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Museu Picasso 2.0 + Other Digital Stories


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Florens 2010 - CONXA RODÀ (Project Manager, Museu Picasso)

Published in: Technology, Business
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Museu Picasso 2.0 + Other Digital Stories

  1. 1. Museu Picasso 2.0 + other digital storiesPalazzo Strozzi, Firenze, Nov 19 de BiblioteconomiaRodà Facultat Conxa i Documentació, 20 maig de 2010 2010 Florens
  2. 2. Museu Picasso de Barcelona Opened in 1963 by Picasso’s express will Donation of 900 works to the city in 1970 essential for the knowledge of the artist training period until blue period, then jump to 1917 stay in Bcn and to 1957 with the series of Las Meninas 1,3 M visitors / year
  3. 3. New audiences engagement?
  4. 4. Summary1. The Web redesign2. The Online Collection3. Social Media4. Future digital
  5. 5. The Museum’s websiteStarting point: web created in 1999-2000
  6. 6. Web 2000-2007)
  7. 7. Collection virtual tour
  8. 8. Internet MPB goals 2009-2010make the collection accessibleonlinedevelop the virtual classroom,with multimedia educationalresourcesget actively involved in thesocial webs or Web 2.0
  9. 9. Museum 2.0
  10. 10. Social Media_ Web 2.0? ? ? ? ?
  11. 11. Social Media, social networks• the social networks are not about TECHNOLOGY• they are CONVERSATION, INTERACTION• they are pure COMMUNICATION• they are a magnificent OPPORTUNITY• content produced and shared by all
  12. 12. Why museums are on 2.0strategic points of presence for: encouraging DEBATE and PARTICIPATION building community extending knowledgeSocial use of the Internet is changing. Companies and institutions have to adapt and develop their strategic use of the Internet. The use of the SNs has become a strategy (of communication, of the whole organization).
  13. 13. What 2.0 users do participate interact contribute publish connect debate criticize tag listen evaluate create link converse propose cooperate recommend share
  14. 14. Conecta y comparte
  15. 15. The Best of the Web Award!!
  16. 16. The Museu Picasso Fan Page
  17. 17. Photos taken by our visitors
  18. 18. Gallery on Flickr
  19. 19. Photos taken by the Museun uploaded to Flickr:behind-the-scenes, work-in-progress, audiences, events
  20. 20. Become a Fauvist Contest on Flickr
  21. 21. The Museu Picasso Blog
  22. 22. Boletín digital
  23. 23. Coming soon: future projects•launch multimedia audioguide•complete the online collection•increase users’ interaction (and quantity of fans,followers, readers, subscribers)•2.0 Guidelines edition•a good + doable 2.0 Analytics system•Mobile applications (iPhone, iPad)•Interactive space inside the museum•To achieve an integration of Social Media intothe general communication policy online andonsite.
  24. 24. A picture lives a life like a living being, experiencing changes everydaylife imposes. This is natural enough as a painting only lives throughthe person who is looking at it. Pablo Picasso, 1935[Tip: think Website instead of picture:the user as protagonist, the user as interpreter = the 2.0 user]
  25. 25. Rodà