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The aim of this presentation is to share the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya digital strategy implementation process. We present our digital strategy map as well as our simultaneous participation on big digital projects worldwide such as Google Art project, Europeana, Wikipedia. All intended to the same aim: make museum content as available as possible, engage audiences, encourage participation and co-creation, inspire quality experiences, facilitate open content. Beyond digitisation, social media, mobile and all the other efforts to reach audiences.

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  • This map is intended to help visualizing the outreach of the digital dimension as well as to become a useful tool for museums. There could probably be more interconnexions established, but we decided to keep it simple. Accurate planning and cross-departmental cooperation badly needed.
  • This map is intended to help visualizing the outreach of the digital dimension as well as to become a useful tool for museums. The map addresses the public side of digital (excluded are for example, security systems, preventive conservation and restoration tools, etc.) There could probably be more interconnexions established, but we decided to keep it simple. Once seen the outreach and the complexity of the interrelations, -almost everything is intertwined,- it seems quite obvious that an integral digital strategy is needed, as well as an accurate planning, with cross-departmental cooperation. It’s for each museum to adapt it as it best suits his mission and according to its priorities and resources. What do you feel is missing? How could we improve it?
  • Wikipedia porta el 2.0 al seu ADN, abans del 2.0” Pepe Serra (2011)
  • Digital strategy Mnac_MuseumNext

    1. 1. A National Museum Journeyon Digital WatersConxa RodàMuseu Nacionald’Art de CatalunyaMuseumNext 2013Image:
    2. 2. Ooops, a whole year went by ???
    3. 3. Museu Nacionald’Artde CatalunyaBarcelonaFrom Medieval to XX c. Art800.000 onsite visitors1.5M online visitors
    4. 4. Catalan Modernism
    5. 5. • beINTEGRAL
    6. 6. Please,take a photo!
    7. 7. Concerts welcome!Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
    8. 8. and 3D technology too!Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
    9. 9. S T R A T E G Y !!Think before doing =Strategy before Technology
    10. 10. Attract new audiences ?Brooklyn Museum, NY. Photo: Conxa Rodà
    11. 11. Tate Modern.Photo: Conxa Rodà
    12. 12. MUSAC, LeónPhoto: Conxa Rodà
    13. 13. webOpenContentSocialMediaOnlineCollectione-PublishingInteractiveMuseographyMobileOnline/onsiteIntegrationCooperativeMind/ToolsTrainingDigital Strategy Mapfor MuseumsInstitutional Web Digital Projectse-Marketing© Conxa Rodà, 2012Education
    14. 14. webOpenContentContent release underCreative CommonsPublic DomainLinked Open DataCrowdsourcingWikipediaEuropeanaGoogle Art ProjectArt BabbleArt FinderOpen peer ReviewSocialMediaOnlineCollectione-PublishingInteractiveMuseographyMobileOnline/onsiteIntegrationDigitizationVisualisationSocial taggingAugmented RealityMultitouch tablesMultimedia LabMultimedia audioguideAccessibilityVisitors’ participationweb 2.0BlogCommunitySharingCo-creationAppsMobile webMobile toursGamificationGeolocationm-commercem-learningNFCCooperativeMind/ToolsTrainingDigital Strategy Mapfor MuseumsDigital NetworkingInternalWikisCloudWorking methodsCross-departmental collab.Digital proficiencyDigital preservationAnalyticsInstitutional Web------Virtual toursMultimedia galleryVirtual classroomOnline LibraryDigital ArchiveAccessibility (WAI)e-PressSstreamingPodcastsSEO/analyticsDigital ProjectsNet-artVirtual ExhibitsCollective data mininge-MarketingMembershipTicketingShopHiring spacesFundinge-mailing© Conxa Rodà, 2012MultichannelVisitors’ engagementEducatione-LearningEdu-projectsGamesScholarly cataloguesE-booksMagazinesEducational materialAnnual reportsPrint-on-demand
    15. 15. Our Museum main digital projects The Online Collection The Website redesign Social Media Mobile Open content Interactive + multimedia museography
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Source:
    18. 18. Source:
    19. 19.
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Open circle of Open:using + sharing + reusing data= heritage more available
    22. 22. Partage Plus Project=75.000 worksof Art Nouveau
    23. 23. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya_Google Art Project. Frontal Seu d’Urgell, s. XII
    24. 24. Equation Museums / WikipediaMuseumexpertiseBetterUserService
    25. 25. Wikipedia in MNAC_Barcelona Wikipedian inresidence Museum Seminar:Johns HopkinsUniversity Postgraduateprogramme Workshops
    26. 26. Digital challenges_1 digitising (still!) + content multichannel greater integration online / onsite
    27. 27. Digital challenges / internal resistance to change “The art world is constitutionally reluctant to commit to a real digital presence, whatever the platform” Kevin Conley fear of losing control culture of sharing training
    28. 28. Big ChallengeMY treasure...Overcoming resistancesto open datafor public use & reuse
    29. 29. Will Digital Reach All Audiences??Centre Georges Pompidou. Photo: Conxa Rodà
    30. 30. Museum Strategy (Digital or not) attract new audiences improve the experience of the visit encourage learning and creativity create community give visibility to scientific work innovate
    31. 31. Lessons learned on our Digital Journey Management support helps but it’s not enough:diplomacy + expertise + enthusiasm It takes time. Yes. Even more time Be aware of real resources. Don’t embark in too manydigital projects if understaffed Build a multidisciplinary team from the beginning Be pragmatic. Good content will attract better content Be very very picky with contractors Launch!! Don’t wait for perfection
    32. 32. Dare try and offer new experiences
    33. 33. “Digital will need to becomea dimensionof everything the museum does”John Stacks,Tate Digital Strategy 2013-15
    34. 34. “And at some stage you stop needinga digital strategybecause it’s just embeddedin your general business strategy”Alex Morrison
    35. 35. SHARE!!!Seattle Art Museum. Photo: Conxa Rodà
    36. 36. www.mnac.catThank you!Conxa Rodà @innova2Museu Nacional d’Art de