My blogging journey - Article I wrote for The Smart Manager magazine


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My story on how I started blogging and made a career in social media and HR

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My blogging journey - Article I wrote for The Smart Manager magazine

  1. 1. S t r a t e g y M a r k e t i n g A n a l y s i s R e s o u r c e s T e c h n o l o g ysep-oct 12 vol 11 issue 5India’s first world-class management magazinewww.thesmartmanager.comUK £2.50 USA $9.50 INDIA R100stopbeingavictimin5easystepsmarshall goldsmithmarshall goldsmithSudiptoGhosh,ExecutiveDirector – Service &Support, Lenovo IndiaHoning customerservice commitment.[ PAGE-16 ]Ankur Warikoo, CEO,Crazeal.comCapturing the $10bnIndian ecommerce market.[ PAGE-38 ]sep-oct1259mgparameswaranglynatwalkellymcgonigalstevemilleranilsainani
  2. 2. iblog GhoshThe Smart Manager Sep-Oct 2012 21Gautam Ghoshis an authority on business bloggingranked by HR Examiner. He writes athttp://gautamblogs.comt was at my first job after my MBA,when I was working in the KnowledgeManagement group at an Indian ITservices firm, that my boss askedme how we could get more visibility in theindustry about our initiatives. For somereason, I thought of starting an email group(on, which was later acquiredby Yahoo!) of practitioners in the KnowledgeManagement and HR space. In 2000, I thusbegan my journey in the world of onlinecommunities and conversations. I exploredthe medium further by setting up a website and a Wikipage, too.In 2002, after hanging out in some otheregroups, I heard about something calledblogging—people said it was a great personalknowledge management tool. So I opened ablog account and started posting the emails Iwas sending to the various egroups on it. Soon,I discovered that I was getting comments onmy blog posts—some recruiters in Canadawho were also blogging discovered myblog, and started reading and commentingon my thoughts. That is when I discoveredthe conversational nature of blogging. I wasthen reading Howard Rheingold’s book TheVirtual Community, and The Cluetrain Manifestoby Christopher Locke, David Weinberger,Rick Levine and David Searls, and gaining anunderstanding as to how this new participatorymedium was going to redefine everything.In 2004, my blog was voted as the thirdmost popular blog in India in the Indibloggiesawards, and my readership in India soared. Iread blogs about what people could do with themedium and tried to incorporate some of thesefeatures into my blog. I started to offer an emailnewsletter version of my blog, and also signedup on Feedburner to showcase the number ofreaders. In 2006, I left my full-time corporaterole in Hyderabad and turned a full-time‘blogging consultant,’ helping small businessesget international visibility using blogging as atool to showcase expertise. Globally my blogstarted to get recognition, getting ranked in thetop 25 list of HR blogs, and other lists.With the rise of social networks andexpertise networks like Facebook, LinkedInand Twitter, my blog became the anchor of mynetwork’s growth. In fact, I was an early user ofLinkedIn, being one of the first 20,000 users toopen an account there. In 2007, I started usingFacebook, and 2008 was when I signed up forTwitter. Currently my Facebook page (differentfrom a personal account) has about 1500followers, and I have 9500 followers on Twitter.Blogging and social media for me is allabout putting my thoughts before a communityof like-minded people, and then seeing themimprove it. It has helped me discover newcareer paths for myself and have conversationswith people across the world. For an introvertlike me, social media is a great bridge toconnect with people in a much easier way,focusing on ideas and thoughts. Meeting themlater offline is much easier then. With the rise ofsocial networks andexpertise networkslike Facebook,LinkedIn andTwitter, my blogbecame the anchorof my network’sgrowth.IiBlog will bring you face to face with thought leaders andpractitioners active in the virtual world.“For an introvert like me,socialmedia is a great bridgeto connect with people.”