TQM Strategy for Continual Improvements – the SRF Way” by S. Illango (Associate Vice President-TQM, SRF)

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Keynote presentation by S. Illango (Associate Vice President-TQM, SRF) titled “TQM Strategy for Continual Improvements – the SRF Way” at the 3rd Continual Improvement & Innovation Symposium organized …

Keynote presentation by S. Illango (Associate Vice President-TQM, SRF) titled “TQM Strategy for Continual Improvements – the SRF Way” at the 3rd Continual Improvement & Innovation Symposium organized by Dubai Quality Group's Continual Improvement Subgroup to celebrate World Quality Day 2011

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  • 1. TQM Strategy for ContinualImprovements – the SRF Way 3rd Continual Improvement and Innovation Symposium DQG, Dubai S. Ilango Associate Vice President - TQM 17th Nov 2011
  • 2. Backbone of our TQM Journey We are what we repeatedly do….EXCELLENCE, therefore, is not an act but a HABIT - Aristotle 2
  • 3. Contents of this Presentation About SRF The Deming Challenge Early Phase: 1991-1999 Momentum Phase: 2000-2004 TQM - for Continual Improvements TQM Models TQM Practices Results 3
  • 4. About SRF 4
  • 5. SRF – at a glance A multi-business manufacturing entity India, Thailand, UAE and South Africa 12 (nine in India) 800 million USD 5500 globally 75 countries 5
  • 6. Products SRF Manufactures CB Refrigerant Gases CMS Yarn Griege Fabric TTB EPB Dipped Fabric EP - Chips PFB Packaging FilmBelting Fabric Coated Fabric Fishnet Twine 6
  • 7. Diverse applicationsTTB CB PFB EPB Touching your lives every day 7
  • 8. Present in four countries Bhiwadi Pantnagar Kashipur Gwalior Dubai Dahej Thailand Indore Thailand TrichyBusinessTTB ManaliCB Port Elizabeth GummidipoondiPFBEPB 8
  • 9. Global Foot Prints for SRF Products Meeting requirements of customers in more than 75 countries 9
  • 10. SRF – Proud Winner of Deming Application Prize 10
  • 11. The Deming Challenge 11
  • 12. How TQM was chosen as SRF Management Way How TQM was chosen Negative forces Positive forces Economic reforms from 1991 Adverse union relationship • Import of tyrecord fabric • Possible closure • QC Circles born 1981 and ended 1987 Opportunity to become World class Exposure to Denso Low desire for change of Management way TQM programme for Top Management at JUSE • Any way we are making good profit TQM Way Chosen 12
  • 13. TQM Introduction: Early Phase: 1991-99JUSE Program – attended by TOP Management Decision to adopt TQM Creation of TQM Cell Communication from Chairman Design of TQM Frame Work TQM Education 5S Training and Introduction 13
  • 14. TQM Introduction: Momentum Phase: 2000-04 14 Elements of QualityQuality First Approach Modernization - Technology Breakthrough Equipment Design 5S, Kaizens People Development and QCC and PSP Involvement Maintenance Practices People Red Book Daily Management Strengthening System Policy Management Management Diagnosis 14
  • 15. TQM – The SRF Way , for Continual Improvements 15
  • 16. Continual Improvement Framework Cherokee WisdomDesign of TQM Frame Work Management Diagnosis Annual Planning Improvement Hierarchy Constant Training and Communication People Participation Initiatives – Internal People Participation Initiatives - External ARC- Acknowledgement , Recognition and Celebrations 16
  • 17. He who has a hundred miles to walk should reckon ninety as half the journey. Thank You
  • 18. Transformation Model SenseiMaster (Truth sayer) Guru Leap of Faith Cultural change ActionAwareness Attitude Theory-in-use — adapted from Don Wheeler 18
  • 19. Message from the thenVice-chairman Message from the then Vice-Chairman1992 It is vital that SRF builds up its strengths and becomes a world class company, able to compete with the world’s best. TQM is a means to that end. The road to Total Quality will be a long one, spanning many years. In fact, over the next nine months, we are simply going to prepare ourselves to introduce TQM. Arun Bharat Ram (Chairman and Managing Director) 19 19
  • 20. Constant Training and Communication 5S Training Kaizen Training Program Basic TQM Training Program Control Points Training ProgramAM Training Program PSP Training Program Training Action 20
  • 21. Progress of 5S Arrangement for all items Gangway Markings APC Training 5S Introduction – Mass Cleaning View of Stores Filing System Factory – Internal View5S – Coordinator’s training Factory External View 5S – Introduction of Trophies 5S Recognitions 21
  • 22. 14 Dimensions of Quality (Q3) (Q0) (Q1) (Q2) Sign off forUpstream QA Product Product Preparation for mass production mass planning development production (Q6) (Q7)Down stream (Q5) Physical Roll rating (Q8) Packing (Q4) QA (before Intermediate properties and logistics supply) Vendor items product (Q11) (Q12) (Q9) (Q10) Application Commercial (Q13) Down steam Service service Tyre Tyre Relationship(after supply) processability Performance 22
  • 23. Quality First Demonstrating Quality First: Investing in Technology & FacilitatesBefore Economic Reforms, Production came first Technology Before Now Yarn Conventional Spin draw Education Weaving Shuttle Shuttle less on Quality First Dipping Multiple , Slow Single, High Speed Power Elec Board Captive Power Plant Shed Uncontrolled AC Conditioning Flooring and Old Epoxy Flooring Roofing “We believe in the principles of Quality First and Market In…” 23
  • 24. Revolutionary Equipment DesignTwisting Machine Cabling Machine SADC Machine Convert 2-stage WACKY IDEA twisters uniquely to single stage Results Cost: 25% of 285 parts • Half the lead time, waste rate, power new twister converted cost, space, maintenance cost. • Double the productivity 24
  • 25. Problem Solving ProcessImpact of Improvement Gold Silver Blue (Officers & Supervisors) Blue (Workmen) Problem: Local Business Process Business Unit 25
  • 26. Autonomous Maintenance • Ownership of Machines People • Daily Cleaning, Lubrication, Abnormality Tagging and Minor Corrections • Knowledge on machine parts, operation, process and inspection Machine Machine cleaning and cleaning and Inspection Inspection 26
  • 27. People Red Book People Red BookDiagnosis and Surveys Preventive Action Months Corrective Action Correction Communication People Red Book System Work Related Treatment Related Admin Related Personal Problems People Related Issues 27
  • 28. Cherokee WisdomAccording to Cherokee tribal lore, there is an ancient formula for success :• Clear intention : You must know what your purpose is and persist in its pursuit.• Skillful means : You must have good methods and be skilled in their use.• Affirmation : Your task must have integrity, it must not clash with fundamental values, it needs support from the tribe and from your own heart. Clear intention Successful work Skillful means Affirmation - From Peter Scholtes 28
  • 29. TQM Triangle (Customer Focus) Quality Leadership 1. Mobilise everyone to create value for customers 2. Sense reality by being at the workplaceSystematic Improvement All one team (Process Focus) (People Focus) 29
  • 30. SRF TQM FRAMEWORK Our Own Unique TQM Framework • Integrates Principles, Methods, Systems and Tools • Integrates Productive Maintenance and Toyota Production System • The Way We Do Think and Do Things • The Way We Manage • The “Results” that we want to achieve“People satisfy customers efficiently.” 30
  • 31. Diagnosis - Five Stage Capability Model Vision Hardware Strategy Structure Software Human ware Business Results Customers Shareholders Employees Society 31
  • 32. Diagnosis - Five Stage Capability Model How Effective are systems Benchmarks are for set for the rest of the world MIT? Breakthrough improvement and upstream 4 management are Maintenance institutionalised and continuous improvement 3 are institutionalised Basic conditions 2 are establishedBasic conditions 1 A Happier Worldrequired arenot present 0 32
  • 33. Planning Process Vision Inputs from Strategic PlansInputs from Developments Diagnosis External Annual Planning Routine Plans + Breakthrough Plans Financials Communication of Plans at Various Levels Hierarchy of Reviews Achievement Measurement 33
  • 34. Improvement Hierarchy World Class R&D Facilities Business Process Re-Engineering, Transformation, Breakthrough System Level Technology Improvements PSP Silver, Gold, Process Level NPD Improvements QCC, PSP Blue, Sub-Process Level TPM Improvements Activity Level 5S,AM, Kaizens Improvements 34
  • 35. Constant Training and CommunicationSome of the key Topics:• TQM Basics• About Company , Products , Process, Customers , Suppliers• 5S, Kaizens, QCC, AM• PSP, Lean, TPM, DOE• Knowledge and Skill Improvements• Leadership, Team working 35
  • 36. Improvement Hierarchy Kaizen Week QCC Day AM Day DM Week 5S Week Plan 13-17th June 18-22nd July 17-21st Oct 14-18th Nov 23-27th JanActual 13-17th June 18-22nd July 17-21st Oct 36
  • 37. Glimpses of External Competitions • 80 external accolades during 2010-11 • Already 46 external accolades in H1 of 2011-12 37