AGM final presentation


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AGM final presentation

  1. 1. AIESEC Bangalore
  2. 2. LC VisionAIESEC in Bangalore strives to be the First Choice Partner to empower the youth to deliver positive change.
  3. 3. EB OS
  4. 4. LC Focus Areas• Delivering High Quality Integrated Experiences• Building Internal and External Relevance• Evolving TMP/TLP
  5. 5. iGIP Vision: To be come the leader in providing high quality holistic international HR services.
  6. 6. Projects undertaken Q1: Q2: •Sales Development: •World Cover: 1. Sales training 1. Matching Mania (X2) 2. Training module prepared with 2. LC Partnerships: Long & Short help of TM Term • Raise Craze: • Cram HR: 1. Reintegrate majority of old 1. Market research and clients segmentation for Q3 to target 2. Usage of Sales training for raising right markets. • Showcase Happyface: 1. Usage of IM for making video/case study database of ALL interns and their experiences.
  7. 7. Q3: Q4:•Sales Development •Pipeline management: 1. Clients•Raise Craze 2.0 for Q4 2. Alumnimatching 3. Membership 4. FinancesPartnership Upscaling: •Effective client transition.1. Conversion to MDP and NEP after peak delivery in Q2. •Delivery Management:•Delivery Management: 1. OS implementation with Qual1. OS implementation with Qual Del team. Del team.2. Receptions Coordinator in place by end 2. Receptions Coordinator in place of Q4 also by end of Q4 also
  8. 8. RMR Targets for each quarter Corporate: Education: (Present – March 31st ) Q1: 25-15-4 Q1: 48:20:13 Q2: 15-20-20 Q2: 38:47:32 Q3: 10-12-16 Q3: 37:28:33 Q4: 12-9-5 Q4: 35:39:27Total : 160:134:105 Total : 62:56:45 Total : 222:190:150 Pipeline – 28 matches
  9. 9. Alumni Raises: 69Alumni matches: 48Alumni Realizations:40
  10. 10. Focus Areas CorporateFocus Areas Strategies1. Alumni Delivery 1.OS Implementation with TL Alumni Delivery 2. Alumni raising strategy 3. Collaboration with BD2. Implementation of LNs 1. Setting up MDPs through effective CRM 2. Ensuring quality delivery OS Implementation.3. Sales & External Collaboration 1. Sales development and training. 2. Supply based raising 3. External collaboration after Q2presence at external forums Relevance
  11. 11. Focus Areas EducationFocus Areas Strategies1. Learning Networks • LN Education to stakeholders • Education Support Group2. Market Penetration • ET Events • LEAD in Schools • Endorsements3. Quality • EP expectation setting and Integration • Standardised Job Roles • GLE Implementation4. Internal Promotion • Synergy with IM • Matching Mania • Partnerships5. Right Raising • S&D Management • Sales Development
  12. 12. Organizational Structure TL Alumni Delivery (4-6 members) Pantheon TL Clients Manager (3-4) TL Clients Manager (3-4) TL Quality & Delivery (4-6)
  13. 13. Abhijith PKTL Clients Manager TL Alumni Delivery TL Clients Manager (3-5members) (3-5 members) (3-5 members) Quality and Exp Delivery team (this team will have members from the above 3 teams working together .)
  14. 14. OS: Education Siddharth TL( lang TL(schools) TL(schools) inst) 4-5 4-5 Quality 3-4 Members members Manager Members
  15. 15. THE CHANGEMAKERS VISION: To positively impact the society through the highly integrated experiences we deliver, being the first choice partners for our current and future stakeholders and being the global youth voice.
  16. 16. Projects undertakenQ1: Project Footprints + Project ConserveQ2: Project Footprints + Project Conserve + Project GenesisQ3: Project Footprints + Project Conserve + Project Women EmpowermentQ4: Project Footprints + Project Conserve + Project Genesis + Project WomenEmpowerment
  17. 17. Targets for each quarterPROJECT FOOTPRINTS PROJECT GENESISQ1: 93-15-3 Q2: 25-12-10Q2: 55-60-37 Q4: 30-16-13Q3: 45-25-47 PIPELINE: 0 MatchesQ4: 25-50-23PIPELINE: 35 Matches AD HOC 10-6-5PROJECT WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PIPELINE: 0 MatchesQ1: 0-0-0Q2: 0-0-0Q3: 20-0-0Q4: 10-22-13PIPELINE: 9 MatchesPROJECT CONSERVEQ1: 70-5-0Q2: 30-57-27Q3: 25-10-30Q4: 30-38-20PIPELINE: 20 Matches
  18. 18. Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY  National and Regional Projects  Charging TN fee  CSR Solutions  University Relations2. DELIVERING QUALITY EXPERIENCES FOR  NPS Education for EP’s, membersALL STAKEHOLDERS and Clients.  Interns on TMP/TLP  JD Evolution  Expectation Settings  Implementation of GLE3. INCREASING INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL  Increasing visibility in the marketRELEVANCE  Using Nationalized Projects to build relevance  Intern experiences driving internal relevance Formation of a Local support group
  19. 19. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE :PROJECT FOOTPRINTS VPTL Footprints TL Footprints TL Footprints TL Footprints EXPERIENCES-SALES-Raising SALES-Raising SALES-MTF (5 GLE (5 (5 members) (5 members) members) members)
  21. 21. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE : PROJECTCONSERVE + PROJECT GENESIS + ADHOC VP Delivery TL (Project TL (Project team Head) Head) Member Member Member Member Member Member (Raising) (Raising) (Matching) (Raising) (Raising) (Matching)
  22. 22. The Pentagons Vision: To deliver high quality experience to all stakeholders.
  23. 23. Projects undertaken Q1: SDP, ICX project Q2: IR, NPS, ICX Project Q3: IM to drive growth(showcasing etc), Training, ICX project. Q4: NPS, Pipeline management, ICX Project.
  24. 24. Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. Quality Delivery 1) NPS for Evolution 2) Right raising ( Projects, sub products) 3) OS evolution for Quality2. IR 1) S&D analysis driving IR 2) Long and short term partnerships 3) National Help ( discover India, MC-MC partnerships)3. Training and Tracking 1) Skill based training 2) Tracking Of all key projects of the quarter 3) Weekly tracking of Operations.
  25. 25. Organizational Structure Director ICXQuality Manager IR manager
  26. 26. Questions
  28. 28. Vision: To be the medium to facilitatepersonal and professionaldevelopment for the students andrecent graduates to create thechange agents of tomorrow. Shreyas MR
  29. 29. Projects undertakenQ1: Fashion, March Summer Education & Technical (IT)Q2: FashionQ3: July Summer EducationQ4: Winter Education & Technical (IT)
  30. 30. Targets for each quarterQuarter Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4Raise 19 8 14 9Match 6 13 8 8Realization 1 17 5 7 R-M-R: 50-35-30
  31. 31. Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. Sub-Product – IT & ET  Selective Raising  University Relations  S & D Management2. Internal and External Marketing  Internal  Showcasing Impact  Creating a brand for EP supply  External  Market specific online promotions  Building & improving market specific external presence3. Conversion + Delivery  International Relations  Product Packaging  Reverse Matching and M-R-R  LC-LC Partnerships  Education to Membership  EP Engagement
  32. 32. Organizational Structure Vice President oGIP Team Leader Team Leader Team Leader Global ManagementGlobal IT Program Global ET Program Program/Alumni Relations EP Manager 1 EP Manager 1 EP Manager Alumni EP Manager 2 EP Manager 2 Manager Sales Manager Sales Manager Sales Manager
  33. 33. Global EntrepreneursProgram
  34. 34. oGCDP Vision: To deliver high quality experience to all its stakeholders. Akanksha Singh
  35. 35. Projects undertaken Q1: Christ University Q2: BMSCE And Dayanandasagar Q3: Christ University,NLSIU Q4: Adhoc and Pipeline
  36. 36. TargetsFeb : 30,5,0March : 20,22,0April : 5,18,27May : 0,4,0June : 0,0,13July : 0,0,9Total : 55,49,49
  37. 37. Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. University Relations 1) Top down approach 2) Bottom up approach 3) Presence in events2. Delivery and Preparation 1) XP and Delivery Task force 2) EP engagement 3) Cultural preparation3. iXP and Team Management 1) EP Integration 2) GLP 3) Implementation of HR planning
  38. 38. Organizational Structure Vice PresidentXp & Delivery Task Force TL Adhoc TL UR TL IR
  39. 39. Vision: To be visible and relevant in all thepresent colleges and to deliver high qualityimpactful experiences. Bhavini Choubey
  40. 40. Projects undertaken Q1: SJAS,CMS, Jain University Q2:RVCE, New Horizon Q3: Adhoc Q4:Adhoc / Expansions going to pipeline
  41. 41. TargetsFebruary: 10-5-0March: 15-15-0April: 15-15-10May- 0-5-5June: 0-0-25Nov: 5-5-0Dec: 5-5-0R-M-R: 50-50-40
  42. 42. Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. University Relations • Campus Ambassadors • Events in partnership of organizations in college •Bottom up approach for one and Top Down approach for another.2. Off peak • Creating a off peak winter cycle. • Extensive events post July engaging returned EP’s.3. Delivery • Process implementation for delivery. •EP engagement.4. Expansion •Establishing Mysore as an OGX entity. •Campus Ambassadors via ORS.
  43. 43. Organizational Structure VP OGX TL UR TL IR 2 +1 (delivery) 4 members members
  44. 44. Deliver quality experiences and to beknow in our market for providing life changing experiences. Rishuta Karthikeya
  45. 45. Projects Undertaken Q1: MCC and M.S Ramiah college of management Q2: MSRIT, Dr. Ambedkar, PESIT Q3 & Q4: Off Peak ADHOC
  46. 46. TargetsFeb: 15-5-0March: 30-15-0April: 0-15-20May: 0-10-0June: 0-0-25Oct: 5-0-0Nov: 0-5-0 R-M-R: 50-50-50
  47. 47. Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. University Relations Campus Ambassador.  Standard Point of contact.  Events/ Fests in college.2. Off Peak Social media Campaign Synergy with ET to tap schools to have leadership seminars  Career fairs and Career counseling institutions3. Customization & Delivery  Product Packaging or Customization  EP Engagement Plan Cultural preparation  Parents night
  48. 48. Vice President Campus Ambassador 3 members TL InternationalTL UR/ AdhocDelivery Relations Campus 2 members Ambassador 3 members 3 members Organizational Structure
  49. 49. Director OGX
  50. 50. Projects undertaken Q1:University Relations, Product Development Q2:UR,International Relations, Delivery Modules Q3:University Relations & Showcasing Impact Q4:International Relations, Delivery & Sustainability
  51. 51. Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. University Relations Top down Approach Bottom Up approach Expanding the Avenues of Engagement2. Delivery Quality NPS IR3. Product Development Market Customization R&D Sub Product Development
  52. 52. Organizational Structure DirectoroGIP oGCDP oGCDP oGCDP
  53. 53. Total Number of ExperiencesDeliveredoGIP-34 ExperiencesoGCDP-230 Experiences
  54. 54. Questions
  55. 55. Talent Management: Vision To deliver high quality TMP/TLP experiences,driving GIP and GCDP by building Talent Capacity
  56. 56. TM: Projects Undertaken• Q1: Recruitment, TM Cell training, EB Training, Learning Hub, OS JD Definition and Guides, oGCDP delivery through Talent Capacity• Q2: Self Tracking System, Talent Support Group, iGCDP Sales and Delivery boosting, Scaling expansions• Q3: Recruitment, MB specialized skills training,• Q4: HR pipeline, Campus Ambassador setup for Q1 Recruitment
  57. 57. TM: Quarter-wise Targets• Q1: TMP: 350 TLP:50• Q2: TMP: 350 TLP: 80• Q3: TMP: 250 TLP: 80• Q4: TMP: 260 TLP: 90
  58. 58. TM: Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. OS Maintenance Self-tracking Scaling up IXPs Recruitment • Skill Based Optimization • External Partner2. Experience Management Skill based experience tracking Member Profiling Training Modules for specific skill sets Feedback Systems and Implementation of NPS3. TM Processes TM Process Standardization` • TM Cell JD Definition • EB Training Effective Tracking and Implementation methods
  59. 59. TM: Organizational Structure System tracking, admin and management TMP TLP Manager Implementation of Growth drivers VP TM LEAD, training and education Talent Manager Development Manager Skill based tracking
  60. 60. Information Management: Vision The Manhattan Project To position and develop IM and internalcommunication as a support tool to increase the LC productivity and operational growth
  61. 61. IM: Projects UndertakenQ1:“IM Sorted” campaign,Local Musketeers Team“Podio Campaign Q3 and Q4Be a global Leader Campaign AIESEC Bangalore Documentary ( ICX)Knowledge Hub Winternships ( Synergy with OGX) Project TransitionQ2:CRM DrivePodio and IM sorted campaignProject Kochi
  62. 62. IM: Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. IM Culture • “IM Sorted” Campaign, Podio Power campaign •Internal Communication Plan •IM Coordinators2. Knowledge Management •Documentation and accessibility( wikis, Files , Dropbox, podio,) •Standard Operating Procedures •Outputs •Project and event reports •Local Musketeers Team •Newsletters3 Process Optimization •Analysis of Data and interpretation •Podio Implementation •Monthly synergy with departments •Business Intelligence report
  63. 63. IM: Organizational Structure VP IM IM Coordinators IM Manager OGX ICX X- Support Design Team
  64. 64. Marketing: Vision To engage the youth in Bangalore bymaking AIESEC externally relevant and make the sales process easier.
  65. 65. Marketing: Projects UndertakenQ1: Q3:Recruitment Social Media weekPartnership Drive RecruitmentSocial Media week On-ground promotional strategyQ2: Q4:Brand Education Showcasing Impact Relive the yearBrand positioning in the external market Brand EducationNeed for leadership- Social Media
  66. 66. Marketing: Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. Youth Engagement & OGX • Showcasing Experiences • Building conversations on relevant topics • Country wise Promotion2. Partnerships & External Collaboration • Media Partnerships • External Event Collaborations • Stall Spaces in Fests, Career Forums, etc3. Social Media Presence • Mass Outreach Campaigns • Partnerships for the right outreach • Using New Social Media Channels- Pinterest , LinkedIn, etc.4. Brand Education to the LC • Brand Guidelines • Better Understanding and Simplifying AIESEC to the LC • Brand Experience Knowledge • GTCM Knowledge
  67. 67. Marketing: Organizational Structure VP-Marketing & PR Social Media Manager Team Designing Team Youth Team & Content Engagement Partnerships Management
  68. 68. Expansions: VisionTo be an enabler for AIESEC Opportunities and to make AIESEC more Sustainable in Kochi and Hubli.
  69. 69. KOCHI-Targets (Till JNC)Programme Target Achieved R M R R M RoGCDP 20 15 10iGIP 25 15 12 14 1 0oGIP 10 5 3iGCDP 15 12 10TMP 70 65 60TLP 25 20 20
  70. 70. HUBLI-TargetsProgramme Target Achieved R M R R M RoGCDP 20 15 12 2iGIP 0 0 0oGIP 5 3 2iGCDP 25 20 15TMP 60 55 50TLP 30 25 20
  71. 71. Focus Areas
  72. 72. KOCHI
  73. 73. Month Focus Area Key InitiativesJanuary Capacity & Culture Training(Induction) Building LCC Selection Feasibility ReportFebruary Membership Training(Operations /SOP’s& Policies) Development & Lcong Training Social Media Campaign TM SurveyMarch OGX Programs Recruitment(IS +UR+Hangout Partners) and Recruitment RYLC & Induction Promotion of GLP and GEP (UR/IS) Global Leaders Campaign Knowledge &IM Allocation of MB & Tracking Tools Hub Technical Internship Fair(Fests)[oGIP] Global Village OS Evolution Campus Ambassador Programs ICX Training Mentorship Communication Channels & Tracking Tools(Virtual Spaces & engagement)
  74. 74. HubliApril OS Evolution EVENTS Brand (GV, iGCDP Projects) Management LEAD LC Day Revenue Streams Leadership Body Selection & Partnerships Delivery BoA Sales CULTUREMay Leadership EPIC Development Team Days Delivery External LEAD Collaboration Support Group ,BoA) Scaling iGIP (Corporate BrandJune Quality & Projects LC Day Trainee Induction Workshops Youth Empowerment Programs
  75. 75. HUBLI
  76. 76. HUBLIMonth Focus Area Key InitiativesJanuary Feasibility Training(Induction) Report Appoint LCCFebraury Capacity Training (OGX Program SOP’s) Building & Lcong Training OGX Promotions (LEAD & IS)March OGX Programs TM Survey & Recruitment Recruitment (LEAD Programs/Returned EP’s)) Global Village Talent Capacity CAP Building Social Media Campaign RYLC & Induction IM &Knowledge Tracking Tools & Virtual Engagement Hub LEAD Mentorship
  77. 77. Hubli April TMP-TLP Driving EP Intergration OGX LC Day EVENTS Brand (iGCDP Project (Social Brand)) Management Media Partnerships YE Sessions Revenue Streams & External Collaboration May Leadership EPIC Development Team Days Delivery LEAD Office Culture June Quality & Projects LC Day Trainee Induction Workshops Youth Empowerment Programs
  78. 78. Organizational Structure VP Expansions LCC-Kochi LCC-Hubli TMP-TLP OGX Manager Manager
  79. 79. BD: VisionTo Develop Business in all 4 of the Experiential Development Programs thereby creatingRelevance and creating a sustainable source of Revenue
  80. 80. BD: Projects Undertaken• Q1: Y2B, GV, Edge, LCong, AFT’s• Q2: Alumni Event, CSR Projects, LCong, AFT’s• Q3:LCong, Recruitment, AFT’s• Q4:Y2B, ASD, LCong, AFT’s
  81. 81. BD: Quarter-wise Targets• Q1: 2,99,000• Q2: 2,53,000• Q3: 3,65,000• Q4: 3,85,000
  82. 82. BD: Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. NEP Driving GIP • Converting Old GIPi clients to NEP-40 Raises • Pilot LC • OS Implementation2. BOA Implementation • Using Key Board members to add board members • BOA members are contracted for 2 years • Adding Board members that contribute to X directly • External Help managing Board3. Alumni Engagement • 69 GIPi Raising GIPI • 5 GIPo going on Internships • Alumni first Thursdays • 2 Alumni Events • Mentorship with EB • Alumni Support Group • Corpus Fund4. Programmes sales for • Youth Outreach/Youth Empowerment(CampusGCDP Ambassadors) • National Projects • Social Support Group • OS Implementation
  83. 83. BD: Organizational Structure VPSHM PROJECTS NEP ARM SALES
  84. 84. Finance: VisionTo Make Every department financially profitableand thereby cotribute to ELD and Quality.
  85. 85. Finance: Projects UndertakenQ1 Q2.Infrastructure investment Investment Into Exchange Peaks- Venue investment - Matching Mania- Office capitalization - Office Nights - Work DaysPerformance Investment- Rewards Financial Education- Incentives - External Finance Session- RnR Campaign’s - Department specific Policy EducationInvestment Into Exchange Peaks - Effective tracking mechanisms- Sales Training- Local/regional epic’s Project Delivery - Department specific TrainingFinancial Education on delivery- Policy over communication - Intern Kits- Financial Review Mechanisms - Intern days
  86. 86. Finance: Projects UndertakenQ3Project Delivery Q4.- Department specific Training on Project delivery delivery - Training- Intern Kits - Intern Kits- Intern days - Intern DaysPerformance Investment Financial Education- Conference Subsidy - Department Specific Review- Rewards Mechanisms- Induction Lcong - Financial Leader Session- Sales session
  87. 87. Finance: Focus AreasFocus Areas Strategies1. GCDP I Financially profitable  Tracking TN fee investment   Contracts2. Concentration on Focus Programs for profitability  Effective Tracking and Book Keeping(GIPi GCDPo)  Accountability Systems  Periodical Review Mechanism  Performance Based investment Percentage3. Rebuilding LC financial structure  Target: 5L FD and 2L in bank account at the end of the year.  Each program being financially profitable.  Quarter review of finances from external/board for foresight and long term advice.  SOPs for investment  Corpus fund creation to help sustainability.
  88. 88. Finance: Organizational Structure VP TL ICX TL OGXFC (Dual FC FC FC FC FC Fc FC Role)
  89. 89. Executive Body 2013-14 La Familia