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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter Thirty-Three

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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter Thirty-Three

  1. 1. Salve! Here is the very annoyingly-delayed Science of a Legacy, Chapter Thirty-Three (my, aren’t we getting on?) which somehow ended up being called Searching, Shouting, Shrieking and Sunshine. Probably because all these things occur within. After lots of thinking and faffing, I’ve decided to switch to Slideshare from now on for a multitude of reasons (mostly related to my laziness but shh!), so hopefully for a first attempt this’ll be acceptable! Please tell me things I can improve and whether everything looks ok to you – but fingers crossed. Last time, er, it was a while.. But I do believe that the ridiculous amount of kids that we will be following for Generation Seven became children after a rather eventful toddlerhood to my extreme relief. Sid and Amy finally got married, Evil Susan was a little more than ticked off by the arrival of Larch Vetinari and subsequently her twins. The nasty nasty Tricous whom we don’t like resurrected Jon Smith and Jennicor’s daughter, Jennail, and started discussing also raising her son much to Taylor Taylor’s annoyance. Was that it? Oh, who knows. ONWARDS!
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  4. 4. “ By the great goat in the sky Tegenaria, you’ve been here for hours!”   “ I’m busy. Working.”
  5. 5. “ Well yeah, that’s what one kind of does a work, but.. Haven’t you got a family to be getting back to? How many kids do you have now anyway, two? Three?”   Sid smiled and turned away from his computer screen to face his boss. “ Four actually. Plus my niece, but she’s pretty good at looking after herself, and her mother for that matter.”
  6. 6. “ Geez! You wouldn’t catch me with that many tykes running about. But like I said Tegenaria, shouldn’t you be heading home? It’s the middle of the night! Not that I don’t admire the effort, but everyone else left hours ago. Hell, I’m heading off myself – should have done well before now anyway.”   “ I told you Lodge, I’m working. I thought it’d be nice to take Amy away to Twikki for a while as break from the kids and y’know – vacations equal extra cash needed. Hence the work.”
  7. 7. “ Balls, I ain’t buying that for two seconds! One, I’m not paying you to be sitting here draining the coffee machine all night and two, I know you don’t need the money. We’ve been working together for years, I know you better than that dumbass! What the hell are you up really to?”
  8. 8. Damn. Why couldn’t Lodge just leave him alone? Sid hated being interrupted, and he thought he’d managed to escape the last of the prying eyes at the office. Quickly, he slid his arm over some papers hoping Lodge wouldn’t notice.   “ Alright, fine. I’m just trying to help a friend – that’s all. Really.”
  9. 9. “ Since when do you start helping friends? Hello-o, is the same guy I hired still in there? You’re losing your touch Tegenaria! But fine, whatever it is you’re doing – just make sure it doesn’t get the paper in trouble, and I’m assuming I don’t want to know who the heck you’d want to help. Now GO HOME!”
  10. 10. “ Yeah, alright, soon.” Sid breathed a sigh of relief as he watched his boss stroll out the building. He turned back and stared at the photographs and documents strewn around his desk.
  11. 11. The last thing he needed was for anyone to get hold of this.   - - - -
  12. 12. Several hours later, Sid finally decided to call it a night and head home. By the time he got back, he was surprised to find the house still brightly lit and several family members still up and about.   “ Hush little one, hush..” Amathea cooed, cuddling her new born son - quite unaware of her husband’s return.   “ Amy, what are you still doing up?” Sid asked her, smiling to see them.
  13. 13. “ Lacey and the girls didn’t want to go to bed, but I think Marella’s managed to corral them upstairs now at least. And this little guy didn’t want to go to sleep either now, did you?” she said, patting the infant’s back. “What were you doing so late at work again Sid? That’s the fourth time this week! The kids keep asking for you.”   “ It’s Lodge, he’s just working me so hard at the moment – I wish I could have gotten back sooner Amy, really. But never mind that, have you decided on a name yet?”   “ Tell your boss you need a break Sid! It’s unfair of him to keep you so late. But yes, I’ve started calling our son Thermisto. What do you think?”   “ I think that’ll do nicely.” Sid said happily, and started towards the nursery. “Come on, let’s put him to bed. I have something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about anyway.”
  14. 14. After Amy put the new baby down the rest, Sid eagerly started to explain his idea to her.   “ Amy, you’ve done so well looking after our kids, as well as Ivan and Lacey, and I couldn’t be more proud of you. And I think it’s high time you had a nice reward for being such a great mother, so I was thinking that we should take a holiday together, to Twikki. Get away from all the kids for a while, relax in somewhere a bit less chaotic than here. You deserve it.”
  15. 15. Amalthea blushed beneath her green skin. But she couldn’t hide her excitement for long! “ Really Sid? You mean it? Really really? You.. you think I really deserve such an exotic holiday?”   “ Of course! We haven’t had any real time together for ages.”   “ But what about the children?”   “ Oh, they’ll be fine. It’s hardly like we’re short of babysitters, who wouldn’t notice a few extra little ones these days? I was thinking we could leave for Twikki as early as.. the day after tomorrow?”
  16. 16. “ Really?!” Amy squealed, “how wonderful!”   “ And excellent idea, Sid my man.” Agreed Marella, appearing in the doorway. “A break is just what’s needed after all these sprogs. I agree wholeheartedly with your plan., I’m all aboard.”
  17. 17. “ Really ‘Rels? Wow, that’s really kind of you – I thought you’d need far more convincing than that.” Sid said, both confused and relieved that his little sister appeared so willing to take care of everyone while he and his wife were away. “I have a couple of things I need to do before we go, so it wouldn’t be for a few days. But you sure you can handle it?”   “ Of course, I’m great at this! You guys book the flights, and I‘ll take care of aaaall the rest.” - - - -
  18. 18. “ This is most of the strange..” Myotis sighed, stepping off the school bus one bright and sunny afternoon. “ What is Miss Teacher a-thinking in a-saying that I do not use correct grammar? It is most perfectly a-fine I am a-thinking. This B shall never a-do!”
  19. 19. “ I hear ya buddy. There ain’t nothing wrong with the walk I talk either.” agreed Hallucigenia, the very belated member of Generation Six. “ Oh Lordy, A-? What will Mam and Da say?! This is a right disaster.” But shaking her head, she shoved the report card in her pocket and wandered towards the house.
  20. 20. Vesper was last to step off the bus, and after hearing the rest of the children’s remarks kept her paper very close to her chest. With her head hung low, she whispered to herself; “ Why are they all complaining about such good marks? I still haven’t been able to get past a C, and oh dear, this one’s another D.. Oh no. I’ve let Dad down again.” She sighed as her shoulder managed to drop even more.
  21. 21. “ It does not a-matter what you got Vesper!” her sister Pipistrelle called, noticing the little girl’s defeated stance. “We all a-love you anyway, silly.” All that a-matters now is that we are a-getting this homework done asap, so we can go and a-play. I bagsy love-father to a-help me!” She finished with a shout, and the stampede began to be the first to grab a grown up to help them with their homework. Sadly in this house, there were never quite enough to go round.
  22. 22. Vesper and Hallie didn’t quite make it through the door quick enough thanks to the alien twins co-ordinated sprint pattern, and so flopped on the couch to wait their turn. But they were a little surpsied to find someone else already swinging her legs and waiting for them. “ MY Mummy doesn’t make me do my homework first! SHE always let’s me have fun.” grinned Vesper Tegenaria as the girls sat down. “She understands that school is boring and silly, SHE agrees that fun is way more important so let me come see you guys straight away! I’d haaaate to be you, stuck doing nasty old homework on such a nice day.” “ But if we don’t do our homework we can’t do well at school. Don’t you want to do well at school Lacey?” Vesper asked, a bit confused by her cousin’s attitude. But before Lacey could reply, Hallie cut in again. “ She don’t get it Vesps. Now we do things a bit different around here Lacey, so you just shove off and play, alright?” Thankfully, Lacey was very happily to shove off and play while they continued to wait.
  23. 23. It looked like they might have to wait a while. “ Love-father, this isn’t a-making any sense!” “ Aww, Pipi! Yes it is. Let’s try again – read it back to me.” “ The Garden Club are a bunch of old a-silly idiots who gave us a defective wishing well, because even though it spat out a-pretty ladies for a while now all we get is an old bag who looks like a badger stuck in a barrel. She is most likely Toby Twitface’s a-mother, and you that she just isn’t a patch on the lovely a-Allyn. Except that time she got mad in our shop, that wasn’t a-fun. So in a-conclusion, the Garden Club are still not a lovely pillar of a-society. ” “ Sounds fine to me Pipistrelle.”
  24. 24. “ And so you see Myotis, even though they’ve given us a well you can be sure that that won’t be the end of the Garden Club’s aversion to us. So do be careful, son, and don’t go antagonsing any Twitfaces.” “ I am a-understanding you Grandad.” grinned Myotis, as he slammed his homework shut after a successful essay. “It is Pipi you’ll need to a-watch out for, I’m sure the Garden Club are a-sweet people really.” “ Well, maybe. But never mind about them, what a strange task for your teacher to set you.. Who’s taking your class again?” “ A-Mrs. Turner.” “ Ah that explains it..” Gadus thought as the two little aliens ran off to play. Vole had always tried to convince Gadus and Ara of the Garden’s Club good points when they were all younger.
  25. 25. Although they’d gotten outside and away from their work in a hurry, the twins couldn’t help but double check with each other on the project. “ Are you a-sure Pipi? Granddad tried to a-convince me they were no good too, but I a-went with my heart and said they were a-good really.” “ That’s not what love-father a-said!” “ Indeed not. But what do you a-think, twin sister?”
  26. 26. “ Myotis, I a-think that it was just some homework that doesn’t a-matter in the long run. You a-saw how upset Vesper was getting over it, and so I am a-thinking that we shouldn’t a-talk about it anymore.” “ I was just asking what you were a-thinking about it!” the little boy protested. “ You know what I am a-thinking?”
  27. 27. “ WAAAAAAHOOOOOOOO!!” “ HEY! I am a-think I can see Hallie a-coming already!” “ YAAAAHOOOOOOO!! Get her over here a-twin brother!”
  28. 28. But seeing as Pipistrelle refused to slow down the merry-go-round enough for Hallie to get on, she was more than happy to explore the rest of the newly installed playground. Even if she wasn’t as successful as the little aliens as first. “ Ow! Oooh, me bum!” she squeaked as she flew off the slide with a bump. “Mam and Da need to put something down here, the floor’s rather hard to land on. Hmm.” She picked herself up and saw that the merry-go-round was still spinning, but there were now no green children on it. Scratching her head for a minute, Hallie spied where the others had gone – but she wasn’t the only one, as a few of the neighbourhood kids started spilling into the Tegenaria’s garden.
  29. 29. But not quite everyone. “ Don’t worry Vesps, you’re doing great!” Vauxia tried to encourage his daughter, but Vesper was still taking her work very slowly. “ But I don’t know if this is right.” she sighed and put the pen down. “What if the teahcer doesn’t like it, Daddy? I don’t want to disappoint Mrs. Turner.” Or you and Mummy.. She added to herself. “ If she doesn’t, then call her a silly old Shrew and pull her tail – because that’s what she’ll be if she doesn’t like your work sweetie. You’ve been so careful – just look how neat yours is compared to Pipi’s! And you’ve filled the whole page, just like you were asked. I’d say that warrants some good play time.” the grown up grinned. “ I guess..” the little girl said, and shuffled off outside.
  30. 30. “ Hi. I’m here to play with you. So you’d better like it, k?” Another alien child had climbed up the jungle gym in order to find the twins, and decided that this was the best way he could think of to announce his prescene. “ Is that Cousin Ivan I am a-hearing twin-brother? It must a-be, for it was was a little voice that was not a-sounding very friendly. And I don’t see any biting shields up here, do you twin-brother?” “ No twin-sister, I do not. But he has asked to a-join us.” “ Yeah, tha’s right! So move before I BITE YOU.” “ Er, oh look!” said Myotis quickly. “Vesper has a-come out at last. I shall a-go and greet her. You look after Cousin Ivan Pipi.” and speedily flung himself down the pole.
  31. 31. “ Vesper, you are a-here at last!” “ Uh-huh. Sheesh, this thing looks pretty high Myotis!” Vesper said, surveying the tower up and down. “ It’s not that a-bad once you are up at the top. But er, maybe it is a-best if you wait until Cousin Ivan has had enough.” he added, seeing a rather angry looking Pipistrelle descend the pole and stomp off towards Hallie. “ Yeah. Yeah, maybe you’re right.” And I don’t want to fall off and make them all think I’m even more stupid.. Best to stay on the ground. Yeah. Less embarrassing on the ground.
  32. 32. “ Aren’t you going to come up and play Vesper?” asked Lacey as she climbed down. “Come and poke Ivan with me, it’s sooo funny! He poked Pipi back and she didn’t like it, but ‘cause I live with him I’m used to him being silly. Boys are so silly aren’t they?” “ I..guess?” “ Yup, you got it! Boys like Ivan anyway, he’s icky! But have you seen Io at school? He’s sooo cute! I’m going to ask him to be my boyfriend, but shhh, it’s a secret!” She giggled for a while before carrying on. “ Who do you like at school Vesper? Do you have a boyfriend? I bet you do, you’re so pretty!” “ You think I’m pretty?” “ Course silly! You thought you weren’t?”
  33. 33. The girls continued to chatter on, as did most of the children who had gathered at the house that day. Everyone began to pair off and start laughing at their own little jokes, and playing their favourite games. Everyone that is, except Ivan. “ OI! Why’s no one playing with me?” he shouted. But finding that no one so much as looked around at him, he muttered a complimentary “Bite you..” and stormed off home next door.
  34. 34. Pity he did though, because the day was wearing on and seeing as they had all done so well with their work, Vauxia decided to cook them an extra special treat for supper. “ All I had to eat when I was their age was grilled cheese..” he mused. “And Vesps looks like she could use a little pick me up, poor little mite. I don’t know what she’s so worried about, she’s doing really well. And I bet Allison thinks so too!”
  35. 35. “ Actually..” Sadly, waiting for pies to bake leaves one with quite a bit of time to think. “ Alli hasn’t come to visit for weeks, that’s not like her at all. Oh no, I hope Vesps doesn’t think something’s wrong.. I think Allison and I might need to have a little chat about this at some point before Vesps really starts to worry.” Sighing, he shook hismelf back into the moment and remembered why he was making cake in the first place. “ KIDS! CAKE! PIE! FOOD!” he yelled the the direction of the back door.
  36. 36. “ Hey Hallie! You can’t just give up halfway, we’re supposed to be having a monkey battle! How can I beat you when you’re on the floor already?” shouted Lacey as all the children quickly started scooting in the direction of insideness. “ Don’t you ever listen to anyone?” “ No.” “ Well good, because that means more cake for us!” Halllie laughed, as a shocked Lacey quickly dropped down and followed her inside.
  37. 37. “ Vesper! Come ON!” she shouted back over her shoulder. “ Coming..” the little girl said dreamily, as she looked out over the desert. It really was very pretty in the evening sun. Vesper wondered why the others were so quick to run off, she found it much better to do things more slowly and was rewarded with pretty sights like this! Smiling to herself, she finally drifted inside quite a while after Lacey had already slammed the door behind her.
  38. 38. “ Hallie, I am a-thinking it is best to not eat your a-hand as well as the food.” Pipistrelle advised, watching her small aunt acorss the table. Lacey was less helpful, and only commented that she found them both gross before returning to her cake. Grinning at Pipi, Hallie merely continued to flick bits of pastry from her hands onto Lacey’s plate, a tactic which was met with possibly the narrowest stare possible for a small girl – until the two decided the only way to settle this was with a race. Pipi just tried to keep her piece as far out of the firing line as possible.
  39. 39. “ Why do they do that, My?” “ Because they are a-liking to compete with each other Vesper-sister. I a-don’t think winning is that a-important, but Hallie and cousin Lacey always seem to and therefore they like to a-race.” “ I don’t think so either.” Vesper agreed. “Don’t they get really embarrassed when they lose?” “ Alas not, then they just do it all over again.”
  40. 40. Having lost the pie eating contest, twice, Lacey decided to seek out someone else to play with. “ Gramma! I want to play, but all your toys are rubbish here.” “ Ooow, the ovvers don’t fink so dear.” “ Well they’re wrong, because they are. You don’t have a Mini Miss Makeover Station or anything! My Mummy bought me one, and we do each other’s make up aaaall the time. I bet you’re not as good a mummy and my Mummy.” “ Hmph. Well you cer’ainly remind me of your Muvver at your age at any ra’te.. I fink maybe it’s toime yous went ‘ome Lacey.” “ Whatever, you’re all so boring here anyway. And I miss Mummy.” and off she strutted, leaving Cadence in dire need of a recover-from-my-prissy-granddaughter sandwich.
  41. 41. “ You guys all have a good day then?” Vauxia asked his three children as they all wound down for the evening. “ Yes love father, most definitely!” laughed Pipi, as Vesper missed her palms yet again. “Come of sister dear, I know you can do it.” This time Vesper did manage to tap her sister’s hands, let out a big cheer and promptly threw herself at her sister in a big hug. “ This has been a GREAT day, Daddy!” she smiled. “ And you, my man?” he asked Myotis. “ Yes. Yes, I am a-thinking that I did. I am now we’re all smiling anyway!”
  42. 42. “ Good. But I think it’s high time we got you guys all off to bed then.” “ What, already?” Pipi said in annoyance. “It’s not late at all!” “ Yes it is.” Vesper decided. “Do you have one of your special friends coming to visit Daddy? Is that why we need to go to bed?” “ Er, yes. Maybe. But the point is that you little tykes needs some rest.” Vox said quickly to his daughters. “ I am a-thinking that you are right. Come on a-little ladies!” grinned Myotis, and started shepherding his sisters upstairs to their beds. “ But where is a-Hallie?”
  43. 43. “ That sounds so yum, Ma! Can we ‘ave grilled cheese for breakfast?” “ Ooow, you is such a smar’ kidlet ‘Allie! Why yes, I fink we can.” “ And every day after that?” “ Oi don’t see why not!” “ I love you Ma.” “ Oooows, I loves you too moppet.” - - - -
  44. 44. “ No.”   “ Yes!”   “ NO.”   “ YEEEEES!!”
  45. 45. “ Aww, come on Allozyme! You’d really really like her – the two of you would be perfect, I’m telling you!”   “ How many times do I have to say it Gin? No no and NO!”   “ Just one date? One little date that could lead to.. getting married? Aww come on, don’t look at me like that! I know you want to, you cute little.. zombie.. Family Sim, you! You’ll love the girl I’ve picked out for you!”
  46. 46. “ For the last time time Gin. I. Do not. DO MARRIAGE. So stop asking. I’ve got Norris and his family and I don’t need any more – especially with Dear Susan in my life. She’s such a sweet girl. And anyway, I couldn’t care less who you’ve got in mind, because if you care to remember back to my first marriage.. You SUCK at matchmaking, Gin!”   “ Hey, that wasn’t me!” said the Simself, throwing her arms up in the air. “That was her! And yeah we all hated Lisa, so I’m just trying to do something nice for you to make it better.”   “ I don’t need anyone looking after me, least of all you, you stupid flaily little-“
  47. 47. “ I CAN FLAIL IF I WANT TO.”   “ I take it this is a bad time?” interrupted Sid, appearing in the apartment’s hallway.
  48. 48. “ I was wondering if we could have a little chat?” he continued.   “ Ooh, yes – that’d be fab! We haven’t had a good sit down on the couch scene for ages. But they usually happen at my house you see. Shall we all head over?”   “ I was actually just hoping to talk to Allozyme, if it’s all the same to you Gin?”   Scowling, the dejected Simself wandered off, and the rather surprised zombie gestured for his Great-Nephew to sit down.
  49. 49. “ So what’s this all about then?” the zombie asked. “Please don’t tell me you’re thinking of trying to become Captain Hero, because I’m afraid I just don’t think you’re cut out for it.”   “ No, that’s not what I- hey, for the record I’d be great at that, thank you very much, but that isn’t what I want to talk to you about. It’s something much more important than a mere career choice.”   “ Mere career choice? You listen here buddy, the role of a hero is-“
  50. 50. “ I want to know about the Resurrect-O-Nomitron.”   “ The what now?”   “ Oh sorry, I think you laymen call it the Bone Phone. Spooky thing. I believe you may have er, come across it?”
  51. 51. “ That thing? What the heck do you want to know about that for?! It’s dangerous, if you’ve as smart as you so often claim you’d stay well away from it. Do you have any idea what it can do! What it’s done?”   “ Of course, it raises the dead.” Sid replied. “And I’m assuming you know a thing or two about how that works. I’ve done as much research as I can, but-“   “ Well what do you want to go and do that for?! You moron! You should leave the dead well-alone. I know we’re soon to lose a lot of those close to us, but that’s no reason to-“
  52. 52. “ NOOOOOO, they’re not dying! They’re not dying! La la la, it’s not happening..”   “ Oh for goat’s sake.. GIN! What are you still doing here? Go away. Please.” Allozyme sighed, as the snivelling continued beside him. “ We don’t need you here! Or to be more accurate, WANT you here.”
  53. 53. “ Fine. Fine! I know when I’m not wanted.”   “ Apparently you don’t. But thank goat, please just leave my home!”   “ Only if you promise to think about what I said.”   “ This marriage business? No Gin. Just.. no.” The zombie finished, and shuddered at the thought.
  54. 54. But as soon as she was outside, a phone was whipped out post haste. “ Hello? Hello! So you do remember me then? What a surprise.. Now be quiet before I get struck by lightning in the storm, this is important! .. Now look, there’s this amazing guy you just have to meet..”
  55. 55. “ Thank fishness she’s gone, at last .   But Sid, seriously, who are you thinking of raising with this thing? It’s really not a light matter, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Quite clearly!”   “ It’s not for me, I’m trying to find out more to help a friend.”   “ HA! Really? Who would you want to help?”
  56. 56. “ Why does everyone believe I’m incapable of doing something for someone else..” Sid growled.   “ Just speaking from experience.” Allo replied knowingly. “But alright then, let’s say you are doing this for the benefit of others – what do you want to know?”   “ Everything.”   “ Oh now that’s not asking a lot at all!”   “ I’ve read everything I could find, but I still don’t know the exact logistics of how the process works. You and Carrie both came back different – but why?”
  57. 57. “ I don’t know about Carrie, but I do know about me. You see Sid, a long time ago, before you or your father were even born-“   “ You died in a fire at our old home while trying to save Aunt Ara when she was a toddler. I know Allo, I’ve read the records. My Grandmother was so upset by the whole business she then tried to bring you back using a bone phone my Grandfather had earned, but didn’t do it right and you ended up this way.”   “ Well fine, just spoil the story why don’t you. But in a nutshell – yes. Meni was careless and didn’t understand what she was getting herself, and me, into. The Reaper’s a fan of bargaining, and he doesn’t seem to like giving away souls for free. And Menidia didn’t pay a high enough price and so I wasn’t allowed to come back fully, not the way I was anyway. It’s not just about understanding the phone itself Sid, it’s about understanding the way his mind works. You never know what’s going to happen for certain until you’ve made a deal, and you can’t read about that in any books.”
  58. 58. “ Well someone should write it down then, so I didn’t have to keep getting stuck in circles! Oh, this better be worth all this trouble.   So fine, it’s not about knowing the Nomitron, it’s about getting personal the Grim Reaper.”   “ In a way, yes.”   “ Well where is this stupid phone so I can at least get a hold of that. If my Grandmother used it we must have one in the family! So where the heck is it?”
  59. 59. “ Corvus had it last. You should really go talk to him or Carrie about finding it, and what they know. I only remember waking up and being very angry with Meni, at least for a while.   I would say good luck, but.. I still don’t think you should be getting yourself into this, Sid, whatever you’re doing it for. Not at all.   It’s not going to result in anything good, and you’d better believe me of all people on that.” - - - -
  60. 60. “ WHY. WHY exactly are you doing this to me? How the fudge can I research my case if my stinkin’ computer’s blown up again?!” The blonde then continued to hurl some more abuse at the machine for a while, before concluding; “ That’s the last I accept something that’s been dumped on the pavement.. ARGH.”
  61. 61. *DINGY DINGY DONGY RETURN OF THE GENERAL DOORBELL NOISES* “ Oh for the love of.. What now?! Go away! I don’t want any! SHOO! I’m having a bad day. Bugger off!” But the general doorbell noises didn’t leave that easily. Much to her annoyance, the blonde finally got up to answer the door to her small and shabby house.
  62. 62. “ Hey Allison! How’re things?” Oh great, this is all I need.. Allison Fuchs thought to herself. Could this day get any worse? “ Sorry Vox, no time for dates today – I’m too busy. Thanks for stopping in, BYE BYE now.” she said quickly, and went to shut the door. Unfortunately there was a Tegenaria rather too much in her way.
  63. 63. “ It’s about our daughter Alli, I’m worried about her.” “ Vesper? What about her? ..She ok?” Allison added. “ Her grades are slipping and she’s being even more quiet than usual – it’s kind of noticeable in our house. ..And I don’t remember you being this absent for this long before. Can you come see her? I think it might help.” he asked. “ Look Vox, just not now ok?” she pleaded “ I think now’s a great time actually, seeing as this is concerning our child and all. What’s more important than that?”
  64. 64. “ Honestly? Right now my job Vox!” Allison said as Vauxia let the door shut behind him. “If you recall, I gave Vesper to you to look after, alright?” “ Yes and I’m very glad you did – but she needs you too Alli.” “ Oh does she now? She needs a mother who’s too poor to even afford the tools she needs to secure a promotion? Who’s computer has blown up for the fourth time this month? Who’s house is nothing but grey and awfully depressing looking because she can’t spare the cash to do anything about? Who’s too worked up to do well enough at work to get said money?” she was flailing a bit wildly now. “I need to do well, so I can look after her, and I can’t, I just can’t at the moment! Being a top lawyer doesn’t come easy you know!” “ Allison..
  65. 65. “ I’m sorry,” he went on, “I didn’t know things were so hard for you at the moment. And of course I know you’re doing this right thing by Vesper in the long run – I’m sorry for barging in on you like this.” “ Damn right you should be, pal.” Allison sniffed. “ Let me make it up to you.” Vox grinned at her. “ No dates, I told you. I’m busy.” “ No no – I know. Let me give you some money, ease up the pressure on you for a while, I don’t like to see you so stressed and worked up..” he said, and reached over to rub her back.
  66. 66. “ NO!” Allison exploded back at him .”No Vox, just no!” “ What? What! I was only trying to help you Alli, calm down.” “ Well I don’t want your help ok? More to the point, I don’t need your help!” “ But-” “ I don’t want to hear it! Seriously Vox, you have no idea.” she cringed. “Your whole life you’ve just swanned along with a big smile on your face and all the cash you need in your family’s pocket. You’ve never struggled and you’ve always got what you wanted - but the rest of the world doesn’t work like that. Now you take my daughter and you make her happy damnit.”
  67. 67. “ I’ve got to go to work. Becuase I’ve always got to go to work.” she mumbled, and strated to stroll past him and out the door. “ Just let me help you!” Vauxia called desperatly after her. “ No. I’m not a damsel needing to be saved Vox, go find someone else to play that game with because I am done. You can’t save everyone and you can’t save me!” “ Allison..”
  68. 68. “ Don’t come back here again, ok Vox? Now please, just go away.” Allison shouted as she ran down the steps and away from him.. “ Come back..” sniffed the poor dejected guy left behind. “ ..I need you.” - - - -
  69. 69. “ Sweetheart.. Er, what are you doing?” “ This is how we greeted each other in Takemizu Amy.” said Sid on the morning of their scheduled vacation. “Ah, it’s good to be travelling again!” “ That lovely dear, but we’re going to Twikki Island! I don’t really think there’ll be much call for bowing. Now because you’ve been out all morning, I’ve had to pack for you. Now, you’re sure Marella’s ok with taking care of the kids?” “ Yes yes, she said she was fine with it.” Sid said straightening up. “Did you pack my flip flops? And favourite shirt?” “ Of course I did. Now you grab the bags, and let’s head outside to wait for the airport shuttle because it should be here any minute.”
  70. 70. Stepping outside into the bright desert sun, Sid had to squint his eyes for a second. “ Oh my goodness!” gasped Amy, before starting to giggle. Sid tried desperately to adjust his eyes, he really couldn’t be seeing what he thought he was. But it seemed he was. “ Oh no..”
  71. 71. “ We’re ready! Told ya I’d take care of everything.”
  72. 72. “ Thanks for inviting us Sid. Wow, I really could use a break after the last coiple of days.. Great idea.” grinned Vox innocently as a very, very angry Sim stormed over to Marella. “ What the heck do you think you guys are doing?!” he demanded. “ Well, you said we were all going to Twikki!” “ What? No! I never said that.” “ Yeah ya did.”
  73. 73. “ I don’t care who said what, but can we just hurry up and get the heck out of here? If I have to go back in that poxy house, with that poxy blonde idiot and those poxy small children that somehow seemed to have happened, I’m going to poxy pox your poxy faces BOTH of you. I WANT OUT OF HERE DAMNIT.”
  74. 74. “’ Rels, I meant me and Amy. Me and Amy need a break. Alone. Together. All that kind of thing. How could you possible think I meant this?” Sid pleaded as calmly as he could, trying to keep his temper under control. “What are you doing ?” “ But.. But we need a holiday too Sid! You’re not the only one with more kids than they were expecting.” “ Seconded!” shouted Vox from behind them, and and angry growl from Evil Susan signifiged her agreement too. “ And the kids are all with Mum and Dad!” she went on, “See? I did sort everything!” “’ Rels..” Sid growled.
  75. 75. “ Pleeeeeeeeeease?”
  76. 76. “ Aww, I think it’d be fun to have everyone all together!” grinned Amy. “Come on Sid, what do you think?” “ ..Do I have a choice in the matter?” he sighed. “ I’m guessing not.” Amy laughed. With a victory cheer, the intruders leaped into the shuttle as it pulled up and were quickly followed by a smiling Amy. Shaking his head, Sid picked up the remaining bags and joined them wondering exactly what he’d done to deserve this. - - - -
  77. 77. A plane ride, three taxi journeys, two donkey treks and a rather unfortunate incident with a rubber dingy later, the five travellers pulled up outside their hotel on Twikki. “ Oh my goat, I am never letting Evil Susan take charge of a sea vessel ever again..” “ Oh don’t worry Marella, she was fine in the end.” Amy said. “ Yes, but that poor octopus wasn’t! All those tentacles.. And then the explosion.. I am so staying on dry land for the rest of this trip!” “ Fine by me.” said Sid, poking the traumatised Marella out the way so that everyone else could leave the car. “Just don’t mention ink sacks to me ever again and we’ll all be fine.”
  78. 78. “ This place actually looks nice, well done bro!” said Vauxia, coming around survey the hotel with Sid. “ It does, doesn’t it? And you know what, it might not be so bad having you guys around after all.” he smiled. “ Really? Wow, now that’s something I never thought I’d here you say.” “ Mm, times change little brother. But.. You did see the look on ‘Rel’s face when that fish landed on her head, right? It’s already been worth it just for that!” Sid laughed.
  79. 79. Leaving the others to struggle with the bags for once, Sid went inside to attempt to check in. And I really do say attempt. “ Toogeynoogey? No, I’m afraid we don’t have any reservations under that name sir.” “ No no, Tegenaria . It’s not hard!” “ Teger-where ee-er? I’m afraid you’re speaking gobbledeegook sir. Let’s try by the number in your party. What is it sir?” “ Five. But er, we’re booked in under two. Except now there are more of us. Look, I’ve got a reservation ok!” “ Well I can’t find it. Why don’t you all go and sit outside for a while while I try and free up some space for you. Sir. ”
  80. 80. “ This would never have happened in Takemizu!” Sid was still complaining later as the party were sat on the hotel balcony. “ Yes, well, we’re not in Takemizu are we?” said Evil Susan through gritted teeth. “We in shoddy back of nowhere Twikki-Twocky-Twitland.” “ But at least they gave us some free desert!” But Evil Susan didn’t seem very appreciative of her complimentary crepes, and stormed off inside.
  81. 81. “ Some people just don’t appreciate a good travelling experience..” sighed Sid as they walked Evil Susan take out her annoyance on a passing bellhop. “ Give her time dear, I’m sure she’ll come around. Have another pancake, that’ll make you feel better.” “ Hey, save some for Vox!” interrupted Marella. “Actually, hang on.. Where is Vox anyway?”
  82. 82. “ Do you know, as a matter of fact I have met other aliens before! Though none as beautiful as you, of course.” “ Really? How come you know aliens, me and Mr. Bumblestig over there are the only two on the island I thought.” “ Oh, not here – I gave birth to two aliens back in Strangetown. Cool, huh?” “ Um.. No. Y’know, I might take a raincheck on that offer of dinner on second thought.” “ Understandable. I just thought it’d be nice to get to know such a lovely lady as yourself, but I can see you’re far too busy to waste your time on me. Just let me have one last look at those stunning eyes of yours, I’m already going to miss them.” “ Ooooh.. Alright then! I get off tomorrow at seven?”
  83. 83. Eventually Sid managed to prise everyone away from crepes and maids and being abusive towards other hotel guests and shoved them off towards the beach. There was quite a bit of moaning to be had on the walk, but the group were oddly silent when they arrived. “ It’s a.. Oh wow, it’s so.. Just.”
  84. 84. “ Well come on! We didn’t come all this way just to look at it.”
  85. 85. The day past far too quickly, and before they knew it darkness had fallen over the island and hours had been spent throwing themselves into the sea, up ships, around on the sand and in the local’s faces. But no one really felt like leaving, so the boys quickly threw a bunch of stuff in a pile and Evil Susan was eager (a little too much if it needs be said) to send the whole thing up in flames. Ah, such are good holidays. “ Guys, I’d really like to head back to the hotel if that’s ok?” Amy said after a while of staring into the flames. “I want to call in and check on the kids.”
  86. 86. “ You worry too much Amy, it’s only been one day. They’ll be fine! You’d be surprised how tough they actually are.” said Vox. “Your lot have Ivan as a brother for goat’s sake! I’m sure they’ll cope with our parents for a while.” “ .. As long as Dad doesn’t get kidnapped, or Mum bite anyone, or they drown in grilled cheese, or behave anything at all like we did when we were their age..” “ Thanks Marella. Very helpful.”
  87. 87. “ Amy’s right.” said Sid, getting up from the sand. “It’s time we headed back to the hotel and called the kids. I wonder how Mum and Dad are getting on with them anyway?” - - - -
  88. 88. “ OOOOOW! Yous is all being ever so loud you is! Pork pie belly, ‘ow did we end up wiv so many of ‘em?” “ I thought you’d be thrilled with this love..” Gadus sighed, as he and Cadence surveyed the carnage that was now their living room. Even with four children in the house normally, the addition of the rest of their grandchildren seemed to have sent the chaos soaring at an exponential rate. “ But they is just so.. Much ‘appening! I’s don’t know if I’d can cope much longer I can’t!” Cadence ducked as Lacey bolted towards her, with Hallie in hot persuit. “ Look what you made me do!” she hissed. “You made me BLEH! I never BLEH I don’!”
  89. 89. “ Are you guys sure you should be up there?” Vesper asked her siblings. “ Of course we can Vesper sister! This table has a-four legs, and a-four is a very stable number.” Myotis replied with a nod. “ And it is a-way more fun!” Pipi grinned, and the two continued to clap their hands and babble away to each other, most a-quickly. Half of Vesper wanted to leap up on the table and join them, but the other half wondered if perhaps she’d better do what her Mummy and Daddy would like her to do, which was stay on the ground. But then again, she thought, her parents would probably already have joined in during all this time she had spent thinking, so quickly hopped up on the coffee table with a grin.
  90. 90. “ I am not it Hallie, I SO tagged you.” “ No way Lacey – you fell over Mam and I mega got you!” “ Don’t be stupid, I never fall over!” “ Did so, and besides YOU’RE IT.” “ Do you fink we’re ‘it’ snifflewkins?” “ Maybe, it’s a bit hard to tell isn’t it?” “ Ooow, I needs a grilled cheese. You want one? Wot a silly question, of course yous do! If fact I bet everyone does, and tha’s why they is so busy – to keep their minds orf it.” Finally feeling relaxed at the promise of a nice sandwhich, Cadence trotted off to the kitchen with haste.
  91. 91. But alas was in for a nasty shock. “ Oooow moi spanner dicky birds! There ain’t no more cheddar! Ooow.. I gaves the las’ to that Ivan to keep ‘is mouf shut.” Dejectedly, she closed the fridge door with a deep sigh.
  92. 92. But woe of such magnitude can be just a little hard to keep in sometimes. “ Sweetheart, what’s the matter? I thought you were pleased about getting to treat us all to some cheesey joy?” said a very concerned Gadus, on hearing snifflings coming from the kitchen. “What’s happened?” “ OOOOOOW! *hic* My muffletoots! *sniff* This is *hiccough* the wors’ thing that’s ever ‘appened to us! Ever! I’s terrible.. Roigh’ terrible..” “ Yes love, but what’s happened?”
  93. 93. “ THERE’S NO CHEESE LEEEEEEFT!” she wept, and buried herself in Gadus’s arms. “ Oh dear, that is terrible.” he said, patting his wife. “But we can’t have you being all upset over this now, can we? Don’t worry, I know little V usually does it, but I’ll head off to Harold & Merkins to get you some.” “ Tha’ didn’ work very well last toime now, did it? Yous still ‘as a wee scar yous do. I’d be’ter go smooshkitten. You try and get the sporglets inta bed now.” - - - -
  94. 94. “ E minor Jennail, E MINOR.” “ I didn’t ask for you to hover over me Mother. And I certainly did not ask for any advice with my music! I’ve been back for a while, I’m perfectly capable.” “ Ah, but what is wrong with looking out for my favourite daughter?” said Jennicor Tricou, as sweetly as she could muster. “ I was never your favourite Mother, you and Father always favoured my sister.” said Jennail, trying desperately to focus on the feel of the ivory keys beneath her fingers rather than the rasping sound of her mother’s voice.
  95. 95. “ Is that so? Well daughter, you know your father and I love you ever so much, sweet girl.” Folding her arms and leaning back, a smile spread across Jennicor’s face. “ You certainly brought out the best of the Tricou genes in your son.”
  96. 96. *BANG*
  97. 97. “ I thought you and Father had stopped all this nonsense with Fricorith?” Jennail shuddered. “I really couldn’t care less what Ocean did or why you two have such a burning hatred for that ridiculous family in Strangetown!” “ Jennail, sweet child..” “ No Mother! I won’t have you dragging MY family into it – work it out yourself.”
  98. 98. Creaking at the knees, Jennicor was reaching breaking point with her daughter. How dare she be so stubborn! But as a mother she was not above it, and sank down to her knees next to the piano. “ Please Jennail. We need Fricorith to help us.” “ Exactly, you only care about getting your grandson back – you care not the slightest for my needs! What do you think I want?” “ ..You son back?”
  99. 99. “ Don’t play dumb Mother, you know I love Fricorth more than anything in this world or any other, but I am not consenting to any of your ridiculous ideas until I’ve spoken about this with my husband. Yes Mother, my husband! Not once have you spoken about bringing him back.” “ Oh is that all?” said Jennicor angrily. “Well we can sort that out anytime. We can do it now if you like, I just didn’t think it was important.”
  100. 100. “ You didn’t think bringing my family back together was as important as yours?” Jennail shouted, quickly standing up from her piano. “ Don’t talk back, sweet daughter.” “ Oh hush. All you care about is having my darling boy under your and Father’s thumb again, not that I may need my Korvan by my side so that we may decide what is best for our son – not you. You will get nothing until my husband is returned to me. Then we may discuss Fricorith.” “ Fine, fine!” Jennicor growled. Where had her daughters streak come from? Taking several deep breaths, she tried to quash her anger. Keep Jennail on her side, and she was one step closer to getting her grandson back.
  101. 101. “ Oh course my sweet child. It was wrong of me to not give you back Korvan. Of course you family is important. We can bring him back tonight if you so wish. Now give me a kiss.” “ Thank you Mother.” said Jennail, and reluctantly planted a kiss on her mother’s cheek. “ Good girl. The sooner the better, after all!”
  102. 102. “ What’s this? My two girls are not fighting, I hope.” said Jon Smith, entering the room now the air seemed to have settled a little. “ Father.” said Jennail cooly “Mother and I were merely discussing how we shall get my Korvan back to me.” “ Among other things..” Jennicor said quietly.
  103. 103. “ What a good idea!” “ ..Really, darling?” Jennicor shot a sideways glance at her husband. “ But of course! My sweet daughter needs her husband by her side. How could you think other wise, oh love of my life?” “ What are you doing ?” hissed Jennicor in his ear.
  104. 104. “ Though it saddens me that I cannot be the only man in your life forever..” “ Thank you for understanding Father. You have always been far more reasonable than Mother. With Korvan back, then together we can see our beauitful son again. I miss him so terribly. All that time we were asleep, I never saw him.. Not once.” “ Of course my sweet child, I understand your pain terribly. A broken family is nothing but misery and so we shall return your husband tonight. I do this because I love you.”
  105. 105. “ And then you’ll help me bring my son back too?” “ Of course Jennail, you are my sweet daughter. Tonight your husband, and tomorrow your son.” he said, and offered his hand. Jennail grabbed it at once, forgetting her talk with her mother in all her eagerness to have her family back. “Agreed father, agreed.” “ Wonderful my child. I will step out to get some supplies, and then we can start the ritual at once.” - - - -
  106. 106. “ Now where is tha’ new kind of yellow joy I is seeing las’ week? Ooow, I know it was here somewhere! Come out come out where you is me li’tle cheesesy goblin!”
  107. 107. “ Ah ha! There you is! Oooow my, you is ever so pre’ty, ain’t ya?”
  108. 108. No.. No, it can’t be. Jon Smith came to a halt as he stared across the floor of the Harold & Merkins food hall (for everyone shops there don’t you know!) I thought she was dead. Well. She soon will be.
  109. 109. “ Oooow, maybe I should get some Wednesleydale too? It’s ever so scrummy it roight is!” Having a bit of trouble with her decision, Cadence started to look around for a friendly shop keep of some sort. “ Yoo hoo! Mister Keeper of the cheese, you don’t ‘appen to ‘ave any-
  110. 110. “ AAAAAAAAARGH! What in ‘ell’s bell’s is you doin’ ‘ere?! You is dead,” she started to gabble as she caught sight on Jon Smith, “you is dead.. You’ve been dead for one ‘undred years you ‘ave been and so you should ‘ave stayed dead! It’s jus’ good manners!”
  111. 111. “ And I might as well say the same for you! I thought he would have hunted you down and made you pay for what you did. You’re not meant to be here! Not any more. He was to take care of you .”
  112. 112. “ I didn’ do nuffink.. I never wan’ed none of it I didn’..” “ Be quiet. You are not getting out of this door alive, you hear me? I thought we’d finished you back then, and I’ll be damned if you’re getting away twice.” “ Please.. I ain’ done nuffink wrong! It was all long ago, ‘oo can really remember anyway?”
  113. 113. <ul><li>“ I remember. That’s who. </li></ul><ul><li>You will pay for what you did, Cecily Urswick.” </li></ul><ul><li>- - - </li></ul><ul><li>Tha’ end! Confused? It’s ok, you’re allowed to be. Buying cheese always seems to be a bit of a terrible business, doesn’t it? But thank you for reading, and also again for all your good wishes over the last month – you guys are seriously brilliant and I less than three you all. Thanks to clever CC making people, and all those smart people who introduced slideshare as an exchange alternative! Also, simspiration for inspring the first scene *nods* </li></ul><ul><li>This has been Gin, avoiding writing up her thesis even though it’s due in in 23 three days, oops. Until till next time, my sweet children. </li></ul>
  114. 114. P.S. I still love the well. He always beats Crumplebum anyway :D