The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 13


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 13

  1. 1. 12th January 2008 Welcome back to The Science of a Legacy! Chapter Thirteen makes me think I've come a long way but looking at it, about a third of this Legacy has just been about Generation Four! But don't you just love 'em? We last left the four kids; Meloti, Arvicanthis, Allozyme and Menidia as they left for La Fiesta Tech leaving behind parents Saeva and Sean. It had been suspected that the Legacy Orbs had been broken by Allozyme, but this was at the back of everyone's minds as University began in earnest. Click the arrow, danke.
  2. 2. "YES MUM! Meloti and I are fine.. No, no - no one's died! Pfft, you worry too much.. Yeah, Trout House is everything you said it would be, and that totally un-shrew trout thing is still on the wall.. YES MUM! It's all clean for when Allozyme and Menidia get here.. YES MUM! Look, um.. MELOTI'S BEING ABUDUCTED AGAIN gottagobyeloveyou" *click*
  3. 3. "She worries far too much, Meloti.. Ee! What's on this thing? Not more fish? What is it with this place and fish!" "I have no idea Arvicanthis, no idea.. And give Mum a break, you know what happened while she was here. I'd be much happier without a repeat of it!" "I know, I know."
  4. 4. Eager to get on with all those many many dream dates he's after before his younger siblings arrived, it didn't take long for Arvicanthis to call up his old friend the matchmaker. "Ok, I need a real Shrew-ette, you got that? Blonde and beautiful with a tail of gold! Her ears must reflect the moonlight in such a way that has never been seen before.. Her eyes must sparkle with the light of a thousand acorns!"
  5. 5. He was promptly presented with Mallory Turner. "But.. but you're not a shrew at all! You're a maid.. I didn't ask for a maid. .. Where's your tail of gold?" "What? No, I'm no shrew lovie. I'm Mallory!" "Oooh, now I see! You're like Maid Mallory from those Bobin Pud stories Dad used to tell!" "Erm.. Sure, whatever. Pillow fight?"
  6. 6. Bobin Pud or not, it didn't take long for Arvi to decide that he was quite a fan of the dates with Maid Mallory. Do the smiley green faces ever lie? "Maid Mallory, you are indeed not a shrew like I - but you go give the most wonderful dances! I'm sure I can teach you the Shrew Trot in no time, but there is something I need to do first.."
  7. 7. "MmmmffIloveyoumm.." Aww, my little Shrew's in love! Ain't it sweet? Needless to say, a dream date was had by all!
  8. 8. Menidia and Allozyme arrived a semester after their older brothers, and so what do I do to celebrate this event? I got them a karaoke machine! I've never had one before, or even used the ones downtown so I wanted to know what it was all about. And I frickin LOVE this thing! "Like a cold day in August, I was not prepared for this, You think that nobody noticed the way you still care about it? But all the people we need to love and hate, Everyone makes the same mistakes. Divided by these walls, together we are lost.."
  9. 9. "But we are the SAME BLOOD! All of us, we ARE! We are. While half of us are lost, the other half forgot.. THAT WE ARE THE SAME BLOOD!" Sang my house of sibs.
  10. 10. "I'm bringing Shrew-ing back! Them other boys sure have some tail lack.. You need something special now behind your back, So turn around baby, check that fact.. TAKE IT TO THE NEST!"
  11. 11. Though he was his sibling's biggest critic. A Review of Meloti's Rendition of 'Chemicals React', by Arvicanthis Tegenaria aged 20 That was rubbish. No shrews were involved and I don't like Chemistry. Maybe if some bubble blowers and pillow fights were included it may have been improved. 10 creativity points count for nothing these days. Meloti can't sing. I'm going on a date.
  12. 12. "MAID MALLORY! Dream date now please?" "Sure sugar, but oof! You haven't been eating more trout have you? Is that what shrews eat?" "Certainly not, m'lady."
  13. 13. I do like Mallory. Look! She brings us presents. No one's ever done that before, but then again I'm not the best at dating.. Sorry most of the pictures are from behind her though, but come on - wouldn't you rather see our little Shrew Boy?
  14. 14. In fact, I liked Mallory enough so let Arvi have the little freaky purple hearts with no eyes that he wanted so much! "Mm.. That was good Shrew-hoo Maid Mallory. I do like all these dream dates.."
  15. 15. Quite eager to get away from her brothers singing day and night, Menidia has taken to strolling around campus - desert air is well known for clearing one's headaches. However, she often ran into other Sims on campus, whether she wanted to or not.. "Ah.. I know your face! I've seen it before." "Er, you have? Sorry, but I don't kno-" "In my dreams baby, in my dreams. The name's Matthew. Matthew Hart."
  16. 16. "But you can call me 'your man'. Say sugar, what's your name?" "M- M- Menidia.." she replied in a quiet voice. "Well Menidia, or Dia, can I call you Dia? A young girl as pretty as yourself shouldn't be wandering 'round campus all on your lonesome. Who knows what could happen! And I wouldn't want anything to happen to that lovely face.. or body.. of yours."
  17. 17. "Oh.. Oh my. I don't really know what to say! No one's said something like that to me be- or well, at least for a long time. You really think I'm pretty, Matthew?"
  18. 18. "Oh course I do sweet lips! Why don't you come up to my room and I can show you just how pretty you are.." "N-No! What kind of girl do you think I am? A-and beside! I have someone. Back home, his name is Oce-" "Home's a long way from where you are now, baby. Let me just have a little taste.." And with that, Menidia turned tail and ran back to Trout House as fast as her shaking legs could carry her. The frat boy had made her feel guilty about leaving Ocean, the first boy to ever care for her, behind in Strangetown.
  19. 19. Not that her home was actually there anymore. Trout House exploded in a fiery ball of glitches, and crashed the game and errored in an annoyed fashion whenever I tried to load it. But luckily I was able to still move the kids out unharmed and deposit them in the sparkly new - Shrimp Shack! I built it myself and am really pleased with it, so you get a quick tour. And I mean quick. Look! Do you like the Patio of Pleasure?
  20. 20. Upstairs is fairly dull, but I'm so pleased with how the downstairs turned out. My building skills finally are improving, hurray! I've never had a partitioned kitchen before, and I love it! I just think the layouts funky and it's great to play in - so there you have it. Shrimp Shack - the new Tegenaria Greek House.
  21. 21. Everyone settled in quickly, and the move seems to have had to affect on the daily routine, whatsoever. "Why exactly do we all have to sit here and study for HOURS? This is so boring.." "Arvicanthis. Date. Garden."
  22. 22. It's blonde pet lady who delivered the almighty Parsimony! Or, otherwise known as Elle. Her and Arvi spoke a lot of the phone whilst he was a teen, so I had him invite her over for a date. You know, just to see how they got on.. As an Animal Officer, I figured she'd get the little Shrew quite well. "I should be so Shrew-y! Shrew-y Shrew-y Shrew-y! I should be so Shrew-y in looooove!" "Sing it my little Shrew, frick yeah!"
  23. 23. Ah, looks like they do get on rather well then. "Well what do you expect? I catch shrews in the morning and date them for breakfast!" "Will there be more Shrew-hoo now?"
  24. 24. "No! Sorry! This isn't a Greek House. I think you've very wrong. You should leave. NOW! Buh bye." "Vo gerbits?" It seems Allozyme has discovered a novel way of keeping the cheerleaders out - well done boy!
  25. 25. Troubled by how guilty Matthew Hart had made her feel, Menidia invited Saeva to the new Shrimp Shack to discuss the situation over with her. "..and he was saying such disgusting things, Mum! It made me feel dirty inside.. And I still think about Ocean all the time, he made me feel so special that I was just me, it was nothing like what I felt when that other boy was talking to me. What should I do about it, Mum?"
  26. 26. "Matthew? This wasn't Matthew Hart by any chance now, was it?" "Erm, I think it might have been, yeah.." "RIGHT! I shall not have that little twit upsetting my beautiful daughter! Boys! Boys, where are you? I need to talk to you.."
  27. 27. "Arvicanthis, your little sister needs protecting. Can you help me?" "Of course, anything for Meni! What the Shrew-down?" "Well, this boy Matty has plagued our Family for well, 2 generations now anyway, and it's high time we taught him a lesson, doncha think? So, here's what I need you and your brothers to do ... *whisperwhisper* ... Do you think you can do that?" "Shrew-tainly, this guy is no shrew - he sounds like he deserves it!" "Oh, and one thing. Don't tell your father. He may not approve."
  28. 28. "Meloti, Mum needs us to do something to help protect Meni .. *whisperwhisper* .. You're in, right? I've already asked Allozyme, and he said we should wait a while, and that there was something he needed to do before we go." "Well obviously I'm in, no one should get away with that, but can we do it a little differently?" "I was hoping you'd say that, I agree.. *whisperwhisper*"
  29. 29. "So YOU'RE the finest of this year's Greek House intake? Figures. Legacy Families never are up to much.." "Ow, hey! Just take me to the hideout base or whatever, you'll thank me once I'm in charge running the place." "Indeed. To the Secret-Mobile!" The next morning Allozyme reported to his brothers that he was ready to go, and see to Matthew Hart finally. With an air of rage about them, all three headed out to find the man who liked to play with the women of their Family.
  30. 30. It didn't take the three brothers long to find the Frat House, their Mother's directions had been almost too accurate for comfort. But they knew why they were there, and gave an almighty shout at the door. "Matthew Hart! We are calling you out!" "Huh? What? Hey look, lovely of you to stop by - but someone sent you the wrong message. I don't -do- guys, you got it? Buzz off, I have important hair styling to do.."
  31. 31. Allozyme: "We're here on a little social call, so don't think you'll be leaving so soon.. You will rue the day you crossed the Tegenarias, heed my words!" Meloti: "You hurt our baby sister! You hurt our Mother! Aren't you even the least bit sorry? Arvi: "UGLY FACE!"
  32. 32. "Well I would have only hurt them if they -asked- for it, know what I mean?! Bring it on you dweebs, I could do with toning a few muscles before lunchtime, and you'll be great practice."
  33. 33. "Somehow, I think NOT! We'll make sure you never hurt anyone in our Family ever again, you plonker.. You have dishonoured the Way of the Shrew greatly, and so you must pay! And stuff. Fellow Shrews! ATTAAAAACK!"
  34. 34. "Oooga boogie boooga!" "*snigger* Is that -it-? Oh man, you're even more pathetic than I thought.. Non-violent approach? Veeery manly.."
  35. 35. "No one calls my brother pathetic but ME! That's my Family you're talking about, you foul little scumbag, you.." "Argh, not the pecs - not the pecs!"
  36. 36. "Flying lotus Shrew leap of DOOM, hee-ya!" "Oof.. Not my beautiful bowls! I need them for tha woohoo.." "HEEE-YA!"
  37. 37. Even after they'd each had a pop at the shrimp, the fires of fury still seemed to be burning in Allozyme.. "And that some of -that- as well? You had enough yet? Have you little baby? Enough of The 'Zyme? Because I think you deserve some MORE!" "No stop, please stop! I'm sorry, I'm sorry for what I did.."
  38. 38. Allozyme: "You're sorry?" Matty: "Yes, yes I am - just please don't hurt me anymore! I'm sorry for what happen with your Mum and Sister, it was just a bit of fun, I-" Arvi: "Leave him Allo, he's said he's sorry.. Come on, let's go before Meni finds out." Allozyme: "Fun? A bit of FUN? Oh I think not.."
  39. 39. "We are NOT finished with you yet, you piece of scum.. Fun indeed, you disgust me." "..We're not done yet?"
  40. 40. Meloti: "What's he doing? I know Mum said to 'take him down' but we decided to do it without violence! That was the plan!" Arvi: "I know, Allozyme just got me caught up in it.. I've never seen him this angry before, not even at Grandpa Repens' tie! ALLO! STOP!"
  41. 41. Matty: "Wh-what's that?" Allozyme: "Oh just a little something I picked up from the Society last night. You know? Being powerful really has it' advantaged. I'm sure you two will be great friends.."
  42. 42. "NOW GET IN THERE!" "But where's the door gone. Hey guys.. this is funny and all but where's it GONE! Lemme out, lemme out!"
  43. 43. "But at least I guess there's no need for me to go hungry while you look for the door!"
  44. 44. "Whoa! Look, I'm flattered and all but I'm not quite -that- way inclined, y'know? I'm more of a body guy and baby, yours just ain't slammin!"
  45. 45. And with that, Matthew Hart was gone.
  46. 46. "OHMYGOSH! He killed him.. Allozyme killed him.. It was never meant to go this far, never never!" "That is so un-shrew.."
  47. 47. "AHAHA! Now he can never bother our Family again! I'll be heralded as a great protector of us all, oh the honour.. *singing*He's gooone, he's goooone! Because of me he's goooone!"
  48. 48. "Yes, because of you he's gone. You've sent a (nearly) innocent guy to his death, Allozyme! When everyone hears of what you've done.. Don't you dare come back with us, don't you DARE! Trout House is no place for murderers." Without a backwards glance, Meloti stormed off home too furious for words, hastily followed by confused and upset Arvicanthis.
  49. 49. Allozyme wandered aimlessly around the campus, and finally settled in a disused part of the plaza where he figured he could be alone with his thoughts for a while. "I can't believe those twits, why were they so angry?! I was just trying to help.."
  50. 50. "Word has it that you did help! Or at least you could in the future if you take up this offer I have for you.." Allozyme whipped round. "Huh? Offer? I'm listening.."
  51. 51. "Good start. Now, I'm your Great Cousin Bertie, twice removed or something. So we're Family, right?" "Right.. But what are you offering?" "Don't worry, there's power involved. I hear that's what you like, after all."
  52. 52. Meanwhile, back at Trout House the atmosphere was no better than when they had left the Frat House. Even the rain couldn't cool the elder brothers off from the tragic events of the afternoon. "He killed him Arvicanthis, that's[/] why he wanted to wait, that's why! He wanted his pathetic power, and to get his little pet and grr-" "Meloti, you have to calm the shrew down! He's still our brother. I know this wasn't how we wanted it done, we never wanted that guy dead, Meni never wanted him dead, Mum never wanted him dead! But he is and we have to help Allozyme deal with what he's done." "But how can you say that? Our brother is a murderer." "That's why. Because he's our brother."
  53. 53. "Power, eh? Tell me more about this woman." "Yes, Mistress Vee is a wonderful lady. She saved me from having to cope with the idiots in our Family, and she can do the same for you! As soon as she heard what you did this afternoon, how brave you were to execute an innocent right in front of your brothers, she-"
  54. 54. "Whoa whoa whoa! Execute? I didn't execute anyone, I was just protecting my Family! And now they can look to me as a leader.." "Yes yes, whatever. But that's just why Mistress Vee wants you, you see. She could use someone with your powers of 'protection' in our own little family. Come with me and meet her, what do you say? She can offer you so much more than those brats can - you have no future with them! She can give you everything you want, like she has for me.."
  55. 55. "No." "What to you mean 'No', SHUT UP! I mean er, yeah actually I do mean it - shut up!" "You're asking me to turn my back on my Family. OUR Family! Just because you did doesn't mean I'm going to as well. I want to look after them, not disown them!" "But it's so much better this way, don't you see? None of that constant girly giggling and nasty smells, and do you think they really love you? Look what you've done! I know they never really loved me, not as much as Mistress Vee does anyway! I'm so much happier now." "Yeah? You sure look it.. Just keep telling yourself that, you moron."
  56. 56. "If you think for once second I'm joining with you, you've got another thing coming! Yeah, I've got a cowplant and I'm not afraid to use it. You think I don't know what you and that witch did to my Aunty? And nearly did to my own Mother? I'm not like you Bertie. I'd rather go to Veronaville than admit I was wrong, but I'd rather admit I was wrong than go with you. I love my Family, and that's undeniable."
  57. 57. "You're making a big mistake, kid! You're walking away from the offer of your lifetime.. You think you'll be welcomed back? You're a Goat-damned murderer!" "But I'm also still part of that Family. Unlike you." And with that, Allozyme headed back home and for once in his life, seemed ready to accept his own actions.
  58. 58. ... "You came back. I've been waiting out here for hours, Allo. I didn't know if you were going to come back at all, but I-" "Menidia, I-"
  59. 59. "I'm sorry Meni! But I did it for you, you have to understand that. You and Mum! I couldn't stand to think of him hurting you, and when he said it was all fun.. I just had to do something! I got so caught up in the rage, testosterone - you wouldn't understand, that I.. I didn't mean to kill him, Meni!" ".. Didn't you? That's not what Meloti thinks."
  60. 60. "Frammit Men, forget about Meloti! I would never hurt you. You my little shrimp, and yes the other two are idiots, but they're my idiots - I just wanted to protect our Family. And that's what I've done, and what's done is done, and what's done is what happened, and-"
  61. 61. "You're my big brother, Allo! I'm just glad you came back! I-I've been so worried about you." "Oh Men.." "I don't want all this fighting! And it all started because of me, and it's all my fault.. If I hadn't been so stupid none of this would have ever happened!" "Menidia, it's not your fault. Believe that. ... It's mine. And I think maybe. I was wrong."
  62. 62. "I thought I'd never hear you say that Allozyme.. Thanks you. The others are inside, you really need to speak to them, but I wanted to talk to you first. I'll come with you, big brother! Mum taught us to love each other no matter what, and I know deep down you just wanted to help me." Even though he was dreading what he'd find inside, Allozyme followed his much braver younger sister up the stairs and sighing, pushed open the front door.
  63. 63. "I thought I told you never to come back." "Meloti.. Please. Give him a chance to explain. It's the shrew thing to do." Allozyme tried to repeat what he's said to Menidia outside, but found himself stumbling over his words, and for this first time began to wonder whether he really was the power in the siblings. Meloti listened patiently, as he always would, but his expression didn't appear to soften towards his brother. "*sigh* I wouldn't like to think that you'd deliberately try and tear us apart, or take a life for that matter. But you did Allozyme, and I'm not sure if I can ever forgive you for that. Violence was not the way we were raised, Dad always made a point of that. But you came back, and I can see that Menidia's forgiven you - and this was all about her happiness in the first place. So you may return, but I shall never forget what you've done. Or that you're a murderer."
  64. 64. Allozyme: "I was just looking after the Family Meloti.. Just so long as I'm remembered for saving us then everything'll be fine aagin." Meloti: "Saving? You think you-" Arvi: "Guys! Menidia.. Stop this." Allozyme: "Meni, I think you should go outside for a bit.. Besides, I met someone on my way back who wanted to say hi to you." Menidia: "B-but, who on earth could possibly want to talk to me? After all the trouble I've caused today an-" All: "MENIDIA! Just go.."
  65. 65. Nervously Menidia stepped outside, was startled to see her old high school boyfriend standing on the lawn. Her shock was swiftly replaced with gladness when she could see how happy he was to see her. "OCEAN! Oh my goodness Ocean, you're here! You're really here! Oh, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful this is.. You've no idea what happened, it's been just awful, it's-" "Hey hey Menidia, calm down for a moment.."
  66. 66. "*sniff* Ok, but how did you get here?" "I ran into your brother on his way back from the Plaza, I've been looking for you everywhere! I found Trout House, but it was deserted.. I thought maybe I was too late and you'd already left.. or found someone else?"
  67. 67. "Never! Never never never." "Mmmf, jolly good then!"
  68. 68. Menidia's cheerful spirit at being reunited with her love quickly rubbed off on the three brothers. The semesters went by, and although tension still remained between Meloti and Allozyme, they began to put it behind them for Menidia's sake. She was their little sister, and they all always had her best interests at the very front of their hearts. And what does normal mean around here? Karaoke time! "I'm holding on your rope, got me ten feet of the ground. I'm hearing what you say but I just can't make a sound. You tell me that you're need me, then you go and cut me down - but wait! Tell me that you're sorry, didn't think I'd turn around and saaaay: That it's TOO LATE TO APOLOGOSE, Allozyme!" Sigh. Mostly moving on anyway.
  69. 69. "Waaa OMG it's a scary clown! Shrews so don't like scary clowns.. Eehehe, let's do that again!" Meloti's foul mood with Allozyme apparently affected his toy making skills, and I got my first evil toy! But poor Arvicanthis, I don't know why but he usually ends up the subjects of my little experiments.. So he got a bad memory from this, oops!
  70. 70. And then this.. Oops? I can't see motives and Wants at the same time so didn't realise scary toys lower your motives - a Legacy fact for all! But you have to admit that it's kind of funny :)
  71. 71. "Well I don't think so! It's been a thoroughly humiliating afternoon if you ask me.." Aww, I'm sorry my love.. But you're just too cute like that! I'll make it up to you. "Shrew-hoo?" Yes, Shrew-hoo for all.
  72. 72. However, certain people seem to think that this toy is the best that Meloti has ever made. "*clap clap* Ahaha, no wonder the idiot shrew was frightened by the tiny insignificant wooden toy.. Ahaha!"
  73. 73. "Shrew-hoo! I suddenly feel all better inside.." Funny that! Yes he's still dating both Maid Mallory and Blondie, just to give me a bit of variety with his 50 dates mostly.. He's going along pretty well with it, but what Pleasure Sim wouldn't? Those that don't have such good dates, that's who..
  74. 74. "Eee.. Zow?" Legacy Tip #64: Don't have outside dates in a thunderstorm. "Meni.. Are you ok?"
  75. 75. "Noooo, I'm not!" Overall, it was a bad day for Pleasure Sims in the Shrimp Shack.. Oops? But everyone loves a pee puddle *snigger* Of course the date rate plummeted, I know the first thing I say to my other half in that much pain is "I HATE you! NEVER call me again! You SUCK as a date!" Baaah! Come on EAxis, she nearly died..
  76. 76. Yay, my first flaming bag of poo! How exciting. "Grr, this'll teach Menidia not to get struck by lightening in the middle of our lovely garden tea party! I shall no have anyone ruining my tea parties.."
  77. 77. One afternoon with no fear of electrocution in the air, Allozyme spotted a stranger skulking around the Shrimp Shack patio. Even from a far, he could tell that she was a beauty and his heart leapt. So wasting no time he went to introduce himself, before anyone else had the chance to whisk her away. "Well hello there my darling.. You look a little lost, I'm Al-" "Are you Allozyme Tegenaria? Excuse me for being so blunt but I er, I need to talk to you.." "Yes, that's me - but who are you my darling?" She blushed shyly. "Oh er, sorry it's just er, um.. I-I'm Lisa."
  78. 78. "My colleagues were talking about events that have 'happened' around campus over the years and I couldn't help overhearing. Is it's true that you're a great 'protector'?" "What? Oh that, yeah! I'm the number one protector of this Family, and don't anyone let tell you differently - ok, my darling? These fools still don't get it, but someone as beautiful as you obviously has the brains to!" "Of course I do.. You think I'm beautiful? Really? Because, well, it would be so wonderful to have you in my life, Allozyme. And you know? I think we should start now."
  79. 79. And without much warning, she grabbed the lust-smitten boy and pulled him close - planting her lips on his. For the first time, Allozyme understood what his elder brother found so great about dating. His head was spinning, this beautiful stranger had come out of nowhere and she wanted him! Because of what he'd done! She understood him.. He decided all of this in an instant, and knew there was only one thing to do.
  80. 80. "Lisa, no one's ever understood me like you, in all of the 5 minutes we've known each other! I will do anything to keep you safe.. So marry me, my darling." "Well I accept, of course! I'm never going to find anyone quite like you, and a lady needs her woohoo. I did seek you out after all, it only seems fair that I should except." Meloti: "I do not understand my brother. At all.."
  81. 81. Watching her brother swim happily around the house in a sea of love made Menidia miss Ocean. He hadn't called since the electrocution/pee puddle/poo incident, so she decided to break the ice and invite him over. "Ocean, I'm sorry that I nearly died on our date.. It was really thoughtless of me - I never meant to make you angry!" "It's ok Meni, I think I maybe over-reacted just a tad. I mean, I lost you then I found you, then you wet yourself burnt to a crisp in the shower and ruined our lovely tea party, it was all a bit much.." Y'think? EAxis, I want special dispensation for near death experiences on dates - poo is not required!
  82. 82. But apparently all senselessly awful dates can be easily reversed! I haven't seen eyes on my purple hearts for many a-year, but they still creep me out every time.. All faceless. Yet still staring. "Oh wow, so THIS is shrew-hoo! It's amazing.." "Mmm.. Hang on, shrew-WHAT?"
  83. 83. Menidia spent the rest of the day with a ridiculous grin on her face, apparently woohoo is the one thing that'll being her out of herself.. Bodes well for the proliferation of Generation Five! Yes, you guys have voted Menidia Tegenaria my Generation Four heiress. Thank you so much for taking the time to do so, and it was a really close run thing! So you may be seeing a lot more of this face.. Lucky old you.
  84. 84. Good afternoon children! Are you sitting comfortably? I do hope so. Welcome one and all to: 'Flying Kites with Gin and Arvicanthis!' First of all, you'll need a kite. Any kind will do, but make sure you use plenty of sticky back plastic and get an adult to help you with any cutting out - can't have you hurting yourself with the safety scissors now can we now, children? So get an adult to just make the darn thing for you, or your older brother if one isn't around. Do you have your kite, children? Are you ready? So pick up your kite, and let's begin.
  85. 85. Hold the string tightly in one hand, and and throw throw THROW your kite high into the breeze! Be very careful though children, that the field of Strangetown desert abyss doesn't swallow your precious kite. It's a pesky thing, and likes to swallow all our very special things! Oh my goodness, we wouldn't want that now, would be children?
  86. 86. If your kite falls down, don't be discouraged my dears. Obviously, it's all your fault you useless little clot, but don't tell Mummy I said that, ok? Shh.. So put on a brave face, pick your kite back up, and get ready to start all over again! Have good faith children, for kite flying is a dream once accomplished.
  87. 87. Eventually with a bit of practice, your special kite friend will be flying high! Be careful and hold on tight, as otherwise it might pick you up and fly away with you.. And wouldn't that be terrible? You'd never get to eat custard creams ever again. Awful. But don't be afraid, and hold that string tight! Steer it around and make your own air display show - it's awful fun! Ask your friends to come and join you, there's enough kites in the world for all! Just so long as they bring their own sticky back plastic, the little thieves.
  88. 88. And then you too can be as happy as this little fellow! Are you having fun Arvicanthis, are you? "Oh I most certainly am! If only I was a kite, instead of but a shrew.." And don't we all agree! I hope you have enjoyed Flying Kites with Gin and Arvicanthis, so now please go away and let me find some whiskey, ok children? Buh bye now, byee! *click*
  89. 89. Inside, sensible things were happening. Zomgs Meloti, you've maxed all your skills without even rolling a want to, you crazy Knowledge Sim, you! Is there anything you'd like to say about that? "Indeed, yes there is. The time has come."
  90. 90. "YAAATAAAAAAH! MynameisHiroNakamuraandiareaHERO! Mr Isaac? MR ISAAC? Oh, PeterPetreilli, youarePeterPetreilli youhavespecialpowersWOW! Yayit's FlyingMan! Ohnoit'sthat BadMan hedoBadThings. Ando! Ando? Myfazzerisdead.. KENSI!" ---- To Styx, with love. She's always maintained that Meloti reminds her of Hiro from the TV show Heroes, and I can see her point :)
  91. 91. "Well I can't see it? He's just shouting a load of waffle. Things have become to strange ever since we moved here. Whatever happened to a college life filled with toga parties and mascots? Engagements and bubble blowers? I know Mum said she had an 'interesting' time here, but I-I just thought she meant two types of pizza topping! I was going to ask Ocean to move in tomorrow, but I'm not sure that's such a good idea now.."
  92. 92. "Meloti, I know we haven't had the normallest of college educations what with Allozyme and everything.. B-But thank you so much for letting everything go back to normal for me. I-I was wondering, if it's not too much trouble for you and everyone else of course, if.. If. If I could ask Ocean to move in with us? I know you haven't found anyone special and the rest of us have a partner.. Would you be ok with that? I-I don't want to upset you anymore."
  93. 93. "Don't worry Meni. I'm trying to let it go for you, I don't need reminding about it." "Oh I'm so sorry Meloti, I-" "Shh, don't apologise so much! But I think it would be wonderful for you and Ocean to live together, we're all anxious to get to know him better if he's romancing our little sister! And don't worry about me, I'm happy for you all and I just don't need anyone right now. I'm perfectly content just continuing my education un-interrupted!"
  94. 94. So Menidia asked Ocean to move in that very afternoon, pleased that she'd gotten her oldest brother's blessing. As they snuggled up on the couch, for once she didn't feel worried about the decision - she was just so calm while she was safe in his arms. "*sigh*Mmm.. I'm so glad you said yes, but Ocean? Why have your hair and clothes changed? And what's with the new facial hair? Not that it's not all manly and everything!" "Pleasure Sim! You know what it's like, Meni. I need new clothes and make overs every 5 minutes! But I'm so pleased, now that I'm living with you I can finally get rid of all that awful black make up and long trench coat! My siblings always said I had to show my pain at being a Tricou, but I'd rather just embrace.. you. Look come on, let's go for a walk around the park, what do you say?" "Oh y-yes! That sounds lovely.. So you've really forgiven me?" "MENI! Get your coat."
  95. 95. Hand in hand the pair strolled from the university campus to Sim Central Park downtown, when Ocean suddenly started to panic. "Argh! Oh Menidia, don't hate me b-but.. I've forgotten the picnic. And it's getting dark and cold and er.. Oh seaweed! I just wanted this to be perfect, and it's all gone wrong! Already.. I'm so sorry Men, you don't deserve this, y-"
  96. 96. "Oh be quiet.. For once I get to say that! It's a lovely evening Ocean, I don't know what you're panicking about - it's just another day! Though it is lovely to get away from the tension between Meloti and Allo for a bit.. And spend time with you." The couple just stood happily beaming at each other as the sun set, just happy to be in each other's company.
  97. 97. But one can only hold hands in blissful besotted silence for so long, and they eventually started to shiver. "Menidia, you know how we love and Want to light fires when we're on dates? Or sitting at home? Or asleep?" "Oh yeah! Do you remember that date where we got to light it 5 times? Wasn't that just the best? I love our dates Ocean.. Maybe if I'd been set on fire when the lightning struck, it would have been the dreamiest date of them all!" "What? No! No dying, that's not what I meant. But I build a bonfire here yesterday in case we came, and I thought we could go light it together!"
  98. 98. "Ocean! That's not Ursa up there, is it? I love fires as much as the next girl, but that's the bear my Grandpa gave me.." "No, some purple haired woman was beating a child with it, so I took it off her. Ursa's still on your bed, like he has been for every night since you were 8! He knows me far too well as a man than any bear should.."
  99. 99. "Oh Ocean, this is the most wonderful fire I ever seen! My little heart is fluttering. Or that may be because your hands feel so nice.. Both are good sources of.. Pleasure." "You look so beautiful in it's glow Menidia, you really do. I know I wanted tonight to be perfect, but it really couldn't be more so because we're together." "You've always made me feel so special, really. Every time I see you smiling at me, you make me remember what Grandpa Repens said. That I am special and I am worth.."
  100. 100. "Worth loving. You are, and believe it or not I feel the same, no one ever looked at me the way you did when we were teenagers! And I want to help you keep feeling that way for the rest of my life." Ocean reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring, and in the glow of the fire that represented how far they'd come, he offered his heart to Menidia, once and for all.
  101. 101. "Oh my goodness! M-me? You want to marry m-me? I didn't think anyone would ever- No wait! No more of this, if this ring doesn't change my mind, nothing will!" "So that's a..?"
  102. 102. "Yes Ocean, always. I shall never forget this night." As they embraced darkness fell around them, and the light of they love was blazing brighter than the roaring bonfire, long into the night. It was nearly dawn by the time they finally returned home to break the happy news to Menidia's brothers.
  103. 103. "I'm engaged! I'm engaged!" The three boys welcomed Ocean into their Family with open arms, they'd always guessed this day would come from watching the two when they were teens - they brought a certain confidence to each other. And I was happy to have him around, as couch jumping is awesome. So that's two shy, playful Pleasure Sims at the helm next Generation. Hmm..
  104. 104. With all the excitement of his younger brother and sister's engagements, as well as numerous afternoons of kite flying, Arvicanthis had not been on as many dates with Maid Mallory as he'd have liked. He'd stopped seeing Elle, she just wasn't as much fun as Mallory. And didn't think the whole Shrew thing was quite as endearing.. The evening after Menidia had announced her news, he felt it about time he invited Mallory over for some special nekkid Shrew-tubbing. However, much to his surprise it was Mallory that started the suggestions.. "Arvi, your sister looks like she's glowing.. I was wondering. What would you say if we thought about getting married?" "Oh SHREW! Really?" "I'll take that as a good response. Invite me over tomorrow, ok? And make it special my little Shrew-boy!"
  105. 105. And so he did! In front of his beloved karaoke machine and hot tub, Arvicanthis asked Mallory Turner to marry him. "Maid Mallory, I still want to know how you save all the forests from the poor in Bobin Pud, so will you be my Shrew-bride and take me as your Shrew-man?" "Oooh, what a surprise! Of course Arvicanthis, we have the best dates - and you are indeed the Master of Shrew-hoo!" So that's three down, and Meloti seems quite content with his siblings happiness. Well, best get the wedding planners in! I don't know why Mallory is no longer a maid, but then I didn't know she was one in the first place. Anyone any ideas? Currently I'm putting it down to the glitch-fest of Trout House.
  106. 106. And with that, it was time for everyone to finally Graduate. I'd been a bit busy with all the glitches, so hadn't had time to come and visit the kids, so I felt it was high time I did at their joint Graduation Party. "Gin, we really could have used your help around here you know! But I guess thanks to you we've actually still got somewhere to live.. Um. What on Earth are you wearing?" "What, this old thing? Oh, it's nothing.. You haven't heard of Spider Jerusalem, have you?"
  107. 107. "Er.. no. Can't say I have." "Oh well, a Fan Girl can but dream.. But everyone needs a good Vetinari. Anyway, I'm so proud of how you've acted Meloti, I know you're going to be fine back in Strangetown. Say, I've got a friend who really wants to meet you, she's called - " "No Gin, really! Why does everyone think I need fixing up?! I'm -fine-, honestly!" "*sigh* Can't say I didn't try.." ---- For all your Spider Jerusalem Fan Girl needs, check out the Vetinari Dualegacy by dear Aunty Nerd - NOW!
  108. 108. And what's a party without a good Smustle? And what's a good picture of Arvicanthis without his lack of clothes? Exactly. "No, it's not 'Rar rar rar', it's 'Shrew shrew shrew!' You guys really suck at the Shrew-trot.."
  109. 109. "RAR!" Whatever you may say about the 'Downtown Tricou Emo Goth Boy's' features, I shall hold it against you. I think he's wonderful TO PLAY, and his nose is actually very similar to Meloti and Arvicanthis’s and I deny anyone to tell me they're not gorgeous. But with that and Menidia's chubby cheeks and point chin, I'm so excited to see the genetics these two'll throw. They've got a fair share of recessive traits between them too *grin*.
  110. 110. Obviously, things couldn't end happily for everyone, *sigh*.. Thanks cow mascot, really nice. "Just doing my job, missus." I've heard of the autonomous flirts before in other Legacies but never seen one destroy anything in my own. But Maid Mallory accepted the cow's flirt and oh dear me.. Poor Arvicanthis, I'm sorry I didn't see, I'm sorry! "Maid Mallory, I don't know what you get up to in the Forests of Pud, but that is SO NOT SHREW! Get your lack of tail out of here, on the forest-quick! Iiii hate you." Sigh.
  111. 111. The boys all left for Strangetown as soon as the party was over, but Ocean and Menidia stayed for a while longer, not wanting to leave the house where they'd shared so many happy memories of pillow fights and fire lighting. "But we'll make more memories, right Meni? You ready to start your life as the Tegenaria Family heir?"
  112. 112. "With you by my side? I'm ready for anything." Menidia and Ocean both graduated engaged with.. I have no idea what that Latin thing is, so I shall say First Class Degrees because I understand that system, in Biology and Literature respectively. Menidia was 5 points away from maximizing all her skills and Ocean was er, a lot. Even though I played him through a dorm so he was the same age as Menidia when he moved in I didn't want to give him an advantage over all my other spouses.
  113. 113. Meloti, Arvicanthis and Allozyme also all graduated with First Class Degrees, with the two eldest in Biology and Allozyme in Economics. My heir must always receive a First Class in Biology, and because I didn't know who it would be for a long time I kept the oldest two in it. Both Meloti and Arvicanthis maximized all their skills, and Meloti also got a gold badge in Toymaking. Allozyme was 4 points off maxing and graduates engaged to Professor Lisa. Arvi is engaged to Mallory Turner, but furious with her and they have a -50/-50 relationship.
  114. 114. On the Northern most border of Strangetown, Bertie had finally decided to tell Vee what Allozyme had said to him that day. He was frightened, but she loved him! Of course she would understand. ... Right? "So? Where is he Bertie? He said yes didn't he? Where is that murdering kid.. He should have gotten here by now. Bertie! You didn't give him the correct directions, did you? Pfft, I should have known.." "Er.. no. I er, he said 'No' and left." "WHAT?! I set you the simplest task Bertie, and you can't even do that right! You've been spending far too much time with the dog, you've lost your edge. If you ever even HAD an edge to start with that is, ha ha! But I'm destroying that animal, maybe that'll teach you not to screw up." "No, don't hurt Waffles! It wasn't me, he said that he-" "I don't want to hear it! You're a disgrace Bertie." With that, Vee went inside and slammed the door - leaving Bertie alone once more in his tiny shack.
  115. 115. "He said he was still part of the Family.. But he killed someone! Why does he think they'd take him back? But he's not here, they must have. And I think Miss Vee may actually hurt Waffles this time.. He's safe with me, but what if she gets him while I'm sleeping? He's my best friend! And Daddy gave him to me. And this picture we drew when I was little, I-. I wonder. W-Would Daddy take me back? He's getting old.. Allozyme said his brothers were morons, like Bubbles and Saeva are, but he went back to them! .. Maybe I should too? No, no. Definitely not. But I can't stay here either, Miss Vee will hurt Waffles! I know, I know! We'll leave, and go somewhere. Not Daddy's, not yet. But tonight."
  116. 116. Bertie spent the rest of the day cuddling his dog Waffles close to him on his bed, until night had fallen and he was sure Vee wouldn't hear him. "Down down down, The dog shall die! Kill kill kill, And we all know why! Beeertie is a moron! Nooooot a veryy good minion! Beeertie is a moron! Beeertie is a moron!"
  117. 117. "Come of Waffles, we're getting out of here! I don't know if Daddy will want us back, so we'll have to think of somewhere else to go. But I've left Miss Vee a note. If she really loves us, she'll be able to find us." And with that, he was gone.
  118. 118. When the sun rose, a blood-curdling cry rang out over Strangetown. "He's GONE? Oh that IDIOT, doesn't he know he's got nowhere to go?! And how dare that murdering boy refuse ME! Does he not know who I am? I am Vee Semper, and those two are going to pay.. The Legacy orbs are broken, thanks to that little idiot, so he's vulnerable.. I am not to be crossed, those two are going to pay. Bertie and Allozyme are going to pay."
  119. 119. "PAAAAAAAAAY!" And so, finally, that is where I shall leave you dear readers. What is it about Tegenaria Uni years that just always leads to drama, eh? But where's Bertie gone? Can Vee hunt him and Allozyme down? What is going on with those Legacy Orbs? Can Arvicanthis save his relationship? What about the marriages of Allozyme and Menidia? How are Saeva and Sean and Parsi? What's up with Corvus? As if I'm going to answer all that next time.. But tune in to see how far I get :P CC by talented people. This is Gin, who's Legacy has helped her to feel confident about her exams! Thanks for reading, everyone.
  120. 120. "Entering into Shrewly Matrimony.. Oh my Goat.. Must drink entire contents of bar in preparation.. *glug*"