The Bawse Legacy: Intro


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The Bawse Legacy: Intro

  1. 1. HELLOOOO Everyone! Im ChanP or Chan for short. And this is my newlegacy! I havent come up with a catchy, really cool name for it so... Letsgo with the Bawse Legacy. Made by bosses for bosses. Anywho, Imgonna try to make it last. Not going for points. No plots. Just.. attemptsat humor. Also. I’m sure the covers will get better, but this chapter tookso much to get out I didn’t even bother. And. I think I’m going to changethe naming scheme in the 2nd generation to match where the last name,Devereaux, came from. Which is my current favorite book series, DarkHunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Wicked read. But, all that aside, let’s getthis show on the road!
  2. 2. Wow... Whatd I get myself into? This isnt a ranch. There areno stallions. This isnt Bawse... Its actually very UnBawse. Thisplace is more bare than a baboons bottom.
  3. 3. And it smells... Like Urban. Ugh. This needs fixin and fast. Iwasnt raised to just sit around on my butt. If anybody can turnthis shack into paradise, its me. Cause Im..
  4. 4. Jessup "Sundown" Adam Devereaux.(Named after my favorite Dark Hunter in Kenyon’s series. William Jessup“Sundown” Brady. He was a trained marksman before his murder, hisweapon of choice being a shotgun, and a hilarious cowboy.)
  5. 5. There. That didnt take too long. Got a bit of sawdust in my ear but ah well. Aintnothing wrong with getting a little dirty when youre doing hard work. Now what?Now you tell them a little about yourself.Oh right. Sounds like a good idea. Well. Like I said, names Adam. Sundown if yourenasty. And I hope you are cause I tell you I like to get a lil dirty myself.Eh hem.But anyway, like I was sayin. Adam. Me. Im a Libra. (2/8/5/3/7). I really dig blondes inglasses. Woo wee thatll get my juices flowing. But Im a family man. Takes just onegood lass to settle me down. And I reckon one day Ill be Captain Hero. Show these nogoods how to treat people.Thanks. Now go do something important.
  6. 6. "Hehehehehehehehe!!!“Important Jessup!"What? If playing with my car aint important I dont know what is.“Oh I dunno... Studying?? So you don’t burn down the house??"Awwwwwwwww. See that’s why I need a lady. Do the cookin’ for me.They’re much better at it."
  7. 7. "Oh wow! Theres some good stuff in here! This pretty little lady holdingthe beater looks like she knows her way around heavy machinery. Iwouldnt mind-“Your mind can always be found in one place cant it?"Now thats not true. I like clothes too. Preferably ones on the ground butcute little mini skirts will do just as well."Well look theres a "little lady" here to meet you. Go greet her."Yes maam!"
  8. 8. Aww now this aint what I had in mind at all. The frail bones I couldhandle, but the wrinkles arent doing anything for me."Hello there. Im Ann, and I like pretty flowers.“"Yeah? Names Adam and Im not much into flowers.“"Oh.. Thats too bad, theyre really nice."
  9. 9. "Say, that coat youre wearing is nice too.“"Really?" She has great taste! "Why thank ya maam! Went and picked itout myself. Figure it went well with the boots.“"Oh yes, I like it very much so. And you know what? I like you too.“"Aww thats so sweet. Im flattered."
  10. 10. "Well... I completely understand wanting to see beneath thehood, believe me hes a beaut. But this may be taking it a little far. I didntknow you liked me so much.“"Oh yes.... I like you a lot.“"I can see that... Oh look theres the door!"
  11. 11. "Howdy.“"Sup.“"Fellow Strong-Chinner.“"Indeed. Shine it every night.“"Were gonna get along just fine."
  12. 12. Now this is more like it! "You like my coat too?? My style must be betterthan I thought.“"Its very cutting edge. I like it.“"...Youre not gonna follow me inside are you?“".........Maybe."
  13. 13. "Hey, back off! Thats my Chin Buddy. And I. Dont. Share.“"Well settle down now. While theres always enough of me to satisfy atleast two… Im not sure I swing that way.“"Yeah, you heard him! Back off Benjamin!"
  14. 14. "Dont tell me to back off. YOU BACK OFF! I DONT LIKE BEING TOLD TOBACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“This guy is going crazy! I feel like I should step in but bein I dont knowanybody here.. Ill just stand guard. Although Id never condone a manhit a lady. Mama raised me different.
  15. 15. "Dont touch me chump! I dont like being touched!“Well! I like a lady who can hold her own. This little shindig may be betterthan I thought.
  16. 16. "You... You pushed me... This girl is crazy. Ive never experiencedsuch a thing before.“"Thats right Bucko. That should teach you."
  17. 17. " *hate* “"So meeting new people is always fun, huh?"
  18. 18. "But it may get a little wacky sometimes. Some of the claws come out.“"Oh yeah. But I dont mind showing the claws sometimes.“"Now you know-"
  19. 19. "What the-? Is that rain?“Yes. You were about to be dirty."I was just gonna say you know I know some good ways to maintain yourclaws.“Oh really?"Yeah. Ive found back scratches to be particularly healthy for thecuticles!"
  20. 20. After all that drama, I just sent those crazy people ontheir way. This neighborhood is a lot to take in so far. Illjust clean up and jot this stuff down I guess.
  21. 21. Met this chick today. Brandy. Oh the things I could dowith her. She dont mind taking out her claws... I dontmind taming an angry kitty... Sounds like a good time tome. But shes not wife material. Wouldnt take herhome to Mama. I would take her home though. Ohyeah. Definitely.
  22. 22. But anyway. I want one of them chess tables. Brush up on my skills. Cant be a CowboyBawse without quick wit. Ah well. One day, once I get more cash in my denims. Til then, Ill work on gettin me a lady. ~Sundown
  23. 23. Oh yeah.. And a job.
  24. 24. "This aint what I had in mind.“Yeah I bet. Your mind seldom wanders from women."Hey-... Youre right. So it just dont seem fittin that a guy likeme goes to work with a bunch of stuck up men.“Yeah yeah yeah. Just go do it."Awwwwwwww."
  25. 25. "And this car!“Whats wrong with it?"Well. It aint a stallion. For one. And for two. I cant even seethe drivers face.“Dont need to. Its a man."Oh its gonna be a long night."
  26. 26. That wasnt so bad! You got a promotion!"Im looking for a new job. Right now.“Then youre heading downtown! Yay!"No. Im headin to bed. Im more tired than Tom chasing Jerry.“Ugh fine. 2 hours max.
  27. 27. Wake up! I let you sleep later than I meant to."Aint my fault. Ah, my back. That mattress does nothing for me.And if Im gonna get a lady, I gotta keep in tip top shape.“Oh would you just go?! Get another promotion, then well getyou a new bed."Queen size, if it pleases. Serves two... or moooore."
  28. 28. "No shoes no service!“"Well maam, I aint wearing a shirt either but I dont see you oranyone else complaining about that.“"Well...“"Thats what I thought."
  29. 29. This place is UnBawse. The only blondes are purpleand jailbait.
  30. 30. Aww look at them on their first date. The kid is shakingin his boots! Reckon he never took a lady out before.Settle down pup, the more nervous you are the lessaction you get!
  31. 31. "They let you in? I thought the rule was no shoes no service.“"And I thought sweaters were for suckers.“"..My mom made this sweater.“"And my Mama made me rinse my mouth with soap when I cursed. Theyboth did some imperfect things in their old age."
  32. 32. "I really like shoes. Theyre like... Cute.“"What?? This is a quality restaurant!""Yeah? You like shoes? Huh, you strike me as more of a purses type lass.“"No! You cant have a number two! Are you mad?! This isnt a drivethru!!""Nope. Love Shoes. Especially purple."
  33. 33. "Purples your favorite color?“"Sir! You called FM! Not BurgerSim! FM doesnt even sound like a drivethru!""Hehe what gave it away?“"No I will not check to see if we have a number 2!!!""Call it a hunch."
  34. 34. *slam*"The nerve of some people!""Id ask your favorite color but Im afraid you havent given me much to goby.“"Haha, Im more a “flesh tone” kinda guy.“"Oh, I could tell.“"What gave it away?“"Call it a hunch."
  35. 35. "Hmm... Would it help if you got undressed too?“"Ugh. Im afraid not.“I can take hints. If not blatant body language. She wasnt digging me. So Itook my pride and bid her adieu. There are other ladies in this place thatllfind my nudeness endearing.
  36. 36. Like.. How about..Wow.... Look at that face! I could show hersome uses for those lips but other than that..
  37. 37. "Yes taxi. Id rather go home. You said this place was teeming withwomen. Yeah well they aint right. I couldve stayed asleep.“"Yes sir, sorry sir. Well be there in 5.“"Thanks.. Good for nothins. Got me showing the goods for nothing."
  38. 38. So I send him home to study. In case the shower breaks."Heh heh, learnin about screws. From a pretty little number. Nuff said. Iwont even touch that one. Too easy."
  39. 39. "Well this aint too bad. Catching these little light critters. At least I donthave to buy a lamp.“Thats if you catch any."Now listen here, Im a master at catching stuff.“Heh heh. Wanna think about that one Adam?"....Aw now that aint what I meant. Im clean as a whistle."
  40. 40. See, tried to tell ya I could catch.. bugs. Bugs. And only bugs.Maybe a pig or two but I havent seen none since I was a kid.Argh. I wouldnt have ta spend my time catching bugs if therewas a lady around.
  41. 41. Bills?? I aint been here a whole week! This better be cheap orIll roll up there and give somebody a piece of my mind. But,guess its good practice for being the man of the house.
  42. 42. "Hi is this... Adam?“"Yes maam, whos this?“"Im Tara... I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me and a bunchof friends?“"Sure but... Howd you get my number? You know magic?“"Haha lets just say I have some little fairies around.““Nice. Ill meet you guys at Deckers?“"Sounds good.. Dont keep us waiting.“"Yes maam."
  43. 43. I got the warning message. I hate that. They warn me to hurry andthe taxi just got there. And he didnt meet Tara anywhere, didn’thave her in his contact list AT ALL. Shes just some random who calledand invited Adam out on an outing. I almost said no. Like who areyou Random Stalker Townie? But in the end I decided what the heck?
  44. 44. The girl who called has a lot of friends. Looked like college kidsbut Im not complaining. If they thought I was young enoughfor college I wont correct em. Id rather look young than old.Speaking of the girl, I think judging from her voice she was thegorgeous blonde in the hat. Oh yeah, this night just might goright.
  45. 45. Her. Thats Tara. She looks like a book worm but I tell ya thegirl as a tongue as sharp as a snake. Says its the Latina inher coming out. It always gave her a bit of trouble when shewas a kid. Ive taken a bit of a fancy to her so far, but letssee how this works out.
  46. 46. "Hey Tara, see I didnt keep you guys waiting for long.“"Indeed haha, but you moved so fast you forgot to put on some clothes.“"Yeah, forgot. But I reckon I wont hear any complaints.“"Well, your abs could use a little work but otherwise, go right ahead.“"A little work? Now maam, jealousy doesnt suit a face as pretty asyours.“"Hahaha. Vaquero, I could never be jealous of someone with no abs.
  47. 47. I figured Id try my hand at the card table. I never playedbefore but bein a cowboy, I got a pretty good poker face.
  48. 48. Look at that. Who could deny such a face? Bet nobody couldguess I dont have a darn thing in my hand. But theyd alwaysknow Im a handsome devil if there ever was one. Look at thosesideburns..
  49. 49. "Ill have a Poured drink please." Im not sure why there was a kid invitedalong but.. Well. Hes gotta learn one day I suppose."My mom says you shouldnt drink. Its bad for you.“"Well my mama said drink and be merry. If you dont mind, Id like tocontinue obeying my mom."
  50. 50. “That’s good.. Coffee.”And obey her I did. I got a little liquid fire in my system andthats all it took. I knew right then, that Id be inviting Tarahome. Now whether it worked was outta my hands. But mysassy little Latina was gonna get the chance to see a stallion inhis natural habitat.
  51. 51. There she is... Alright Cowboy, its now or never.
  52. 52. Or maybe its now or later. I wanted to try out a new trick...No you just chickened out.I didnt chicken out. I just.. Fine. Ill go ask. Im a Cowboy. Not a snivelinglittle baby. Dammit Im Sundown Devereaux! Ive tamed plenty a lassbefore. This ones no different...
  53. 53. "Haha yeah, hes my best friends son. She couldnt get a baby sitter so shejust brought him along. I dont think she knew youd pick a bar.“"Had I known there was a pup coming I wouldnt have. But oh well. Gottagrow up sometime.“"Agreed, hes a good kid. Hell be fine.“"Yeah.. So Tara I was thinking...““Sί?“"...Um I was thinking I should go play cards.. Ya know, win some more money.“"Oh.. Ok.."
  54. 54. HEY! If you dont go and invite them home I swear Ill never let youhave a woohoo.Well thats not fair. Im winning money for the Legacy!Youre being a baby.Alright alright, Im going.
  55. 55. "What do you say you guys come back to my place? Playing cards isgetting boring.“"Hmm... Will there be food?“"If you want it. Ill cater to you... and your friends tonight.“"Hehe I think wed like that."
  56. 56. "But being a Cancer, Im a little nervous..“"Ah love, dont be. You guys dont have to if you dont want.“"Well I do. We do.“"Then do. I wont force you to do anything.“"Hm.. Are we still talking about coming over?“"Heh, if you think we are."
  57. 57. So. Heres what amazingly happened. The pups family said itwas really late and they had to go home. Two people left atthe bar before I invited them over. And magically, I lie to younot, only Tara was left at my place. I had no part in it, but Icouldnt believe my luck!!
  58. 58. So I took a really. REALLY. Quick shower so I could be preparedto entertain my guest. Figure Id handle it like a date. Getcleaned up. Cook a meal, and just hang out.
  59. 59. "Wow, you cook?“"Eh, I make enough to get by. Im mainly a mac and cheese chef but Ifigure tonight was a little different.“"Well its really good. Most guys I know cant cook.“"Well love, Im definitely not most guys."
  60. 60. "Indeed. So, do you like to travel? I always wanted to go back toColumbia one day. See my family."
  61. 61. "Absolutely not. Im a pure cowboy through and through. If my feetarent on the ground Im not happy. Planes are metal deathcontraptions.“"Oh please Vaquero, dont be such a baby.“"Dang, and I was looking forward to feeding time.“"Haha cute."
  62. 62. "So, whyd your family move from Columbia?“"My dad figured Veridian was a good place to make a new start. He wasalways so bored there.“"Yeah, I know what he means. Thats why I wanted to be in a Legacy.“"Whats that?“"Basically, its getting married, having kids, and having generations underyou.“"Ooo my dad wouldve loved that. Its exactly the kinda thing he was into. SayIm a little cold, mind if we move inside?“"Oh no, not at all. Anything for the lady."
  63. 63. "Hahaha, you have a teenagers bed.“"Well now, its not that bad.“"I bet your toes stick out off the edge!“"Im gonna get a new one haha, quit laughin!“"Im sorry, its just so funny how small that bed is!"
  64. 64. "Well I plan on getting a queen size. How about you help me break it in?I bet you wont be laughing then.“"Oh, I wont?“"No ma’am. You wont have much breath to do much anything exceptthank me.“"Hehe well see. Gosh Im still really cold."
  65. 65. "Here how about I warm you up? I much prefer body heat to anythingelse. Ive found it to be much more effective.“"And how many studies have you conducted?“"Enough to be a credible source haha."
  66. 66. "You know.... Ive got this funny feeling.“"Like an Armageddon feeling??“"Haha no maam. Kinda like.. Its a... Well..."
  67. 67. "Id like to kiss you.“"I wouldnt mind kissing you too Vaquero.“And we did.. And it was awesome.. She tasted like spaghetti.. andBawseness. I really like this girl.
  68. 68. I may even have a little teenage crush on her. Havent felt thisway in a while. I mean, thats not to say I havent seen womenI fancy taking home. Of course I have. But.. When I take Tarahome, I want her to stay here.
  69. 69. So I turned it up a notch. Cowboys make excellent massagegivers. Id much prefer wed been naked when I did this, but Itold her I wouldnt force her to do anything. And Im prettysure shes not ready for.. What I have in mind. So Ill take itslooow. Ugh its killing me though.
  70. 70. "Would you like to go on a date with me sometimes?“"This doesnt count as one? I mean, were here all alone, you made medinner, and we kissed. If this isnt a date Im intrigued to see what is.“"Haha Ill show you when I get a bigger bed."
  71. 71. "Let me tell you a little secret...“"Yeah what is it?“"Youre the most beautiful women Ive ever seen.“To say Tara blushed at that would be a HUGE understatement. I meanthe girl was as red as... Well as my walls.
  72. 72. Huh, it really must be cold for little penguins to be around. Iguess Tara made my blood so hot I barely noticed. Speaking ofwhich...
  73. 73. "Its getting really late Vaquero, I should get going.“"Aww do you have to?“"Well, I have work tomorrow. And you dont exactly have enough room onyour bed.“"There you go, taking shots at my bed again. Im telling you, once I get anew one, youre gonna be eating your words.“"Mhm mhm. Sure. But Im gonna head out."
  74. 74. "Well before you leave. Just one more kiss.“…"Ill call you tomorrow Tara. Maybe for another date?“"Id like that a lot..“"Good, well good night.“"Good night, Adam."
  75. 75. "Well before I go.. I AM FILTHY!! Sheeesh, Im surprised Adamdidnt notice. Hehehe look at him in his little bed.. Hes so cute."
  76. 76. I had some good dreams that night.. About me. How thisLegacy would turn out. If Id ever get a job in the right field soI can get away from them army buffs. When my house wouldget bigger.
  77. 77. And about Tara.. Im falling for that girl and I know it.. I wantto get to know her.. Maybe marry her. Have cute little SpanishCowboy babies.. A life with her would be smooth.. And I’mgonna make it happen..
  78. 78. And thats where well end!!! This is from Adams very first day, I swear Ihad no idea theyd do this. But I was dying when they did, Benny reallyhated Brandy. From the start! What a welcome wagon. AND Adam andTara are four bolters. FOUR!! Look who lucked out!NEXT TIME: Marriage, babies, and more dirty cars! See ya!