2020 Social Employment Brand Listening Report


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Employment Brand of two Indian firms on the Social web conversations

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2020 Social Employment Brand Listening Report

  1. 1. Analysing Conversations about the Employment Brand 2020 Social: Because Business is Social
  2. 2. Company A vs Company Z Listening Report for India Reporting Period 01-03-10 to 31-03-10
  3. 3. Points to Note  This report looks at only conversations on the social web by people.  The press releases and mainstream media mentions have not been featured in this  Conversations for 2 Indian IT organizations have been analysed in the following way: – They have first been grouped by their share of voice (slide 4) – Then they have been analysed based on their sentiments (slide 5) – Finally the conversations have been grouped based on the areas they have been focusing on (slides 6 and 7) – Finally, a specific analysis for one of the firms and recommendation based on the analysis is given on slide 8
  4. 4. Share of Voice 19 Company Z 84 Others Microblog 2 Blog Company A 26 0 20 40 60 80 100
  5. 5. Sentiment Analysis 9 50 Company Z 26 15 Very Positive 5 Positive Neutral 1 Negative 4 Very Negative Company A 9 0 10 20 30 40 50
  6. 6. Company A- Conversations  Company A’s tweet  CEO’s focus on on World Water Day energy conservation <Positive> <Positive> 3 1  Bonus announcement. Top performers received as much as 200% bonus <Very Positive>  Discussions around fairness of test conducted by third party 24 for Company A < Neutral to Negative>  Conversations on employees receiving Annual gift from Others HR CSR Company A <Positive>  Joke on hiring <Negative>
  7. 7. Company Z- Conversations  Aspirations 2020 –  Company Z India’s Best Student observes ‘Earth Programmers Awards Hour’ <Positive> <Positive>  Jaagte Raho 4 campaign <Positive> 37  Unfriendly HR policies <Negative>  Over 4,000 62 resignations in Feb <Negative>  Team training at  Plans to hike salaries Games in April 2010 2 <Positive>  Company organizing a  Employee incentives Bloggers meet and bonuses <Positive> Contests HR Others CSR
  8. 8. Actionable Insights & Recommendations For Company A  Insight 1: The people on the social web are essentially in the talent pool of IT firms are very interested by the HR related factors of the Organization  Recommendation 1: – Create outposts on social media platforms like Facebook, SMSGupShup, Orkut, Youtube etc – Participate in Employment branding/ Careers/ Jobs related conversations on these outposts – Build a talent community – involving hiring managers, recruiters and discussions – Try and bring people to the organizational talent community from these outposts to directly engage them  Insight 2: Issues around third party testing for hiring seem to be negative.  Recommendation 2: – HR and Recruiting teams should be trained on process of engaging with such negative feedback on the social web. – These negative posts should be acknowledged and addressed – and communicated back to turn negative conversation into positive or neutral one  Insight 3: Limited positive impact of CSR activities  Recommendation 3: – Use the social outposts described earlier to engage people on conversations on such activities. – Build engagement by asking people to share their view on what Company A is doing and link to them
  9. 9. Contact us: Email: gautam@2020social.com Twitter: @gautamghosh Web: http://2020social.com