Social Media and Talent Management and Acquisition


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  • Social Media and Talent Management and Acquisition

    1. 1. Social Media and Impact on Talent AcquisitionGautam GhoshGM – HR Strategy and Projects, Philips India
    2. 2. When Media ChangesEverything Changes
    3. 3. Technology’s impact becomes evidentwhen it becomes ubiquitous
    4. 4. The future has already arrived.It’s just not evenly distributed yet.1Source: William Gibson
    5. 5. The tools are transient.The values embedded in them arepersistent.2
    6. 6. ConfidentialPassive recipients ofinformationActive knowledgesharers/driversConstrained by natural(or psychological) boundariesBorderlessFace to face ‘Invisible’Living within our means Have It AllJob for Life Continuous LearningFROM TOSociety is undergoing dramatic change
    7. 7. ConfidentialTomorrow’s consumers are today’sdigital natives
    8. 8. ConfidentialTherefore…• Your Culture is your Employment Brand and your employees areyour brand ambassadors
    9. 9. ConfidentialThree types of Media• Paid• Earned• OwnedSocial results in convergence
    10. 10. ConfidentialEmployer Branding is criticalLinkedIn research2012
    11. 11. ConfidentialSocial Media is a primary channel
    12. 12. ConfidentialSOCIAL TECHNOLOGIES ARECHANGING THE GAMEHow Talent Management Practices, The Nature of Work Itself andthe Structure of the Workforce are Changing
    13. 13. ConfidentialSocial technologies are not just other tools
    14. 14. ConfidentialFundamental shifts - content• Authority  User Generated– Influence (trust factor)• Authenticity• Tolerance• Broad/Generic  Niche Relevance– Numerous Channels, Fragmentation– Noise• Buying Visibility  Earning Visibility– Social Trending/Discovery
    15. 15. ConfidentialFundamental shifts – talent management• Linear  Lattice Career Progression– Flatter, Virtual, Collaborative, Project Based• Accelerated Mobility– Time in Tenure, Development Cycle• Formal  Informal Learning– Social Collaboration, Learning Networks• Silo’d  Integrated Resourcing– Full Time Alternatives• Complexity
    16. 16. ConfidentialYour employees and Alumni are rating you• People sharing information about your organization’spractices, culture, and it can be represented online.• Websites like Glassdoor, JobBuzz by TimesJobs and MouthShut make iteasy to people to analyse such feedback
    17. 17. ConfidentialChallenges Companies Face• Company brand is not talked about• People not aware of company–Culture, leadership, values, CSR• Larger company brand over poweringsmaller unit’s distinct appeal• Company loses out to competitorsspecifically in campus recruitment
    18. 18. ConfidentialDon’t forget mobile!"today it is a waste of time investing insocial medis without mobile support".–talent acquistion director for UPS• Sodexho US Data–jobseeker traffic on mobile grow from4% to 17% of their total jobseekertraffic.–nearly 1 in 3 hires have looked atSodexo careers on mobile.
    19. 19. ConfidentialPepsiCo’s “Possibilities”• Prospective candidates canperuse it for openings• watch videos from currentemployees,• read executive blogs• have conversations withhiring managers.
    20. 20. ConfidentialWhat can Companies Do?MonitorBlogsSocialNetworksReview SitesProfessionalSites
    21. 21. ConfidentialSocial Media Response• A dedicated online monitoring & support presence can help thecompany improve support for– Inquiries– Queries– Complaints– Compliments
    22. 22. ConfidentialShowcase Employer BrandCultureCSRSubjectMatterExpertsAwardsLeaders
    23. 23. ConfidentialLeverage Various ChannelsEmployerBrandBlogsYouTubeFacebookPageSlideshare
    24. 24. ConfidentialMicrosoft Jobs Blog
    25. 25. ConfidentialPhilips Innovations in Marketing group
    26. 26. ConfidentialWe are Philips India - Facebook Page
    27. 27. ConfidentialPhilips India Jobs @ Twitter
    28. 28. ConfidentialTrends for the future• Companies like TalentBin and Entelo will change recruiting
    29. 29. ConfidentialThe rise of digital influence and impact
    30. 30. ConfidentialPost Recruiting Onboarding• Gamified induction and onboarding–Predictive analytics• Communities to help new hires getassimilated faster–Finding mentors and buddies
    31. 31. ConfidentialThank You!Keep in touch!•••••