The Foxglove Legacy - Chapter 7


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The Foxglove Legacy - Chapter 7

  1. 1. The Foxglove Legacy Chapter 7 Hey! Soon it will be time for generation 2! I’m really sorry that this chapter is mostly birthdays and stuff, but I hate it when sims are teenagers, the age is just so long and boring...
  2. 2. Last time we left with a birthday,this time we begin with a birthday.Lauren’s birthday is one day afterMadeline’s.
  3. 3. “I really don’t know what to wishfor.”
  4. 4. “Wooo! Happy birthday Lauren!”
  5. 5. Lauren ended up blowing out thecandles without making a wish.
  6. 6. Lauren grew up into a rather cuteteenager, and rolled Fortune.
  7. 7. “Lauren, I’m going to find you aboyfriend,” Holly Blue said.
  8. 8. “What!? Can’t I find my own one?”protested Lauren.(I’m not sure why the light suddenlychanged in this picture)
  9. 9. “Nahh, it’ll be fun!”“For you.”
  10. 10. The next day, Holly Blue broughthome a boy named Ricky Cormier.
  11. 11. Evangeline came home a fewhours later, and had completedher LTW.
  12. 12. “Hey, you’re Ricky, right?”
  13. 13. “Yeah! You must be Lauren, then?Holly Blue’s told me all aboutyou...”“Oh, has she?”
  14. 14. “Don’t worry, it wasn’t anythingbad!”“Yeah....”
  15. 15. “She said you were kind, andthoughtful and funny, and...”“Ok.”“I’m sure it’s all true!”
  16. 16. “You know, you’re kind of cute,Ricky.”“Really? Thanks!”
  17. 17. They watched some TV together,then Ricky said goodbye.
  18. 18. “He hugged me, Holly! He huggedme!” Lauren squealed.
  19. 19. “Please sit down, girls. We want totalk about your futures.”
  20. 20. “As you all know, this a legacy,”explained Dominic. “So, wenaturally need an heir, on in thiscase, an heiress.”
  21. 21. “Lauren, we’ve decided you will bethe heiress,” said Evangeline.“Me?!”“Yes.”“Even with my... Skin condition?”“Yes. Lauren, honey, you are still awonderful person.”
  22. 22. “Congrats!” said Holly.
  23. 23. “Holly Blue,” Evangeline said,“you will inherit the house.”“What?!”“Yes, the house. Dominic, Laurenand I will be moving to the houseacross the road when Lauren is anadult, and you will inherit thishouse for your family.”“Wow, thanks mum! Thanks dad!”
  24. 24. “Madeline, we will be giving you$20,000 to start your family.There are lots of lovely houses inthe area which you could buy.”“Thank you.”
  25. 25. “Hiya, Ricky! You’ll never guesswhat! I’m heiress!”“Really? Congrats!”
  26. 26. Lauren and Ricky grew closer...
  27. 27. ...and closer...
  28. 28. ...and closer...
  29. 29. ...and closer...
  30. 30. ...and closer...
  31. 31. Until Lauren finally decided to kisshim.(they did actually kiss, but guess what?:“Hello! Is Holly Blue available to talk?”No, stupid.So, by the time I’d paused it to take aphoto, they’d already kissed. )
  32. 32. “I love you Ricky!”“Mmph.”
  33. 33. Meanwhile, inside, Dominic andMadeline were talking.“Dad, I feel a bit... left out, whatwith Holly Blue and Lauren bothhaving boyfriends now... I don’t.”“Well, maybe boys aren’t yourthing...”“Dad, I have nothing againstlesbians, but I just don’t think Iam one.”
  34. 34. “Well... you just need to find theright guy then... hey, try talking toyour mum instead.”
  35. 35. The next day, the three sisterswere stood outside the house.“Dad actually suggested that Imight be a lesbian last night.”“Why?” Lauren asked.“I said I don’t have a boyfriendyet.”“Who cares!?” said Holly Blue.
  36. 36. They went inside, and found thatthe oven was alight.“AHHH! FIRE!”
  37. 37. “Don’t worry girls, I’ll put it out!”said Mitch.“Girls? I’m a MAN!” Charlie Fleggsaid.
  38. 38. Dominic soon got the promotionneeded to fulfil his LTW!
  39. 39. It was time for Evangeline’sbirthday.
  40. 40. She blew out the candles.
  41. 41. “Finally! A birthday!”
  42. 42. “Ouch, my back!”
  43. 43. “Hey, this isn’t so bad! I’m noteven that wrinkly.”
  44. 44. “Still as beautiful as ever.”“Shut up.”
  45. 45. “Holly Blue, it is your birthdaytomorrow. The same as Dominic’s.I want you to know I am proud ofyou.”
  46. 46. “You should try and make themost of every moment of youradult life.”
  47. 47. “Good luck, baby.”“Thanks, mum.”
  48. 48. The next day came round quickly.
  49. 49. “Hm. I don’t like this bald thing,”Dominic muttered.
  50. 50. Next up was Holly Blue.
  51. 51. “Hm... I wish for me and Orlandoto get married and have lots ofpretty children!”
  52. 52. “How do I look?”“Er... I’m no fashion expert, Holl,but I think you should changeoutfits...” giggled Maddie.
  53. 53. “Oh, hi, Orlando! Who let you in?Technically, this is my housenow.”“Your mum did.”
  54. 54. “Er... Blue... I’ve loved you prettymuch forever, right?” saidOrlando, getting down on oneknee.
  55. 55. “So will you marry me and havelots of children?”
  57. 57. “Holly Blue, your mum and I havedecided that now you’re engaged,and Orlando has moved in, that wewill move out along with Laurenand Madeline so you can have thehouse to yourself.”
  58. 58. “On one condition.”“Oh?”“That you invite me to yourwedding!”
  59. 59. “Haha, of course I will, you sillyman!”
  60. 60. Everyone apart from Holly Blueand Orlando got in the taxi, andleft for their new home.
  61. 61. They arrived there just as the suncame up, and admired their newhome.Downloaded from Parsimonious.I know you aren’t meant to movein the legacy challenge, but I don’tlike the houses I build very much.
  62. 62. “Do you like the new house?” saidMadeline.
  63. 63. “I love it! Should we look around?”Lauren replied.“Sure!”
  64. 64. “Just think, if I wasn’t heiress, thiswould have been our bedroom,”Lauren sighed, looking around theroom.
  65. 65. “I think this might be yourbedroom, Lauren...”
  66. 66. “Maddie! I think it’s over here!This one has a cot!” called Lauren.
  67. 67. Lauren and Maddie hung thepaintings of Evangeline andDominic on the wall. Laurensighed happily, knowing that herswould be up there one day.
  68. 68. “Do you like the new house?”Evangeline asked Dominic as theyplayed a game of chess.“I do...” Dominic answered,concentrating on the game.
  69. 69. Soon Madeline’s birthday camearound, and she stood by her cake.
  70. 70. She blew the candles out, andnearly set her lips on fire whilstdoing so.
  71. 71. “How do I look?” she asked, afterspinning around.
  72. 72. Maddie got changed, then foundherself a new home.
  73. 73. With Madeline gone, Lauren feltmore alone than she ever hadbefore. She had always beensurrounded by her sisters, andnow the future of the legacy was inher hands.
  74. 74. She was about to sit on her bed,when she had an idea.
  75. 75. She invited Ricky over, and theydanced as Dominic played thepiano.“Ricky, I’m so nervous abouttomorrow! I’m going to be anadult and the fate of the legacy willbe resting on my shoulders...”“Don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll befine! Your parents wouldn’t havepicked you if they didn’t think youwere ready!”
  76. 76. “I’m so glad I have you Ricky.”
  77. 77. Lauren looked nervously at hercake the next day.“This is it,” she said.
  78. 78. “I wish for being heiress to not beas bad as I think!”
  79. 79. “Here goes!” Lauren said, turningto face her family.
  80. 80. Lauren spun round into an adult...
  81. 81. And thus, I conclude generation 1!Hope you enjoyed it so far, andgeneration 2 is beginning soon!Happy simming! :D