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Candle Lights & Virgil: Day 1


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Candle Lights & Virgil: Day 1

  1. 1. Virgil: So one more time, just so we’re all on the same page… you did WHAT??? Cupid: I set you up bro. Trust me, it’s a good thing. Virgil: How is it good???
  2. 2. Virgil: I am not your “bro” why did you go ahead without even ASKING me, and bring seven strangers here .Cupid: It’s really very simple; you were struggling with finding a spouse so Aphrodite and I came up with a Bachelor Challenge for you. I’ve had past success before, just look at Ginny and Solan. Those two were matched by me, and they’re happy. Virgil: Who said I couldn’t find a spouse? I was closing in on Girl in Pink!!
  3. 3. Cupid: Just give it a chance Virgil, these girls are all really pretty and eager to meet you so at least try to look enthusiastic. What guy wouldn’t want seven chicks fighting over him? Virgil: Do they even know who I am? Son of Thanatos? God of Death? Ring any bells Fly Boy?
  4. 4. Cupid: So I can deal with your wasp-like personality, your broody self-loathing blackclothes and even your cracks at the situation…but not the name calling!! I hate when Hermes does it and I won’t stand it from you, even if you are the heir!! Got it??!! Virgil: Dude, when did you get so argumentative?
  5. 5. Virgil: Chill man…gods.Cupid: The girls will be here soon, I’ll chase off the Welcome Wagon and leave the house to you. Alright? Virgil: Sure, sure I get it. Cupid: Good. That’s settled then.
  6. 6. Cupid: I hope those girls know what they’re getting into with him…I have never dealt with someone as abrasive as him before…
  7. 7. Immediately, the clustering begins. They all talk to each other and not Virgil, you’dthink this was the first time they’d met or something  Miranda zeroes in on Polly, maybe it was because of the ears, or perhaps she was just closest… Polly’s sister Hokey starts up a conversation with the strangely dressed Isabellawho looked quite perplexed and overwhelmed by everything she was seeing here in Mykonos.
  8. 8. Jezabel goes for Aphrodite and the two strike up a fast conversation. Biro patiently awaits her turn to “Compliment” Aphrodite.
  9. 9. No such luck. The two bond further over their shared hobby of Sports.
  10. 10. Biro finds her way to the house, the first one to actually go inside. Where’s the bachelor throughout this whole thing?
  11. 11. Virgil: Remind me again why I let Cupid talk me into this. They’re all interested in each other and not me…do they even know where I am? One can only hope…this is for him after all.
  12. 12. Eventually the girls come inside, maybe it was hunger or the rain but they made itinside…well most of them anyway. Jezabel and Aphrodite can’t get enough of Catch it seems.
  13. 13. Biro: Isn’t there supposed to be some guy here too? Where is he?Isabella: It is the reason why we came here is it not? Shouldn’t we be trying to win the prince’s heart? Miranda: Wait, he’s a prince? I thought he was a legacy heir? Polly: I hear the stereo on, maybe he’s in there. Hokey: We should go see him at least, who knows what he looks like…
  14. 14. Virgil: Now they come in. I’ve only been here for eight freakin’ hours!!
  15. 15. Polly: Hey!! He’s not bad looking!! Virgil: Thanks, I guess… Polly: Dance party?Virgil: What the hell? As long as I get some attention.
  16. 16. Virgil: You call that dancing? Oh dear gods… Polly: I’m groovin’!! Virgil: You’re losin’ big time. Polly: I’m new, deal with it. Virgil: Err right…
  17. 17. Hokey: So you’re the guy huh? Nice… Virgil: Is that girl your sister?Hokey: Yes, she is. My older sister. Why did she do something? Virgil: Sisters…interesting.
  18. 18. Virgil: She so can’t dance. Hokey: Mean huh? Well so am I so get used to getting back what you give.Virgil: A challenger? I like that. Not many can stand up to me, you’re one of the few. Hokey: Good to know.
  19. 19. Virgil: So what’s your deal? Isabella: My “deal”? I am not familiar with such a term what is a deal? Virgil: You look like you just stepped out of Ancient Greece dressed like that.Isabella: It was Veronaville and everyone dresses like this where I come from. Does it not please you?
  20. 20. Virgil: It’s just strange that’s all. This is the 21st century.Isabella: You manage to insult me the first time you talk to me…how rude, men do not talk to ladies like that. Virgil: Lighten up; it was just an observation. Isabella: I am not sure what to say…Virgil: Something you should know; I insult everyone. It’s my nature. Can’t help it.
  21. 21. Isabella: So I do not displease you? I can be a little uncouth at times… Virgil: Uncouth? Wow, but no, you’re not bad. Isabella: I am pleased that you fancy me my good Lord. Virgil: Lord? I like that. Isabella: I am honoured.
  22. 22. Virgil: Now that most of them are here, let’s see who stands out the most for me. I don’t see that cute redhead anywhere though…
  23. 23. Virgil: Nice…but who is that?
  24. 24. Virgil: Dark skinned beauty…dayumm…
  25. 25. Aphrodite: I’m sorry, we may have played a lot of Catch, but I do not do hugging…not cool.Jezabel: Sorry? I just thought since we’re friends and all, that I might congratulate a fellow competitor. Aphrodite: You may have lit up like the sun to Virgil but that is a far cry from winning this…just so you know… Jezabel: Then I guess it’s game on.
  26. 26. Isabella: I am so happy my Lord doesn’t dislike me!! We should have these wonderful things at home, they are so much fun to play with!!
  27. 27. Virgil: Is she following me? The green haired chick? Man…after I tried to talk to her earlier tonight too.
  28. 28. Virgil: This is all about me isn’t it? Shouldn’t they be lining up for my attention?
  29. 29. And that’s all for Day 1. No eliminations today, that begins next day so who came out on top today? Let’s find out: Jezabel: 0/0 Isabella: 13/1  O_O Girl’s got game mode on big time… Polly: 0/0 Hokey: 0/0  It was sitting at -2 because they argued first off but it went back up. Aphrodite: 0/0 Miranda: 0/0  Knowledge sim, she spent more time on the chess boards.Biro: 0/0 She just wouldn’t drop the darts, she lost a lot of valuable interaction time from that.
  30. 30. And some minor notes here before we close off Day 1:• Polly is not Family like I thought in the Prologue, she’s Popularity.• Polly is also not the heir of her generation, Dreamer hasn’t decided yet.• Hokey is a Scorpio, not Gemini, explains why she got positive point for arguing with Virgil (both Scorpios).• Biro is not a spare, she’s actually the heir, I forgot and Thai probably did too. Sorry Thai. • And thanks to Leo for pointing that out.