Altered Fates: Chapter 9


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Generation three hits college, what will happen next?

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Altered Fates: Chapter 9

  1. 1. Totally stole that. But it fits, my Sith vs.Jedi battle is only just beginning.This is part one of the Uni adventures for my Alpha and Beta kids of generation three. I tried not to play too far ahead but things rarely work out that way. I am all the way into Junior year now and my plot is refusing to surface…the kids keep doing other stuff. Anyway, let’s go. 
  2. 2. Brooke: Okay Hat Boy, time to go. I’m moving in now!! Tucker: Well gee miss, that was mighty rude of you. Brooke: Beat it!! Tucker: Not very lady like of you.
  3. 3. Everyone say buh-bye toTucker. He finally graduates. And now I get Lippy Blond in his place. *sigh* He was the last of the second generation Greek members. Now Gemini House A belongs to the third generation. I count Jade and Blake as part of generation three just in case you were wondering…
  4. 4. Yee Haw!! *dies of laughter* Tucker: Well shoot…this ain’t ironic… Yes it is.
  5. 5. And what is this? Siliel? Daven? *frets* Daven: Wow…she’s gorgeous… Siliel: Can I keep him mom? Well…
  6. 6. But…but…*sighs* Don’t tell Jewel. Siliel:YAY!! Daven:YAY!! Well Ani-Mei DOES want to Marry Off Six Kids…and she has six kids now…
  7. 7. Darla: Oh good then you won’t mind if I take this one thenVoice. But he’s my green Sol-Mei baby!! Parsley: I like her!! I can haz? Darla: Aww come on…he’s adorable.
  8. 8. You two are SO NOT Romance!! Grr…fine.You can haz. Parsley: Aww yea… Darla: Mmm, well I could use more greens in my diet. RAWRR!! Oh god…*runs off* Well then they can married. Empress Ani-Mei has spoken.
  9. 9. Darla:You DID NOT just do that to a woman!! Ramin Noodles: Craww? Darla: I have Body points and I’m not afraid to use them!!
  10. 10. *bites tongue to avoid clichéd Romance sim and handcuffs joke* Darla:You win this round Ramin Noodles, you win this round… Ramin Noodles:Why does everyone call me that? Because. It’s far, far too easy not to.
  11. 11. Darla: What’s this?A nerd patrol? Choppy Red Hair:Woo!! New member!! Half Shaved Head: Again?We really need to stop recruiting Legacy brats. Oddly Familiar Blond: Greek House membership here I come!!
  12. 12. Oh yes, Ani-Mei renovated the Secret Nerd Club. I like my new CC. I just didn’t lock Moovine’s cage…*whistles* So now you know . Know what you ask?Well did you know that if a Greek house member is on the lot and has to rez the doof who took the cow cake, they get instantGreek membership without pledging?Yeah, neither did I till Brooke, a.k.a Oddly Familiar Blond, came back with Darla.She did not have the Joined Greek House memory so I had her Ask toJoin when they got back. It worked like any other membership EXCEPT she had to gain 25 relationship with HERSELF to get in. now I’m panicking, those Met Self memories are scary…so I let the timer run out. No implosions, no FBDVFS (Fiery Ball of Doom Visible From Space). So I took the other route, and pledged her.That worked. Go figure.
  13. 13. And then Daven and Diana got in. So now all of my generation three Alpha kids are in the Secret Nerd Club. I left Moovine where he was, I figured why not? I don’t need it at the Greek House. I have the Cow Killer Mark 3 for that. Also if you noticed Diana got friendly with the Show Biz plastic surgery machine. Yes, I cheated it with the Sim Blender, no I don’t regret it. It wasn’t at the Secret Nerd Club lot so I had to. It doesn’t fix her genetics though so generation four will still have a 50% chance of Noselessness.
  14. 14. Blake: Hey Di?What are you doing? Diana: Fixing my face, I can barely breathe so I have to. Blake:You looked lovely before… Diana: Well thank you, but this is for me. I wanted this.
  15. 15. Diana:That’s soo much better!! *deep breath* You are still cute Di. Diana:Thank youVoice!! Give me some green babies okay? Diana: I’ll try.
  16. 16. Diana: HeyVoice? Can we maybe get a biggerGreek House?There aren’t even enough bedrooms here for us all. Well…wait until the vegetable crops are in then we’ll move. I noticed the lack of space too…
  17. 17. What’s going on here? Oh…s -she’s…she’s deflowering my Sol-Mei baby? Darla: Mmm… Parsley: Mmhmm… Should I be mad? Naw…I’ll make them get engaged while they don’t fear it…yeah. Hehe…
  18. 18. Darla: Aww yea…giggity-giggity… Parsley: Did you just say giggity-giggity? Darla: No…*shifty* Well green purple eyed Alpha grandbabies would be nice…
  19. 19. Darla: I seem to be forced to do this …marry me? Parsley: And I seem to be forced to accept…yes I will. My work here is done. *nods*
  20. 20. D-awww….stalker cam pic FTW. It’s cute and artistic aside from the underwear part of course...
  21. 21. Lookit!! New Greek House!! Isn’t it purdy? It’s on a 5x4 lot at the bottom of Sim State Mountain. It has five bedrooms and a party room above the garage, lots of space now. And it should last for the next seven generations barring any glitching or lagging. I like it.
  22. 22. First Floor: HouseWears.We have two bedrooms down here, Diana’s and Darla’s, a bathroom and kitchen, two sets of spiral staircases in front of the two story windows. And a porch that goes all the way around. Locked doors to keep stalker cheerleaders and annoying llamas out of course.
  23. 23. Second Floor: Lingerie.We have three more bedrooms up here and a communal bathroom.TV/Study area, balcony. Not much up here though.The Party Room underwent some lighting changes since this was taken though, I wanted strobe lights. Also I had to add the computers for term papers later.
  24. 24. And the AlphaWall of Fame. All ten member portraits, lined up nice and pretty. And Kitian’s car is still there as well. Nice huh?Yes, yes it is.This is the only area I can’t lock to household only, they just walk right into through the garage door. I don’t have the mod to lock garage doors. So if they’re pledging they can hang out in here.The other door is locked to household so they can’t get into the main house.
  25. 25. We’re now in Junior year, andJaiden is graduating. Blake has one more year to go then he too will be leaving and I can pledge in AndrewTurner and Aeric, when I get him ready of course.
  26. 26. Brooke: Nice outerwear. Darla: Really? Daven: Bye Jaiden. Jaiden: Don’t everyone cry all at once now…
  27. 27. And with Jaiden’s departure, Andrew could now move in. And as usual, he got his Secret Nerd Club membership courtesy of Dorian this time. I guess changing lots reset them. Oh well. Andrew: Hey!! Quit narrating!! In trouble here!! Huh, what? Sorry Andy I wasn’t listening to you. I’ve seen this like ten times already.
  28. 28. Andrew: Wow…thrilling.Where’s the phone? Hair Buns: Woo? Andrew: NotWoo, boo. I’m outta here. Also doesn’t it just look lovely from this angle?ThatCC so works for this place.
  29. 29. Andrew: NowTHIS I like!! Pleasure Sim represent!!WOO!! And Daven can’t dance, the more you know.Yet Blake is awesome. Go Blake!! Blake: I try, I try. ****** Now let’s go visit Duality B, for more StarWars rip offs…
  30. 30. And over in Duality B, things seem to be coming along nicely. Dorian is raiding the Beta Greek House for Loki this time. Loki:Tell father, I love him!! You’ll be fine honey. *patpat*
  31. 31. How did you change while cuffed? Loki: *sigh* I don’t like to brag about my alien powersVoice… Alien powers let you change while cuffed? Are you sure it’s not Jedi powers? Loki: Umm…don’t tellThanos.
  32. 32. Loki:This is it?This is what the fuss was all about? Yes, welcome to the Secret Nerd Club B. Lovely huh? Loki: No, not really… Yeah, I agree.
  33. 33. Loki:And it really was not that impressive. I think you can make it in. Thanos: Of course I can Jedi Scum!! They would be INSANE not to let the future DarthThanos in, I am very interested in that cow plant thing you mentioned.What was it called? Loki: Mootilda, I think…
  34. 34. Thanos: Such a thing has to belong to the Sith!! I’ll be getting it for sure. Loki: I’m sure you will. Thanos: Shut up peon. Don’t argue with me. Loki: I wasn’t I was agreeing!!
  35. 35. And the next night… Loki: Space daddy? Is that you? You had to stargaze didn’t you? Loki: I’m sorry!!
  36. 36. Have fun. Loki: I changed my mind!!! Too late now.
  37. 37. Thanos: Damnit, they brought him back. I commanded you to keep him up there!! Nyx: I don’t think they’re listening brother… Loki:What was that?? Your space daddy.
  38. 38. Loki: UmmVoice? Are you sure this is safe? Yes hun, I am completely sure.Trust me. Loki: I thought you liked my face? I do…but you’re the one who said you have trouble breathing though that nose…try it.
  39. 39. Loki: Okay…if you’re sure. I am. Loki: OWW!! OWW!! OOH!! You alright?
  40. 40. Loki:Well? How do I look? Wow, looking hot. I approve. Loki: Really? I mean, I can breathe…but I feel strange. It’s the collagen in those cheeks, you look proportioned now. Loki: Okay. I trust you.
  41. 41. Thanos: I demand to be heardVoice!! I am the HEIR here!! Stop giving that Jedi scum all my face time!! Well if you pulled some NPC’s out of that well I would… a playable and aTownie are no good. Thanos: I will add them to my harem of slave girls. Right…you do that. Thanos: Jabba the Hutt has nothing on me.
  42. 42. Thanos: Who is this miserable creature that dares sit next to me? The new Placeholder, he’ll take over onceTrina graduates.The llama PeytonWong. Peyton: S’up? Thanos: Is he evil enough to join my Sith army? No idea.
  43. 43. Thanos: Why isn’t my Jedi slave doing this?This is beneath me. Loki:You wanted to. Thanos: SILENCE!! Peyton:Yo man, get my good side huh?
  44. 44. You two are awfully quiet over here. Nyx: I’m staying out of this. Let my brothers fight for air time. I’m fine this way. Trina: Like totally, those two give me wrinkles. Right…thanks.So much for girl support.
  45. 45. Is that broken again? Loki:Yeah, Cow Killer Mark 4 is having issues… If the cow would only learn to stay away… Loki:Yes, if only.
  46. 46. Well anyway, the Beta Greek house got a new lot too. Exact same spot as the Alpha house, exact same design. I liked it okay? With the expansion comes new members.Trina is nearing her graduation and I do have two cousins to induct into Gemini House 2.0 B. You remember Marik and Mia?They are joining their cousins.
  47. 47. See? Exact same layout. Only I moved the kitchen and bathroom around in the Beta house. Now they are at the front and the bedrooms are at the back. And I put out their well and makeover vanity in the back.
  48. 48. And I moved the communal bathroom around too. It just doesn’t have a shower in it. I didn’t want to put one in.They have one downstairs anyway. Also the upper balcony is a little bigger than in Duality A, to fit the telescope on.
  49. 49. This has a party room upstairs in the garage as well, no strobe lights yet.They ran out of money.
  50. 50. Enter Holding Cell A.Where all cousins await entry to Gemini House 2.0 B. Marik: Mia? Is that window open? I hear a weird whistling noise. Aww…  Mia: It’s just theVoice.
  51. 51. Yes, it’s a roof on the ground. I’m cheap like that. Nyx:Woo!! Go cousins!! Trina: Like welcome!!We’re gonna have a blast!! Loki: I forgot my toga.
  52. 52. And here is the Beta HouseWall of Fame. Complete with aJunker waiting to be worked on. Someone must haveTinkering as a hobby, it’s like a law of Duality.
  53. 53. And the other half of the wall. Not as many as Alpha for some reason. I guess I have more there than I do here.
  54. 54. Whoa, what’s going on here? Loki? Loki: I’m crying on the inside, how could you do this to meTiffany? I thought we had something special!! Tiffany: Like wut? Huh? Loki:You kissed the llama!!
  55. 55. Loki:You bastard… Peyton: Chill dawg, we all want a ride on the Campus Bus, ya dig? Tiffany: Rude much? I am not a bus. I’m a girl. Loki: *death glare of death* Hmm…should I use my secret generational kill on him? Let me think about that…
  56. 56. Loki? Hun?You alright? I know you likedTiffany…I can kill Peyton for you. Loki: No, that’s not the right way. If I’m supposed to be a Jedi then I shouldn’t use the Force for evil right? No…but she broke your little heart. Loki: I’ll be alright.
  57. 57. Loki: I’m sure there’s a girl out there for me…I know it. Ooh! Idea!!Want me to arrange a Bachelor Challenge for you? I love doing those. Loki:Oh, no you don’t have to trouble yourself with that. But I want to!!Then it’s settled, Loki you’re going to get a Bachelor Challenge after college!! Loki: Honestly, you don’t have to.
  58. 58. Thanos: I said stop giving that Jedi more airtime than me!! Sorry…but isn’t that one of your dad’s lovers? Dagmar? Thanos: Feh!! I’m the heir!! Dad will just have to deal with it. O-okay… o_O?
  59. 59. Thanos: Let me show you the power of the Dark Side… Dagmar:The what? Thanos:The Force. Dagmar: Umm, okay?
  60. 60. Nyx:Yeah…this is what I wanted to see…my half naked twin and his chick in their skivvies… He’s settling in so that’s all that matters.The heir is taken care of…now about those spares. Nyx: I’m good.Thanks.
  61. 61. I should do the whole perspective words thing that the StarWars movies always open with….but don’t know how to.Well that’s all for now, it’s once again 2 am and Ani- Mei needs to sleep. I’ll see you for the thrilling conclusion of generation three’s college years next time.