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Social Media in Recruiting


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Social Media is increasingly being used by both recruiters and candidates.

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  • Social Media today plays a very important role in recruiting because through social media sites Like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc one can get enough information on the candidate and also a few reference checks can be conducted through common friends or contacts. One can also monitor what the candidate posts regularly on his profile pages or posts. Candidates can follow the companies of their choice and look for important announcements or current openings related to his/her interests.
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Social Media in Recruiting

  1. 1. Social Media in Recruiting
  2. 2. Starting on a Positive NoteSocial networking technology is absolutely the best thing tohappen to recruiting – ever.Maureen Crawford-Hentz - Recruiter, Osram Sylvania“Using Social Media effectively to maximise return on hiringinvestment will see growth through entire 2012 as willemployee referral programs. SMEs across all industries will bemajor employment generators in 2012.”Shuchi Nijhawan - Head-Global Human Resources, Eka Software Solutions“Information and communication technologies have becomeubiquitous across any organisation. The interesting,collaborative and socially oriented things that people do intheir personal lives may actually create a foundational skillsetthat is valuable at the work place.”Dr Nicole Haggerty - Associate Professor-MIS, Richard Ivey School of Business
  3. 3. India is Going Digital – India- FASTEST growing market for Facebook + Twitter + Foursquare – 80% of India’s Social media citizens spend 15 minutes a day on social networks – Fastest growing usage – among young professionals and women- age 28-35 – Brands are already claiming to get results from social
  4. 4. Recruiting in the Social Space
  5. 5. Social Media in Recruiting• Used increasingly by both recruiters and candidates• Employers are using social media to post jobs, push their message, search for candidates, and validate their credentials• Job boards have receded in prominence
  6. 6. Four Ways to Look atSocial Media in Recruiting CandidatesEmployers look look forfor candidates employers Employers Candidatesresearch about research about employees employers
  7. 7. Hiring through Social Media is a Reality• HCL Technologies recruited 60% of its senior-level executives in 2011 through professional online networking platforms.• IT major Mahindra Satyam recently launched a campaign - Career Divas on Facebook and successfully hired only women.• Mahindra Satyam hires 10% of its workforce , largely at the 2-6 years experience level, from social media platforms.Source: Times Jobs Insites 2012
  8. 8. What has brought about this change?Social media is becoming more data-driven —Adapting social media toolsfrom the business coupled with strong analytics will allow a more focusedapproach that harnesses and directs the effort of all employees on socialmedia.Talent Leaders are understanding the play - Talent leaders are increasinglyseeing the value of a combination of internal and external social mediaapproaches for managing and developing talent.Employee referrals are coupled with social media - Talent managers arebeginning to realize that the real strength of social media is relationship-building by employees. With proper coordination, employee relationships caneasily be turned into employee referrals.
  9. 9. How Can you do it?• Deepen and enrich relationship with job seekers through knowledge, sharing, and entertainment.• Using social media as a tool to educate about careers, companies and opportunities, and find connections• Use social media channels, online and on-ground, to create an effective and powerful communication channel for driving and creating user participation and peer to peer recommendation.• Increase engagement amongst the desired target group and encourage brand product adoption.
  10. 10. 3Cs of Engagement• Channels – Identify medium• Communicate - Engage with apps• Curate - Showcase content from career builder site.
  11. 11. Channels
  12. 12. LinkedIn• Company profile – to promote brand, image• Create and participate in Groups• Post jobs• Connect job boards and databases to LinkedIn• Search for candidates• Size up candidates who have applied• Delve in conversations to find talent who share interests or are talking about topics critical to their company
  13. 13. Facebook and Twitter• Use company Facebook pages to promote company brand and image• Get people to follow company page my making interesting conversations• Sometimes post jobs, links to career sites• Monitor what’s being said about them• Search for potential talent• Check out candidates
  14. 14. YouTube• Create fun video featuring issues around job search, and how Career Builder can help.• A fun interview session with typical questions, leading people to dig in career builder for the right set of answers.• A video highlighting the way recruitment process has evolved in India.• Push videos on Facebook and Twitter for virality.
  15. 15.