The Craft of Observation

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The Craft of

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Y’all create these, right?
But you work for these!
Rage against the machine ...
Put up your dukes
It’s everyone’s responsibility
Including you
But what can you do?
Your sensitive side
"In the last six weeks, have
  your team members spent
  at least two hours
  watching people experience
  your product or service?"
  - Jared Spool

“Observe customers!”
And so we just look at people, right?
Holmes was brilliant, but also methodical.
Forest for the trees
Examples of craft:
Eames Lounge Chair
Examples of craft:
Mosaic on Dome of Rock
Examples of craft:
Vacheron Constantin Watch
Examples of craft:
Joffrey Ballet
Examples of craft:
Jimmy Hendrix
Examples of craft:
Patrick Stewart in “The Tempest”
Examples of craft:
Examples of craft:
Skills of Ethnography
Skills of Ethnography
Skills of Ethnography
Pattern Recognition
Skills of Ethnography
Self Awareness
Getting to Carnegie Hall?
The camera’s POV
Long Shot
Mid Shot
Close up
Yes, please remember the
 latin as there will be a quiz at
 the end of the presentation.

cognition & metaphor
triggers & activities
influence & power
goals & motivations
Make it your life
special equipment
New bikes
specially equipped
The Craft of Observation
The Craft of Observation
The Craft of Observation
new insight
Back to CPH
new equipment
The Craft of Observation
The Craft of Observation
Helmets & Rules
bike shares
New York City
Back home

 Not really home, but I
 couldn’t find a picture of
 Savannah buses on Google
 Images (or Bing).
Thinking cap
And you?
Find a topic
Not your passion
That pushes you outside yourself
That is human and visual
Experience it
Visualize it
Go exploring
Keep your brain sharp
eagle eyes
puzzle solver
Dave Malouf
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Dave Malouf Design
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The Craft of Observation