focus on the part of lessons that are under each unit. This part has the lessons plan and activities of each lessons of the unit. The lesson plan contains subject name, lesson objectives, strategies and media that use for each objective. Also, There are answer for each activities in the lesson. So, this visualize of the project: (graph) IT Grade 8 :Unit One Introduction Publisher General (main page): :Unit Two Objectives Squeak Session :Unit Three distribution Swish Associated :Unit Four Files Front Page
  11. 11. Introduction An over view of IT curriculum grade 8 Objectives General objectives of IT Session Allocate time for each unit Distribution Associated (images, video, sound, PDF, …) all Files files teachers need in each unit
  12. 12. For each unit: Unit Introduction Objectives Session Lessons Associated distribution Files Introduction An over view of unit
  13. 13. Objectives General objectives of unit Session Allocate time for each lesson distribution Lessons All lessons of unit Lessons plan and activities of each lessons The lesson plan contains subject name, lesson objectives, strategies and media that use for each objective Associated (images, video, sound, PDF, …) all Files files teachers need in each lesson  Delivery medium: I delivery my project by: • Web page in CD format. Because CD is: • Portable, • Flexible, • Compatible, • Can be use any time, any place, • Easy to access, • Can be access with out connected to internet, • Easy to use.
  14. 14.  Analyzing learners and context: o Learner analysis  The target audience : → IT teachers male & female who teach grade 8.  Learner analysis: → Data sources: • Interviews • Observation • Internet  Learner characteristics: Motivation:
  15. 15. Teachers have positive motivation to know more and more about new lesson plans and like to gain textbooks's activities answer. Audience level: IT teachers who are familiar with computer. Also, they can learn and discover new software on their self paced. Entry behaviors: • All the teachers have basic skills of using computer and internet. • Operate the CD • Have the teaching ethics • Positive attitude toward the teaching and ministry of education. • Most teachers have no experience with new way of lessons plan and its strategies. Prior knowledge of topic area: • Most teachers have an experience with preparing for the teaching. • Have information about a textbook's software. • Have a textbook of IT grade 8. :Attitudes towards my product
  16. 16. I assume that the teachers have trust to be get benefits from the information that included in the CD. Academic motivation: • Motivation to know more about the new lessons plan of grade 8. :Analysis of learning context :Requirement to use CD Laptop/desktop, operate the computer • Teachers can use the CD in anywhere, any time and with their own pace. • It is flexible because they are no specific time, or place and no need to connection to the internet. Site compatibility with instructional needs: Instructional strategy: The strategy that this project adapts was computer-based instruction. Thus, the teachers can watch on their own paces and it is flexible because they are not stuck to any specific time, or place. Delivery approach: This program delivered on CD. In fact, choosing this kind of delivery mediums is compatible with most teachers characteristic on using technology. They prefer deal with computers but they do not like connect to the web.
  17. 17. Constraints: The constraints that I face it when design my project and ways of overcome them: • Difficulties in interviewing IT teachers. Communicate with other teachers online by using forum of IT curriculum in education portal. • Difficulties of using Squeak software that is in unit two in textbook grade 8. Searched in the Internet on how to using this program and shared with this software web site. • Difficulties of applied my project. There was no time enough to apply my project in real field. However, I use Front Page Unit during teaching this semester.