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Chapter 8


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Chapter 8

  1. 1. EDU 590: Week 3 CHAPTER 8: Reinforcing Effort “Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works.”by Howard Pitler, Elizabeth R. Hubbell, Matt Kuhn and Kim Malenoski Central Michigan University
  2. 2. Chapter Eight – Reinforcing Effort Planning Question: Suggested Technology: Which Strategies 1. Spreadsheet Software Will Help 2. Data Collection Tools Students Acquire and Integrate Learning? Learning Strategies:Reinforcing Effort
  3. 3. Chapter Eight – Reinforcing EffortREINFORCING EFFORT: McREL’s research supports the following generalizations:1. Rewards do not necessarily have a negative effect on intrinsic motivation.2. Reward is most effective when it is contingent on the attainment of some standard of performance.3. Abstract symbolic recognition (e.g., praise) is more effective than tangible rewards (e.g., candy, money),. Image Curtsey of Microsoft Clipart and Media
  4. 4. Chapter Eight – Reinforcing EffortReinforcing Effort: McREL’s Recommendations (pg. 60):1. Personalize Recognition.2. Use the Pause, Prompt and Praise strategy.3. Use concrete symbols of recognition.4. Keep track of effort and achievement.5. Teach about importance. Image Curtsey of Microsoft Clipart and Media
  5. 5. Chapter Eight – Reinforcing Effort Planning Question: Spreadsheet Software: Which  Create an Effort Rubric that givesStrategies Will students a clear idea of whatHelp Students effort looks like, ex: Figure 8.1 Acquire and  After inputting effort scores have Integrate students Insert>Chart and select Learning? a style to best represent data. Learning  Have students create charts to Strategies: compare Effort to Quiz Scores to see the relationship.Reinforcing Effort
  6. 6. Chapter Eight – Reinforcing Effort Planning Question: Data Collection Tools: Which  Need to reassure students thatStrategies Will they too can suceed if they put inHelp Students the effort ◦ Create a Survey on Effort for the entire Acquire and class, ex: Figure 8.6. Integrate  Survey Monkey ( Learning? ◦ Chart data (ex: Figure 8.7) to show Learning students the relationship between Effort and Achievement. Strategies:Reinforcing Effort
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