Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 7


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A winner is chosen but is there a happy ending?

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Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 7

  1. 1. Day 7…the final conclusion. Who will win? Who goes home? What you wanted more? Well…just read the chapter.
  2. 2. Day 7: Three flirts before noon. Then the one who comes up short goes home. Aphrodite: I changed into my formal wear for this special day. Loki: It suits you, conservative yet still pretty. Aphrodite: Thank you. You look so…hot…in that tux.
  3. 3. Loki: Goose again? Aphrodite: I like the goose. Loki: I will admit, I’m beginning to like it too.
  4. 4. One serenade later, we have red hearts!! Loki: I think…I think I love you. Aphrodite: I love you too!! I was waiting for this moment.
  5. 5. Ella: Ah, I love the caress… Loki: So do I, it seems most like me. Ella: You’re shy, so it’s to be expected from you. Loki: Yeah, it does.
  6. 6. Ella: Goose!! Loki: Goose. Two flirts. This is good.
  7. 7. Serenade, and then we have Love-Love hearts on both sides now. Loki: Oh so conflicted… Ella: About what? Loki: I love both of you, how am I supposed to choose between you? Ella: You have to, unfortunately.
  8. 8. Ella: So it’s come to this, one of us is going home. Aphrodite: Yeah…one of us. Loki: Oh…I don’t want to choose between you two! Unfortunately, you have to.
  9. 9. Aphrodite: We both love Loki. Ella: But one of us loves him just a bit more. Loki: I know…but today I have to send one of you home.
  10. 10. Loki: I’m so sorry Ella, but today I have to say good-bye to you. Ella: I know, I’m sad but it had to happen. I still love you. Loki: And I will still love you.
  11. 11. Day 7 Ending Stats: Aphrodite: 180, Love, Two Bolts Ella: 171, Love, Two Bolts. Ella lost by nine points this time, which is the largest gap I’ve ever had between the Top Two in the BC’s I’ve played.
  12. 12. The winner is Aphrodite and now it’s time to break out the champagne. Aphrodite maintained her lead and this time it paid off for her, she won. Let’s see how the happy couple is celebrating the victory.
  13. 13. *chink* Loki: So, you won. Aphrodite: I did, I said I wasn’t settling for second place this time. Loki: I’m glad it’s finally over.
  14. 14. Aphrodite: So now we get to celebrate in another way…if you catch my drift. Loki: Oh, OH!! *blushes* I-I haven’t done…that. Aphrodite: Neither have I, it’s okay.
  15. 15. Loki: How about a dance instead? Aphrodite: Dancing is nice. Aww. Cute. ^_^
  16. 16. Let’s leave them to dance and go visit Ella.
  17. 17. Cupid: Ella, there you are. It’s late I was wondering where you went. Ella: I went for a walk, thinking…what could I have done better to win Loki? Cupid: Don’t feel bad, you made it to the Final Two, that’s quite an accomplishment. Ella: Doesn’t feel like it.
  18. 18. Cupid: Love is hard sometimes, believe me I know. Ella: I’m sure you would know best of all. Loki said you were a god or something. Cupid: Yes, I’m the Greek God of Love. So the others are inside, do you want to go inside and get out of the chilly air to see them?
  19. 19. Ella: That would be nice. Have the others decided what they want to do? Cupid: They all chose to become Townies. Ella: Ah, I see. I think I will too. Cupid: You don’t sound so sure about that.
  20. 20. Ella: I am. I can forget about Loki if I’m a Townie. Cupid: I see, I guess everyone deals with things differently. Ella: Yeah, but I’ll go say hi to the girls first. Cupid: Good idea, I think they are all waiting to see who comes in through that door.
  21. 21. The next morning… Gabriel: Ahh, this is the life. I have my peace and quiet again. No more crying girls, no more fruity feathered freaks…just peace and quiet. *Edvard Grieg’s Morning begins playing*
  22. 22. Gabriel: Fishing, fishing, fishing peacefully. *whistles* Oi…you. Gabriel: Can’t hear you annoying Voice, only the peaceful quietness…*whistles louder* OI!!
  23. 23. Gabriel: Fishing, fishing, fishing the day away… SOMETHING IS UP!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!! Gabriel: Oh fine, what? Cupid went to see Aphrodite this morning, she sounded upset.
  24. 24. Gabriel: Hey alright!! Bass!! Don’t make me take that rod and shove it up your a— Gabriel: Oh fine, what’s her problem? He can’t perform in bed? Not my problem. Perv. No, it’s something else…
  25. 25. Cupid: What’s wrong? You sounded distraught. Aphrodite: It’s—it’s Loki…he’s-he’s… *sobs* Cupid: Calm down, tell me what’s wrong, where’s Loki? Aphrodite: *sniffs* He said he wanted to go to the bathroom last night but he…he didn’t come back!! HE’S GONE!!
  26. 26. Cupid: Wait, what do you mean he’s gone? Aphrodite: I mean he’s GONE!! No where in the house, not in the yard, or with his parents, he’s GONE!! We never, we never even got to celebrate properly. Cupid: Were there any clues? Did you see or hear anything? Aphrodite: Well…
  27. 27. Aphrodite: I heard voices in the bathroom, I didn’t recognize them…then there was this light… Cupid: What kind of light? Aphrodite: A bright one, it was kinda bluish… Cupid: Strange.
  28. 28. Aphrodite: Do you think that’s important? Cupid: It could be, we gods have the ability to teleport and it does sometimes have a light. Aphrodite: So you think a god took him? Cupid: As far as I know I’m the only one here and I didn’t teleport anyone.
  29. 29. Aphrodite: So…who else has the ability to teleport someone? Cupid: I can think of only one group…though they haven’t actually been confirmed in Duality B… Aphrodite: Who? Cupid: The Jedi, this might be a Jedi plot…
  30. 30. Loki: Who are you? Why am I here? Valeran: We have been looking for you…I am glad we go to you in time. Loki: Who are you? Valeran: We are the Jedi, your brethren and we need your help Loki.
  31. 31. Loki: The Jedi? I didn’t think you were here. Valeran: We are, and you are our only hope against the Sith. You are the Chosen One. Loki: Look, I’m sure you’ve travelled a long way to come here but I’m no Chosen One I want to get back to my Aphrodite.
  32. 32. Valeran: You cannot leave, we need you. Loki: I realize that you may think I am your Chosen One, but I’m not, and I’m also not going to stay here, I have someone waiting for me. Valeran: The fate of the universe depends on you!! You cannot abandon your duty as a Jedi!! Loki: I haven’t followed the way of the Jedi for a while now.
  33. 33. Windaria: You are a Jedi, whether you follow it or not. It’s in your blood. You were born from the Force itself!! Loki: I’m no such thing, I’m an alien. Windaria: You are a child of the Force!! Loki: Alien.
  34. 34. Windaria: You are a child of the Force, whether you believe it or not. We would prefer to have you…but if you’re so distracted by this woman…your little sister will do just fine. Loki: What are you implying? Are you making a threat? Windaria: No, not a threat; stating of a fact. We would prefer you but your little sister Mercury will do as well, and since she’s younger she’ll be more likely to listen to us. Loki: Leave her out of this!!
  35. 35. Windaria: Then will you help us? Loki: You haven’t left me much choice…if I refuse you’ll go after my sister. Windaria: We don’t like resorting to ultimatums but our situation is dire. Loki: At least let me tell Aphrodite. She must be so worried about me. Windaria: No. You can’t tell her.
  36. 36. Loki: What? I have to tell her!! I love her!! Windaria: That’s the problem. Love is clouding your judgement, it makes you more susceptible to the Dark Side. You must forget about her, purge the thoughts from your head. Loki: You’re asking too much!! I can’t do that!! Windaria: Then we will go and recruit Mercury, your choice.
  37. 37. Loki: You can’t make me choose between my lover and my family… Windaria: You must, it’s your only option. Valeran: She is right. Loki: This is cruel…how can you do this? Windaria: As I said, our situation is dire. We have to do this, to save everyone.
  38. 38. Loki: Fine. I’ll do it. I won’t tell Aphrodite. I have to protect my sister. Valeran: We will make this up to you, we promise. Windaria: You have made the right choice. Loki: Don’t. Don’t feed me false platitudes. Just tell me what I have to do.
  39. 39. Fear not, help is coming…WE are coming…to save Loki…
  40. 40. We have the skill…the tenacity of a pirate, the stealth of a ninja…The Red Flash. Thai: Not the Red Flash, The Thai Flash. The Thai demands that you get the Thai’s name right. Right. The Thai Flash then. >_<
  41. 41. The eyes and ears, the one who has the sharpness of mind, the sight of an eagle, she sees all…The White Lotus. Pony: Cool, I like that name. As long as you give me a sidekick…say a certain white dog… I mean I am the White Lotus and I need a white coloured sidekick right? Umm…sure…I’ll see if I can make a sim Hanna just for you. Pony: Good.
  42. 42. Every good team needs a leader, a leader who is strong and determined, a leader who overcomes any obstacle, and occasionally thinks outside the box...The Ruby Renegade. Sam: Aphrodite finally won a Bachelor Challenge, I won’t let my girl be disappointed again over losing her prize. I will find Loki for her. Count on it. I know you will.
  43. 43. The strategist, the support and occasional stirrer of trouble, The Rose. Rosie: Hehe, I have a mask, and Steampunk clothing. Glad you like it.
  44. 44. And last but not least, the member of the team who always knows how to surprise her enemies (readers) with unforeseen plot twists…Kuniochi Keika. Keika: Nice name. Very fitting, I am a perfect for a ninja. If Thai doesn’t want the title I’ll take it. Thai: The Thai heard that!! With suck a crack team of writing experts, Loki will be saved for sure.
  45. 45. Dark Kiara: Do you get the feeling something is going down with one of our grandkids? Thanos hasn’t even knocked up his wife yet, and what’s this I heard about some dating thing that Loki was doing? Douglas: I’m sure you’re just imagining things my Dark Flower, nothing’s going on around here that we don’t know about. Dark Kiara: You’re right, I am Dark Mistress Kiara. No one would leave me out of the loop in my town.
  46. 46. Oh how wrong she is… Well that’s it for Loki’s Bachelor Challenge, a winner has been named but there are still complications. Tune in next time. Buh bye now.