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Identify 7 Wastes


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This presentation will help you identify waste in your environment. Reducing these wastes from your life will give you more time and freedom for more important things which matter to you in your life.

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Identify 7 Wastes

  1. 1. PEOPLE 7 Deadly Waste Motion Extra Processing Y Over-production Inventory Extra Processing Motion Rework (Defects) Waiting Transportation IT AL QU - Rework Waiting TYPES OF WASTE Inventory OverTransportation Production T IT Y UAN Q Add NO value - Only serve to raise costs Waste Exists In Every Process…Eliminate It
  2. 2. Waste 1  Over-Production Causes Working on the wrong priority work Producing more than the customer or next process needs Creating reports no one reads Effects Takes up floor / disk space Builds inventory not needed Hides other process problems (bad quality, poor delivery) Produce or order only what, when and in the quantity needed
  3. 3. Waste 2  Inventory Causes Populating hard disk with data Lots of inventory on shelves, racks and floors Effects Useless Emails in the Inbox Inventory Hides Problems Need extra resources to manage Difficulty in finding material Takes valuable space Losses due to damage Obsolescence Efficient use of inventory… Not Just-in-Case inventory
  4. 4. Inventory Hides Problems Less Inventory Exposes Problems
  5. 5. Waste 3  Extra Processing Causes Incomplete Information supplied Multiple ways of doing the same task Effects Creates Delay in Delivering Opportunity for more defects Eliminate Excess work Checking / Rechecking (NonStandardization)
  6. 6. Waste 4  Unnecessary Motion Causes Handling Paperwork Unnecessasry Movement of People Effects Wasted cycle time Before Adds cost After Extra Clicks or key strokes
  7. 7. Waste 5  Rework (Defects) Causes Unnecessary Changes in Decision Lack of Clarity on Requirement Effects Consumes resources in rework Create Delay in Delivery Discourage customer satisfaction Adds cost Escalated impact of initial defect if passed on to next process Reduce Defects Incomplete or incorrect inputs
  8. 8. Waste 6  Waiting Causes Waiting for people, information, etc Lack of Coordination Idle time due to lack of “Standard” operations Effects Causes bottlenecks Adds to cycle time Slows response to customer Increases work in progress When Inventory Waits, Customer Waits
  9. 9. Waste 7  Transportation Causes Taking files to another person Excessive Emails Effects Adds cost Adds to cycle time Consumes valuable resources Movement of things
  10. 10. Waiting Searching Correcting Reworking Re-Checking Waiting Time Spent Waste = 80 % Time Spent Value = 20 %
  11. 11. Value vs. Waste