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Refresh Savannah, People


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Published in: Design
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Refresh Savannah, People

  1. 1. People Ya got nothin' without them
  2. 2. Great companies have People in their DNA Mickey’s 10 commandments 1. Know your audience 6. Avoid overload & create turn-ons 2. Walk in your guests shows 3. Peabody the flow of people & 7. Tell ONE story at a spaces time. 4. Create a visual magnet (“Weenie”) 8. Avoid 5. Communicate w/ visual contradictions & literacy maintain identity
  3. 3. Why learn about People? Likes Dislikes Feasability FIT CHANGE
  4. 4. How don we learn about people? Collect Ask Listen OBSERVE PLAY
  5. 5. Jump in with both feet
  6. 6. How do we Observe IN CONTEXT Passively Actively Doing
  7. 7. Be a student They are the expert You are the student Only ask to clarify Ideally practice the craft of your subject
  8. 8. The Rosetta Stone Design is interpretation Design is conversation Design is language
  9. 9. What about you? Watch your customers/users In context In person Remotely Asynchonously Ask questions Analyze data
  10. 10. Learn people Perception Cognition Human Factors Sociology Game Theory
  11. 11. Arm Yourself Contextual Design Observing the User Interface item/human-centered-design- toolkit/
  12. 12. David Malouf @daveixd Http://