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How to Write a Memoir


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Published in: Education
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How to Write a Memoir

  1. 1. What is a memoir? En Français: mémoire (memory or reminiscence) A literary genre, subclass of autobiography. An account of ones personal life and experiences.
  2. 2. Memoir vs. Autobiography Memoir Autobiography Structure Vignettes Novel Focus Theme Entire life story Chronology Flexible Birth to old age
  3. 3. Memoir vs. Diary Memoir Diary Focus on plot lines  Record of events, and patterns. observations. Written with scenes.  Kept daily. Audience = others.  Audience = self.
  4. 4. Why Write a Memoir? Fame and old age Desire to leave a legacy or share a story To reflect
  5. 5. Why Not to Publish a Memoir Because, sadly, yo u’re probably not famous.
  6. 6. Famous Memoirists Past: Cassanova, St. Augustine, Jean- Jacques Rousseau Present: Joan Didion
  7. 7. Memoir Topics Specific moment or event that influenced a thought or epiphany Recurring theme or motif in your life Family background, relationships
  8. 8. Writing Tips Show, don’t tell. Details, details, details.  Use different senses to describe. Write like you talk. Use simple sentences. Start in the middle. Read what you wrote out loud.
  9. 9. Six Word Memoir  Online fad  Summerize your life, or an event in six words“I learned laughter is a language.”
  10. 10. Suggested Topics A childhood memory The best day of your life (or the worst) Recent trip or vacation Relationship with parents, children, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend What did you do yesterday? What have you learned recently? Your hobbie