Project: a magazine cover


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Here are some hints for students to create their own magazine covers following the guidelines and examples of real magazines

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Project: a magazine cover

  1. 1. José A. Alcalde López Project: Creating a magazine cover
  2. 2. Some general features A magazine cover is perhaps the mostimportant part as it will attract people to buythe magazine or not. Designing a magazine cover is no piece ofcake and there are professionals whoespecially do it. Today there are also specific softwareprogrammes to help us with this.
  3. 3. Starting out... First, decide what type of magazine youare going to have: ● Sports ● Teen ● Music ● Computing ● Nature ● Science ● Fashion …
  4. 4. Wording Next, decide on relevant information youwant to place on the cover to attract mostpossible readers. These headlines must be short, directand simple so people can read them at aglance. Try to use a lot of adjectives, bombasticwords, catchy phrases, puns...
  5. 5. Images They must be colourful and appealing.On many occasions these pictures aredigitally retouched. Try different effects withcolour, light, angle... There is usually a big picture for thewhole cover with some possible small onesfor specific headlines.
  6. 6. Magazine name The name of your magazine must beshort and appealing. It should also give anexact idea of the content of the magazine. It is also a good idea to include a sloganto add more information, define, illustrate...your magazine.Example: “RADICAL SKATE, The meetingplace for radical skaters like you”
  7. 7. Dont forget... There are other pieces of informationthat should be also on the cover such as: ● Price ● Edition, number , issue... ● Website or social networks links ● Promotions (special offers, discounts, coupons, extra contents, gifts...)
  8. 8. Some examples...
  9. 9. Some examples...
  10. 10. Some examples...
  11. 11. Some examples...
  12. 12. Some examples...
  13. 13. Some examples...
  14. 14. Some examples...
  15. 15. Some examples...
  16. 16. Some examples...
  17. 17. Some examples... ? Yours!!
  18. 18. Hands on!!● Use an A3 format piece of paper(although most mags use A4)● Use your printer for more quality inpictures and texts● Distribute all the contents for a goodvisual effect● Cut out and paste what you need● Make it tidy, clean and attractive