Anyone can be a ux designer: Not everyone IS one.
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Anyone can be a ux designer: Not everyone IS one.



This talk was given at The Junction ( a coworking space organized by Genesis Partners ( a Venture Capital organization in Israel. ...

This talk was given at The Junction ( a coworking space organized by Genesis Partners ( a Venture Capital organization in Israel.

The premise of the talk is to explain that anyone can be a UX designer but it means taking on A LOT of work!



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Anyone can be a ux designer: Not everyone IS one. Anyone can be a ux designer: Not everyone IS one. Presentation Transcript

  • Anyone can be a UXDesignerNot everyone is one
  • Who am I?Definitely a philosopherPossibly a designerSometimes aconsultantSometimes a teacherAlways a studentLover of observing
  • Educator vs.ConsultantIn this conversationI’m at a slightadvantage
  • What isdesign?More importantly,what is a designer?
  • This is
  • This isn’t,but it definitely is. It’sjust not usefuldesign & that’s all thatmatters.
  • 3 meanings of designOutcomeProcessPhilosophy Critical language (i.e. minimalism) Fashion/Style vs. Utility Form over function
  • Outcome = ExecutionCraftMessageAestheticsFunctionCriticism
  • Execution in ALL facetsForm, GUI, Message, Service
  • PhilosophyBauhaus
  • For thepeople!“99% of everything isbad”
  • By thenumbersData-driven design:A-B testing tells all?
  • ProcessEveryone has one whether they know it or not.
  • DesignprocessMost look like this
  • Mine is more like this Experience Experiment ExperienceEvaluate Evaluate Experiment Execute Execute
  • Or ... Envision Deconstruct Construct Do all 3 all the time
  • how do youmeasureOr how do youunderstand value?
  • ExperienceKnowing what youdon’t know is wisdom
  • WorkEnvironmentWhere do you work?
  • Is this yourdesk?Your employees?
  • BloombergTop financialinformation service inthe world … cubeless
  • Bouncing people ...… leads to bouncing ideas
  • Designer’s templeBumpingInterruptingPlayfulInspiringNo OwnershipFluid leadershipCriticism ---->
  • TheDesigner’sSoulSketching is the soulof designing
  • What is a sketch?prototype?Sketch PrototypeInvitation AttendanceSuggestion DescriptionQuestion AnswerPropose TestDestructive Constructive
  • Criticism Grounds us to the past Guides our future Supplies a foundation
  • The Critique In a group setting All involved Positive tones, not always positive criticism The truth
  • What design isn’t? Art anti-business fashion or style bitter ego-centric
  • What is UX?Happy People SpendMore Money
  • AppleCan you be likeSteve?(I don’t think so, but let’s see.)
  • Why apple?$5,700 Powerbook =$330,000+ (1997)$300 iPod = $11,000+(2003)NY Times: April 27, 2010
  • Anyone canbe a ...CookArtistDesignerWhatever
  • But did hemeanThis guy?
  • or THIS guy!
  • Whatabout ...
  • Warning!!!!This takes time
  • ObserveAnd relate whatyou’ve seen
  • Why do we observe?LearnGain insightEmpathyValidation
  • Do it together To relate To align To empower To engage To share the experience
  • Participate To learn To feel
  • Measure (Data)EasySpeaks YOURlanguageRequires a baselineLeads to consistencyover innovation
  • What did you see: Model It! Abstract it out Reference Analysis Making leads to new ideas Communication
  • Testing/Validation Prioritize Recruit Facilitate Listen Record Analyze Fix!
  • Process inyour pocket“Design in the DigitalAge” - Kim Goodwin
  • Experience prototypesNothing like the real thing, but when you can’t ...
  • Using comics
  • Build it
  • Over yourhead?Signs you need to gethelp.
  • How do you knowyou need help?ScaleEnterpriseBroad appeal
  • Can I justhire a visualdesigner?Sure!If you’re an idiot.
  • But Great Visual Designdoes do great things
  • Can’t put it at the endVisual Design is an integral part of thefunction of your system.
  • What aboutGoogle &Craigslist?Luck & SimplicityThe content IS theinterface.
  • Take MySpaceComplex Social Interaction Design w/o soliddesign leads to failure.
  • Mint.comUX team was part of initial investment but moreimportantly part of initial culture.
  • ZapposHappy People lead toHappy Feet
  • AppleI dare you
  • Deep commitment to designID through IxDDesigners early onMacOS
  • iPod happened because...CEO Vision (based onexperience)Holistic Design &EngineeringLegal & marketing tiedto DesignProduct as channelService Design - iTunes
  • From iPod to iPhone“I love it when a plan comes together.” -Hannibal, The A-Team
  • “the LeanStartup”Yes, startups haverealities.
  • It’s about the cultureNot only about the roles
  • There is always this optionResistance is futile ...
  • Adaptive UX Envision Build Learn Experience LivingKnowledge
  • Can we do it?If we respect all therole and the valuethat they can bring,then, “Yes we can!”
  • Let’s talk about it.Build it … and they will come.
  • Thank youYou can find me here:@daveixd