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Altered Fates: Chapter 7


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I call this: Attack of the Teenagers

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Altered Fates: Chapter 7

  1. 1. I’ve been meaning to write this up for a while now since I have this thing where my Apocalypse and my AU legacy have to be updated close together. Don’t ask, I blame it on one of my many OCD things… I went back into the game last night to grow up Jewel’s kids, so now all of generation three , except Aeric, are teens and I have some simself spawn pics that take up the first part of the chapter so I can introduce the last of Keika’sWhite Legacy imports.Why? Because I can and the cute…can’t forget the cute. Now let’s visit Duality A first this time.
  2. 2. Seraphine:You brought Sol* here? Ani-Mei:Yes…I wanted to see him. Why? Seraphine: No reason…*cough* Sol: Hey…aren’t you the one who was with Merry and Arc? Seraphine: Shh, this isn’t our world. *Sol is a sixth generation spare of Hydrus or Hyde and he’s mine.*
  3. 3. Sol:You’re a plant here…fascinating. Ani-Mei:Yes, I don’t know if I’m going to stay this way though… Sol:You’re still beautiful even in leafy greens. Ani-Mei: Charmer. *heehee*
  4. 4. So a quickie shotgun wedding later and soon two lovely and cute twin boys were born. I kept up with the plant naming theme that Keika is using for her seventh generation in the White Legacy and named these two Sage and Parsley. Sage has the bigger eyes and Parsley has the smaller ones. One is mean and the other is nice, Parsley is the mean one with 1 single nice point and his twin has 9. Go figure. Alien DNA makes weird personalities. We’ll be seeing these two later, they are frequent bus mates of the Alpha kids and theirTurner cousins.
  5. 5. And Ani-Mei hasn’t forgotten about her other kids, she asked them all to come over from college to meet their new half siblings. And because I noticed that she wasn’t even friends with Drace. Draciniion:You punished Jewel, that’s so not WOO mom. I loved her, at least I thought I did…I can’t seem to remember now. Ani-Mei: Only a little bit…and well she asked for it. And don’t worry baby…it’s all better now mommy fixed it.
  6. 6. Draciniion: Wait, what? Ani-Mei: There’s a toddler in the house. Draciniion: Toddler? WOO!! Toddler!! Family sim likes. Ani-Mei: I know baby…go on now she wants to meet her big brother. Ah, my easily distracted son. Nice one.
  7. 7. Draciniion:Toddler!! Lilac:Why is the non-sparkly pink one holding me? He’s your dumb but friendly big brother Lila, just go with it. Lilac: Right…
  8. 8. Siliel: Mom…did you simself power-zap my twin? Ani-Mei:Yes… Siliel: Why? Ani-Mei: My spare deflowered him. I had to. Siliel: Eww…enough said.
  9. 9. Melaithalda: Mom has such a cool looking pool!! Is she rich? Siliel: She’s the simself Mel, motherloded to the wazoo. Melaithalda:Then why doesn’t she give daddy some of that money? Siliel: I don’t know. Ask her.
  10. 10. Then later that night, my pod baby grew up…into a Romance sim…yay. Lilac: I want to be a Celebrity Chef mom, not have a harem of guys. Well that’s good I guess… Lilac: But I would like a few…or five. >_< Figures.
  11. 11. Well anyway, I sent Lilac with the twins toTakemizuVillage to the family owned vacation home that Fortune Sim Sol wanted…and she got the ninja to teach her to teleport right off the bat. Lilac: Excellent, secret ninja skillz are a go. Ninja: Use it well Green One. Lilac: Oh I plan to…*hehe*
  12. 12. Then she got lucky at the Shrine. It was her night it seemed. Lilac: OWOWOW!! Hurty!! OWOWOW!! Yeah, heavy gold coins falling from the sky hurt honey. *patpat*
  13. 13. Sage:We should own this game twin.We are vastly superior in intellect. Parsley:And we’re half simself, that too. Sage: Indeed. He so reminds me of aVulcan…
  14. 14. Sage:Though our opponents are hardly worthy enough to defeat. Old BVTownie Chick: Where am I? Blond Komei Clone:There’s pictures on the flat things!! Deerrpp. Parsley: Indeed you are correct twin.
  15. 15. Unsavoury Charlatan:You are green, green like money. I like money. Crispy-Fried Knut: *cough* Lilac: So do I so get ready to hand it all over to me. Unsavoury Charlatan: We shall see…
  16. 16. Sage: Interesting stuff this chirashi… If you say so… I never liked shrimp. Sage: It’s okay, I guess. Typical kid…
  17. 17. Well anyway, since I’ve taken up 18 slides with my simself spawn I suppose I should get to the point, namely these three. Spares Darla and Daven and my heiress Diana the Noseless.Who are growing up today…and because I may have fast forwarded too much so there’s little pictures of them as kids. *cough*
  18. 18. Diana: I didn’t know there were other green kids in this place!!Who is your Polli- Tech? Parsley: I do not have a Polli-Tech, my father did but not me. My mom is the simself here and she still cannot tell us apart. Do you know how many times I have been called Sage? I am not Sage… Yeah…sorry. I have issues with telling twins apart. *coughTyboldandTyronecough*
  19. 19. Sage:Yeah, I mean we aren’t even identical twins…look at my eyes and his. Mine are normal. Parsley: Hey!! Mine are normal too!! Sage: Are not. So…you’re mom’s heiress huh? Green Star Babies represent. Diana: I guess, only because I’m the nicest or something.
  20. 20. Then Daven just couldn’t wait for me to get everyone to stop mothing the grow ups to stay in synch with the girls…effectively ruining my shot. And then Isaiah started spamming the seven pm must go home queue stomping good bye…stupid playable. Darla: Aww…my twin isn’t my twin anymore. He’s older than me. Diana: Grandma, stop moving I want to grow up. Kiara: Can’t, coding.
  21. 21. Daven Alpha FA/GC Aries 6/10/6/4/6 LTW: Graduate 3 Kids Darla Alpha R/PO Cancer 8/7/4/4/7 LTW: Have 20 Lovers *whine* Diana Alpha R/K Virgo 10/5/10/2/8 LTW: Have 20 Lovers (no joke) and double whine.
  22. 22. And here’s the new kitty that Kiara and practically everyone in the house wanted, I called her Caramel.The next day she promptly grew up into a Himalayan kitty, who I am tempted to call Smoosh Face…but won’t because that would be mean and stuff…yeah. Pretty though with the ice blue eyes. Kiara Beta doesn’t have another dog yet but I am sure thatTybold’s unauthorized alien triplets will want one as soon as they turn into kids. Speaking of whom, let’s go see Jewel’s boys first then off to Duality B for more teens.
  23. 23. In the dark blue we have Andrew who has the weirdly big baby doll eyes, and Aeric who got the trademark purple eyes and the light blue. I still think it looks creepy…those eyes, the black hair…
  24. 24. Andrew: I don’t get why you think this is fun, I like video games better than this. Aeric: It’s because it’s good for you, and I’m not lazy like you. I hate sitting around all day. I need to do something or I’ll go crazy. Andrew: There’s nothing wrong with liking video games, and I’m the older one so you should listen to me. Aeric: Pssh. I’m cooler.
  25. 25. Andrew:Well, whatever. I’m old enough to beat him up now. Aeric:You wish. Andrew:Yeah, I am. AndrewTurner PL/FO (odd combination) Aquarius 4/5/3/10/7 LTW: Be Pro Party Guest (well that explains it) AericTurner Gemini 5/10/9/10/1 (also interesting)
  26. 26. Gabriel: I saw that Mean Green. Douglas: What do you want Elf Freak? Gabriel:You’re casting spells on the hapless townies again. Douglas:Yeah, so? Gabriel: Didn’t say it was a bad thing, I actually wanted to suggest not using the Inflammo spell. I kinda don’t want to be seen doing the Fire Freak-Out Dance, it’s undignified you get me?
  27. 27. Gabriel: Make them puke instead, I would love to see that. Is that so much to ask? Douglas: Well, Elf Freak, you may just have some redeeming qualities after all. Gabriel: What’s that supposed to mean? Douglas: Nothing much, just saying. *sniff* My boys are bonding.
  28. 28. Douglas:Want me to Magus Mutatio you? Gabriel: Hell no. Green clashes with my sexy shiny red leather. I don’t want to look like a retarded Christmas elf. Douglas:You really expect me not to run with that? It’s far, far too easy not to… Gabriel: Do it and die an early death old man, I have the power make it so. Douglas: Hehe, I like you Elf Freak. Gabriel:You aren’t so bad yourself Mean Green.
  29. 29. Douglas: Gotta admit though the Chicken Dancing Randy London was hilarious. Hehe. Gabriel:Yeah, okay. I’ll give you that one. I love my meanies far more than I should…Gabriel is really in his element in Duality B.
  30. 30. Cashier Girl: What a freak!! HAHA!! Garden Club Chick Whose Name I Forget: Oh dear!! How horrible!! Randy: Bwakabwakabwak!! Gabriel: Awesome. Cashier Girl should be meeting Thanos I think. My ,my Gabe, are you actually thinking like a simself now? I am shocked. Gabriel: Shut up.
  31. 31. Douglas: Now, how about Juan? What should I do to him? Time to go home Dougie…put the glowy stick away now. Douglas: Aww, why? Because I said so. Go.
  32. 32. Nyx: Enemy ship off the port bow sir!! Thanos: Excellent Minion, fire up the cannons!! Nyx: Aye aye sir!! FIRE UPTHE CANNONS!!
  33. 33. Thanos: Green Minion!! Where are my cannons? Loki: I don’t like being the minion, can’t I get to be first mate? Thanos: NEVER!! Green Minion, you are also Cabin Boy on account of those atrocious NICE points you have!! Obey your Captain Heir!! Loki: But…fine. At least you let me play with you.
  34. 34. Loki: Hey wow, would you look at that? I grew up, in green and I kept my hat!! Nyx: Curses. We should have been first. Thanos: Indeed twin. Loki Beta K/FA Virgo 10/0/7/0/10 LTW: Max Seven Skills *hearts alien spare for easy LTW*
  35. 35. Thanos: Mwahaha!! One step closer to ruling!! Thanos Beta PO/FA (Childrinions and Stabby Death Nose anyone?*) Aries 9/10/6/8/0 LTW: Be Media Magnate *copyright Doc Nerd as well as Stabby Death Nose*
  36. 36. Nyx: Ah, now they notice. Nyx Beta FO/R Sagittarius 3/5/9/5/4 LTW: Earn $100 000 (yay for way too easy spare LTW’s)
  37. 37. Loki: Aww, why did I have to change and lose my green hat? Umm?You look better this way? Loki: ReallyVoice?Aww that’s so nice of you!! You really were born in the wrong universe Loki hun.
  38. 38. Nyx:What about me? Nothing nice to say about my changeVoice? Sure, umm…I like the purple? It suits you and it’s a colour that looks good on your father too.You look like a femaleTybold with your mom’s eyes. Nyx: Don’t know if I should be flattered or offended… Go with number one.Yeah, one…
  39. 39. And my heir?Whoa, I hate to admit itThanos but you totally rock the Sith Lord Apprentice look…damn boy. I don’t even mind the Stabby Death Nose on you either. Thanos: Of course, it’s all part of my future plan to rule as Sith Lord. I am looking forward to the Dark Side of the Force… Yeah, I can totally see you going all Darth mode on me.Those eyes are creepy enough on their own. *shivers*
  40. 40. But before I lose my self control over how oddly hotThanos turned out to be, we have to visitTyrone and his mutant nice kids as part of generation three. Marik: Hey!!We aren’t mutants!! Mia:Yeah!! We’re cute, admit itVoice!! In this universe, you are mutants…in Duality A you’d fit in perfectly…
  41. 41. Well now…I’m havingJade flashbacks, it must be the hair. (Again? O_0? AU strikes once more, this is EXACTLY the opposite of AndrewTurner) Marik Stacks FO/PL Leo 5/9/4/5/6 LTW: BeThe Law Mia Stacks FA/PO Leo 5/10/4/5/2 LTW: Be Education Minister
  42. 42. If you were wondering, these three areTybold’s unauthorized triplets who won’t be featured much.Totally out of the heir running, they’re freaks, the lot of them. No Beta child isTHIS nice…ever. Mercury Beta Virgo 10/1/10/2/8 Venus Beta Libra 3/10/1/10/10 Jupiter Beta Sagittarius 1/1/10/10/10
  43. 43. And then I had a crazy idea, send them off toTakemizuVillage.With them is Douglas, Tybold, andTyrone as well as the three mainline kids. Call it a Grandparent Vacation sans Kiara, because you know the deathly painful burny-ness of vampires and everything… Loki:YAY!!Vacation!! Douglas: Stop being so perky, it’s freaking me out.
  44. 44. So,Thanos is my generation three Beta Heir and Diana is my Alpha Heir.Thanos is rocking the Sith Lord Apprentice look and making me feel weird about things…Tybold will certainly hate it if he finds out I actually like his son rather than him; evil is oddly sexy for some reason…*cough* And Diana will probably pass on the Noselessness to generation four. Did I make a mistake in making her heir? Naw…