Museu Picasso 2.0 and other digital stories


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Overview of the digital dimension of Museu Picasso of Barcelona, covering 4 aspects: web redesign, Online Collection, Social Media, future projects.

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Museu Picasso 2.0 and other digital stories

  1. 1. Facultat de Biblioteconomia i Documentació, 20 maig de 2010 Museu Picasso 2.0 + other digital stories Arte, Tecnologia and New Media Conxa Rodà #Florens 2010 Firenze, Nov 19
  2. 2. New audiences engagement? Photo taken in the Brooklyn Museum, NY, april 2010
  3. 3. Summary 1. The Web redesign 1. The Online Collection 3. Social Media 4. Future digital projects
  4. 4. The Museum’s website Starting point: web created in 1999-2000
  5. 5. Collection virtual tour
  6. 6. Picasso’s Interactive Timeline illustrated with works of our collection, all of them linked to an interactive and visual display
  7. 7. Internet MPB goals 2009-2010  make the collection accessible online  develop the virtual classroom, with multimedia educational resources  get actively involved in the social webs or Web 2.0
  8. 8. Online Collection: December 2009
  9. 9. We blogged (excited) about it!
  10. 10. Online Collection: highlights of the collection lightbox
  11. 11. Details of one artwork, including info of the exhibits it has travelled and link to the interactive display
  12. 12. Parallel Zooming of the differents parts of Las Meninas by Picasso confronted to Las Meninas by Velázquez provides a lot of info without words.
  13. 13. Online collection: search results page of “pare” (father”) query
  14. 14. Advanced search: by material, technique, date, title, inventory number
  15. 15. Museum 2.0 Content created and shared by all
  16. 16. Social Media_ Web 2.0 ? ? ? ? ?
  17. 17. Why museums on 2.0 strategic points of presence for:  encouraging DEBATE and PARTICIPATION  building community  extending knowledge Social use of the Internet is changing. Companies and institutions have to adapt and develop their strategic use of the Internet. The use of the SNs has become a strategy (of communication, of the whole organization).
  18. 18. Museu Picasso’s Online Community
  19. 19. The Best of the Web Award!!
  20. 20. The Museu Picasso Fan Page
  21. 21. Photos taken by our visitors
  22. 22. Photos taken by the Museun uploaded to Flickr: behind-the-scenes, work-in-progress, audiences, events
  23. 23. Become a Fauvist Contest on Flickr
  24. 24. Museu Picasso’s Twitter timeline
  25. 25. Boletín digital Museu Picasso e-news: important to combine 2.0 with other digital tools Museu Picasso’s e- news: important to combine pre-existing digital tools with the 2.0. Many users are not on Social Media yet and it’s crucial to continue using the channels already working.
  26. 26. The master-class, a WiFi room
  27. 27. Live webcast of lectures Live stream of Nina Simon’s talk at the museum
  28. 28. •launch multimedia audioguide •complete the online collection •increase users’ interaction (and quantity of fans, followers, readers, subscribers) •2.0 Guidelines edition •a good + doable 2.0 Analytics system •Mobile applications (iPhone, iPad) •Interactive space inside the museum •To achieve an integration of Social Media into the general communication policy online and onsite. Looks like we won’t be bored ;) Coming soon: future projects
  29. 29. Conxa Rodà @innova2