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The world is constantly changing at a rapid pace. The impact of these global changes are impacting all facets of the workplace. People, technology and infrastructure are organically changing. Changes include how we communicate, the design of our physical office spaces, where we decide to work from, business tools, technology, social media technology, organizational structure and hierarchy, work/life blending, role of job satisfaction, information access and the generational make-up of our workforces. How organizations manage these interconnected workplace changes will impact their ability to engage their employees.

The key drivers of employee engagement are, always knowing what employees are thinking, intentional creation of a desired culture, recognition and value, open and transparent communication + strong leadership, career pathing and opportunities, social good and positive and real employer branding.

Changing workplaces require a change in how we conduct our day-to-day business. Social Technology is how we successfully and effectively deal with these changes. Social collaboration, social learning, social recognition, access to real-time and useful data, social recruitment and strategic employer branding. Integration of the right social technology tools will positively impact employee engagement. People are social beings, and social technology allows, enables and promotes people to be social in the workplace.

This presentation was delivered on Friday, January 10, 2014 to the delegates who competed at the 9th Annual Organizational Behaviour Case Competition at Ryerson University in Toronto. 10 Canadian business schools attended and competed. This session was meant to inspire, educate and help delegates infuse creative ideas in their presentations the following day.

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Social Media & Employee Engagement

  2. 2. Q: Does Social Media Impact Employee Engagement?
  3. 3. AGENDA 1. The Changing Workplace 2. The Technology 3. The Connection Between Technology and the Workplace 4. Final Word
  4. 4. Who Am I? HR Software Companies • • • • Content marketing Business development Customer success Product development @JeffWaldmanHR Events, Blogging, Speaking Corporate HR Teams • Social HR • Employer branding • Consulting • • • • SocialHRCamp HRPA SHRM HR Tech Conference
  5. 5. The Changing Workplace What is Changing?
  6. 6. COMMUNICATION It’s Now Real Time & Multi-Directional
  7. 7. We are shifting from traditional communication structures to…
  8. 8. Multi-directional & integrated networks.
  9. 9. Changing Workplaces
  10. 10. Coworking
  11. 11. Telecommuting
  12. 12. In the air…
  13. 13. Work anywhere
  14. 14. What is the impact on finding talent? Your next hire could come from anywhere
  15. 15. Workplace Technology
  16. 16. Organizations flatten as technology advances
  17. 17. Not a new concept BUT is becoming more important
  18. 18. This matters more than ever
  19. 19. Real-Time Information What is the impact on HR functions such as recruitment, recognition, performance & learning?
  20. 20. Our multigenerational workforce is as diverse as it has ever been
  21. 21. People are Changing… Technology is Changing… How organizations deal with these changes will impact their ability to engage their employees
  22. 22. What Drives Employee Engagement? • • • • • • • Always know what employees are thinking Intentional creation of a desired culture Recognition and value Open and transparent communication + strong leadership Career pathing and opportunities Social good Positive and real employer branding Do you notice the connection to what’s changing in the workplace? Direct correlation.
  23. 23. Let’s take a step back… Changing Workplace + Changing People Employee Engagement Drivers Q: What’s Missing?
  24. 24. Social Technology Mainstream Niche Mobile Cloud
  25. 25. Collaboration • Drives real-time employee collaboration • File management • Peer-to-peer recognition • Mobile • Employer branding & corporate culture • Data analytics • Real-time conversations & chats
  26. 26. Learning • Blended learning—virtual, elearning, online forums, mobile • Creative content creation—video • Social learning enterprise— leverage organically created groups & knowledge banks to continuously learn • Mobile
  27. 27. Recognition • Sharing externally to the recognition platform— Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn • Gamification—tying recognition to rewards • Tie recognition to strategy & desired results • Mobile
  28. 28. Pulse Check Surveys • Short surveys to gauge sentiment • Leverage gamification • Real-time data capture • Integrated analytics • Mobile
  29. 29. Recruitment • Reach passive candidates easily through employee referrals & endorsements • Connect employees & talent prospects in “communities” • Leverage the brand power of video • Easy social sharing of jobs to employee networks • Mobile
  30. 30. Employer Branding • Enables employees to be brand ambassadors via social media • Enables organization to consisently control content sharing • High quality content is a key driver in brand strength • Engage internally & externally • Integrated analytics • Mobile
  31. 31. What is the impact of blocking social media use at work?
  32. 32. Final Word • Constant change is the norm • The “workplace” is varied • Direct positive correlation between high employee engagement and high business success • The new organization is about transparent communication flow between people • No one-size fits all approach—do what’s best for your organization • Leverage employee social networks as brand ambassadors—branding is “king”
  33. 33. Good Luck Tomorrow!