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Design Thinking Workshop - By the people for the people


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This workshop had 5 main goals:
1) Overview about design thinking
2) Understand a bit about how our mind works through the 30 circles exercise
3) Work deep on the problem definition
4) Brainstorming through using Disney Method to stimulate the creative side of the mind
5) Prototype something tangible

Published in: Design
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Design Thinking Workshop - By the people for the people

  1. design thinking by the people for the people Rafael Daron @rafaeldaron
  2. #ux #ui #designthinking #servicedesign
  3. about me - Master in Service Design, Politecnico di Milano, IT - Specialist in Interaction Design, Faber Ludens, BR - Bachelor in Information System, UNISEP, BR ! - UX & Service Designer at Beta-i, Lisbon, PT - UX & Service Designer at MediaEngine, Milan, IT - Interaction Designer at C.E.S.A.R., Sorocaba, BR - User Experience at CISS, Dois Vizinhos, BR - Professor at UNISEP, Dois Vizinhos, BR
  4. The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. " Marcel Proust
  5. design thinking - a process
  7. design thinking - a mindset
  8. design thinking a new approach to problem finding #empathy #observation #curiosity ! a dynamic approach to problem solving #prototype #fail #learn ! a new perspective on value creation #human-centeredProcess #needs
  9. let’s do an exercise?
  10. 30 circles
  11. 30 circles objective ! turn the circles into something
  12. 30 circles 3 minutes
  13. 30 circles
  14. 30 circles Start!
  15. 30 circles Stop!
  16. challenges did you stuck at some point? ! what did you feel during that moment? ! did you have an unstuck moment?
  17. think out of the "box" - schemas
  18. let’s do again?
  19. 30 circles
  20. 30 circles objective ! turn the circles into something, based in the experience you had
  21. 30 circles 3 minutes
  22. 30 circles Start!
  23. 30 circles Stop!
  24. challenges how it went this time? ! what went different?
  25. 30 circles creates the "getting stuck" feeling ! explores how “unstuck" happens and how it feels ! triggers our conceptual “box" and demonstrates how our brain utilizes schemas ! demonstrates how we make up boundary conditions ! demonstrates how perceived boundary conditions affect outcomes
  26. design thinking process
  27. case: conecta “design a product or service useful for senior people - over 50 years old“ what to do? | how to do?
  28. understanding
  29. understanding
  30. ideation
  31. prototyping
  32. prototyping
  33. prototyping
  34. prototyping
  35. prototyping
  36. team building 8 groups
  37. problem areas healthcare education economy environment housing people mobility cities
  38. choose problem in the area 7 minutes
  39. design thinking process
  40. empathy
  41. primary research ! secondary (desk) research
  42. define
  43. problem definition
  44. problem definition
  45. ideate
  46. disney method
  47. be dreamer This stage was for fantasizing. Creating the most fantastic and absurd ideas as possible. No filter. Just wonderful, raw ideas. This stage was about “why not?”
  48. be realistic As the Realist, the Dreamer ideas would be re-examined, and re-worked into something more practical. It wasn’t about the reasons it could not be achieved, but only about it could be done. This stage is about “how?”
  49. be spoiler The third stage he would become the critic… shooting holes in the ideas he had come up with.
  50. prototype
  51. test
  52. my 10 seconds pitch
  53. #keywords
  54. thank you! Rafael Daron @rafaeldaron