Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 7B


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 7B

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. The Money Tree has been growing quite well for the Kasumis lately, theyhave begun to make plans to build a private university in the name of their family, just a little more is needed to make that dream a reality. The Laws of Succession may have failed them this generation, but money has a way of speaking much louder…
  3. 3. On another note, Hyperia’s first claimed territory has been slated for Business development. So far there areonly two unowned lots in that territory due to the rising number of families that are settling in Hyperia. It will provide much needed space to meet the demands of the growing populace.
  4. 4. Over at the Cormier house, Dahlia was still getting used to the idea of being married. She had loved the piano when she lived at home with her parents and asked that she be allowed to have one here in her ownhome. Ricky, of course, loved his wife dearly and thought that there would be harm in letting her have one.He had recently secured a position in the Hyperian police force in an attempt to quell the sudden upsurge in Criminal activities. With a large populations such as the one Hyperia had, crime was a big problem. Especially now that there were more Noble families settling in the kingdom.
  5. 5. Ricky loved hearing her play, it meant that she had true talent. While he was out helping to protect theirhome, she would be safe here and out of harm’s way, it made the perfect place for her to raise their children.
  6. 6. And the sooner that happened, the better for him.
  7. 7. While Ricky was at work, Dahlia found it lonely around the house while he was gone. She had always grown up with others around and now that she didn’t have them, she was a little scared. Thankfully her big sister was only next door and could come over anytime she wanted her to. Dahlia: Can you tell me how you had three boys all at once? I’d love to give Ricky that same pleasure. Kindle: Pure luck, and gods’ favour little sister, I didn’t expect to have boys at first. Dahlia: After all, mom had girls first didn’t she?
  8. 8. Kindle: Good thing is that Kennedy hired a butler for me until we can enter into negotiations for a live-in nanny. Dahlia: Oh, you think that’ll work? Kindle: I have hope. Dahlia: Maybe I should ask Ricky about that.
  9. 9. Kindle: You’re not into too delicate a state to toss a ball around with your big sister are you? Dahlia: Ha!! Hardly. I can still throw one. Kindle: Good to hear.
  10. 10. Dahlia: I’ll show you!!Kindle: Ooh bring it on then!! Dahlia: Here it comes!!
  11. 11. Kindle: Good one!!Dahlia: As if it wouldn’t be.
  12. 12. Dahlia: I’m so bored…when is Ricky coming home?
  13. 13. Dahlia: I take it back!! I take it back!! Not bored anymore!! OWWW!!!
  14. 14. Dahlia: OH FOR THE LOVE OF ANY GOD LISTENING!!! Halp??
  15. 15. Ricky: Heey, it’s a baby… Sophie: Why did I come with you today?Dahlia: Aww, so you were the one kicking me…you’re not so bad.
  16. 16. Ricky: Well, it’s not a boy…you know that means?Dahlia: Ricky Cormier, you will NOT refer to your daughter as an “IT” as long as I am around you hear me? Ricky: Yes dear. Dahlia: Her name is Marie, got that? Ricky: Yes dear.
  17. 17. A side note: We now have a Captain Hero again. That is all.
  18. 18. Ricky did eventually let his little girl grow on him, she was adorable. So when he wanted to give her the birthday, Dahlia was more than glad to let him.
  19. 19. After all, he didn’t want her growing up to hate him now did he?
  20. 20. Marie Cormier Gemini 2/8/9/6/1Mean kid is mean. She’ll get along so well with the Kasumi girls…
  21. 21. At least Dahlia had someone to talk to now. She wouldn’t be so lonely during the day anymore. ******
  22. 22. Over at the Starr mansion, it was time for more of generation 3 to grow up. Lilly and Tyler had the honour of giving their twins their first birthday.
  23. 23. Ryan Starr Pisces5/5/9/3/7 Iris Starr Aquarius8/4/6/10/7
  24. 24. Iris has her grandfather’s purple eyes and her twin has his grandmother’s bright blue eyes. The two are so adorable!!
  25. 25. After some prodding, Dalen and Kyle finally got around to finding a wife to make their mother happy. Kyle found love with Marisa Shahan a native of the far off land of Takemizu Village.
  26. 26. Who apparently thought she hit the gold mine…
  27. 27. Dalen found his soul mate in Erica, a local gardener.
  28. 28. But neither of them thought it was really that great, if not for the kingdom law about no woo hoo before marriage, they would not even bother with the binding.
  29. 29. Though perhaps some things are worth waiting for after all…
  30. 30. Eventually though, Tyler did get back to A-Muse Art Supplies and after spending a few days there, managed to make it Hyperia’s next Rank 10 business.
  31. 31. And he even had time to celebrate his twins becoming kids. Everything was coming together for the Starr family…
  32. 32. Almost…
  33. 33. Dee: Reias!! I didn’t know you came this far!! Reias: Anything for you old friend, though it’s been a while since I’ve seen you get old. What’s with that? Dee: Ani-Mei’s hood rules. And no Cheat Death wish this time around.Reias: Oh yeah, I remember that. That was a pain in the ass to do the paper work on, let’s not use that again okay?
  34. 34. Reias: I got a nice room picked out for you back home, in the Elysian Fields if you want it. Dee: I’ve never been there, even when I was a god, sounds good. Let’s go. Reias: Sure buddy. Anytime you’re ready. Dee: I’m more than ready.
  35. 35. Rose: Oh daddy!!! Iris: Grandfather!! Noes!! Ani-Mei: I need to go see the grave Tyler, move. Tyler: What? You gestured me remember?Ani-Mei: I’m in mourning…I’m allowed to be senile.
  36. 36. Lord Diamos Starr Aged: 75 days Husband of: Lady Ani-Mei Father of: Violet, Tyler, Lilly, Dalen, Kyle and RoseGrandfather of: Princess Elizabeth, Prince James, Prince Peter, Ryan, Iris, Diana, Andrew, Mary, and two on the way (Kyle and Dalen) A true Nobleman at heart, Diamos was well loved around Hyperia (almost) and he will be sorely missed. What does thatmean for the fates of Ginger Newson and Kira Kasumi? That now falls to Tyler to make the final decisions on, as he is now the head of the family…will he keep his father’s promises? Or will he forget all about them? ******
  37. 37. Speaking of the Kasumis… Lord Erian: So…Diamos finally died. Bout damn time. Lady Amaya: Come now dear, do you still hate him after 50 years?Lord Erian: He challenged my right to the throne!! Him and that daughter of his!! I should have made a larger bid to get Hinamori into Prince Derek’s bed!!
  38. 38. Lady Amaya: You make it sound like our daughter is just a piece of property. Lord Erian: She is, she’s a pawn in my bid to have a Kasumi on the throne.Lady Amaya: I am shocked to hear you refer to her so callously…did you even love her at all? Lord Erian: She had her moments, that went away when she failed to seduce Prince Derek. Lady Amaya: She is married to Prince Xander, that’s something isn’t it? Lord Erian: A spare is nothing, it’s the heir that matters most…
  39. 39. Kira: I wonder what this little one will be like.Princess Serena: Kira, you know I appreciate your interest in your niece or nephew, but I am concerned that Shuuhei might not like it.Kira: I’m not worried about my brother, he’s far too busy making money to really pay you any attention at all. Princess Serena: Kira!! Don’t say such things!!
  40. 40. Kira: You know it’s true. Don’t lie.Princess Serena: He’s my husband and the father of my children, I owe him my respect and allegiance. Kira: You deserve so much more, you’re a princess!! Princess Serena: Kira…don’t…
  41. 41. Kira: I wish I had been born first… Princess Serena: Kira…
  42. 42. Shuuhei was more concerned with making money, whether it be shooting a soccer ball at the king, ormotivating his sole employee to get selling tickets. On top of this, he was high up in the Oceanographyfield, having recently become Poseidon’s right hand. He was busy making the Kasumi family richer. He was intent on making a university possible for his heirs to go to, as well as to collect tuition fromthose who were rich enough to pay him to send theirchildren to his university. It was all coming together.
  43. 43. However, he did not intend to let the king get a goal on him. It was small and petty, but it made Shuuheifeel like he had to prevent the king from winning anymore. Whether it be in this simple game or managing to stave off the Kasumi take over of the throne by having two sons…for one more generation at least.
  44. 44. He did eventually go home though, in time to see his wife birth his third child outside. He planned to wait until he at least knew the sex of the child so he continued to bait his hook.
  45. 45. Shuuhei: Well? Princess Serena: It’s a girl, a beautiful baby girl.Shuuhei: Oh for gods’ sake woman!! Quit breeding me girls already!! I need sons!! Princess Serena: I am sorry. Her joy was instantly deflated at his reaction, perhaps she should have listened to Kira…
  46. 46. Isane Kasumi, second daughter and third born.
  47. 47. Almost immediately after the birth, Shuuhei went off to work again, leaving Serena feeling very much alone. Her fatherin law was giving her glares and her mother in law was too proper to offer her any support against the vicious onslaught from her son and husband, that left Kira. Her one and only light in this dark place. Kira: Are you alright? Princess Serena: I should have listened to you, I’m sorry. Kira: My brother is an asshole and blind to what he has right here. I am not.
  48. 48. I blame the triple bolts…but it’s cute though. ^_^ I love free will.
  49. 49. Kira: My beautiful princess.Princess Serena: Kira!! Are you sure this will be alright?Kira: I love you Serena, what could be wrong with that?
  50. 50. Kira: A secret tryst…how romantic don’t you think?Princess Serena: And scandalous if we’re caught, your father is already looking for a reason to kick us both out, do you really want to give him more ammunition? Kira: My father is an old man, he’s bound to get his ticket punched by the Reaper soonerrather than later, and Shuuhei only cares about work and money; and my mother won’t make any move on her own; we’re going to be fine. Trust me my love.
  51. 51. Kira was right for the most part, and soon it was time for Isane to have her birthday. They had not dared sleep together yet, it might raise some uncomfortable questions should she fall pregnant by Kira.
  52. 52. Once in a while Shuuhei did take an interest, but Serena was sure it was for posterity only and had no hintof real interest behind it. She was not surprised when Lord Erian did not bother to come see her birthday.
  53. 53. Isane Kasumi Gemini 8/9/10/0/8A nice Gemini? o.0? Must be all those good Rothgate genes in her…
  54. 54. However, all good things seem to be followed by equally bad… Shuuhei: YOU HARLOT!! Kira: Oh gods!! Shuuhei!! Shuuhei: You dare cheat on me??!!
  55. 55. Princess Serena: Shuuhei!! I—*SMACK* He dealt her a stinging blow across the face before she could get another word out. Shuuhei: You worthless bitch!! How dare you!! My own brother!! Kira: You have no right to hurt her!! She’s a PRINCESS!! Shuuhei: I have every right, she’s my wife.
  56. 56. Shuuhei: And you…you treacherous back-stabber you would betray your own kin… Kira: I love her Shuuhei!! Which is more than I can say for you!!Shuuhei: I am working to make our family the richest in all the kingdom, we DESERVE to rule it!! If not for mother’s wish that we not kick your ass out of here and disown you, I would gladly do it in heartbeat. You can take your whore with you when you leave…I will keep the children here where they can’t be tainted by their bitch of a mother. Serena: Shuuhei!! NO!! Please!!
  57. 57. The children had no idea what was going on across the hall from their play room, Renji was enjoying the time with his sisters. He was far too nice to ignore them. Rukia: Where’s all the red blocks? Renji: Isane was chewing on them. Rukia: Eww… ******
  58. 58. On a happier note…Eric held his squirming daughter in his arms as she eagerly awaited her cake. Though he didn’t waste the chance to let his wife know how much he still fancied her.
  59. 59. Kelsey Trace (poufy hair) Aries 10/9/5/1/4 Amelia Trace Aries 10/10/5/1/3It’s becoming a Trace family trait, the poufy hair lives on…
  60. 60. And not surprisingly, they had to have more and Eric ended up with two more daughters. Heidi and Rachel. One had his black hair and the other had blond like their grandmother. Eric: This is becoming a pandemic…I need a son. Amy: I’m up for trying again, aren’t you? Eric: Ooh, yes please.
  61. 61. But that didn’t stop Eric from getting to know hisdaughters, nor their grandfather Thai. It was clear who his favourite girl was. Lord Thai: Put the triangle block here my little Poufy Haired one.Eric: Dad, please don’t ever call my daughter that again…Lord Thai: But her hair is so big…what has she got hiding in there?* *inspired by real Thai* ^_^
  62. 62. Birthdays come fast and quick in the Trace houseand it was time to see Heidi and Rachel grow up and to be able to play with their older sisters.
  63. 63. Heidi Trace (black hair) Gemini 4/10/10/7/4 Rachel Trace Aries 8/1/0/4/10
  64. 64. Maia: Dear me, do we have some more proper clothing for those two somewhere? Shawn: Yes mother, I went out and got some. Maia: Oh good. I was worried for a moment there.
  65. 65. Dressing them the same is the only way I can remember who’s who in this house. Hopefully the next baby will be a boy, I’m approaching my new population control limit for the Noble houses, five kids instead of the seven I had before.
  66. 66. Though it is good for cute pics like the four girls playing together…right?
  67. 67. Now the moment of truth…do we have a boy?
  68. 68. WE DO!! Finally!! Eric has five daughters and a son, his only heir seen here. Logan and Samantha TraceAnd Logan is a ginger!! Take that dominate genes!! Four blonds, one ginger and one black haired kid. Good genetic pot I say.
  69. 69. And Shawn? Well…he has no desire to get married but that doesn’t stop him from making use of the old well.But not an aged up Brittany Parker. Hecan have his fun with no strings attached.
  70. 70. Stats for Week 7, Part 2: # of Households: 14 # of Playables: 91 # of Graves: 1 (Starr *sniff*) # of NPC Community Lots: 4 # of Owned Community Lots: 5 (Columbus [Rank 10], Columbus [Rank 2],Kasumi [Rank 6], Starr [Rank 10], Grove [Rank 0])SM: (2x14; two generations in each household, +1 for every heir marrying up a class (Kasumi), +1 for 5 community lots, +5 for adding a Business District) SM= 35 Population: 91x35= 3,185 Careers Unlocked: Criminal: 1 of 31 filled (Columbus [retired], Trace [Retired], Hood) Military: 1 of 3 filled (Grove) (Pop. of 1,000 x 3) Oceanography: 1 of 5 filled (Kasumi) Politics: 1 of 3 filled ([Kasumi retired], Rothgate 2) [Pop. of 1,000 x 3] Medical: 0 of 1 filled [First opens at 1,000 pop. Then again at 5,000] Journalism: 0 of 3 filled (Pop. of 1,000 x 3) Music: 1 of 1 filled (Kasumi) Business: 0 of 1 filled Law Enforcement: 2 of 3 filled (Cooke [fired], Starr, Cormier) Education: 2 of 12 filled (Sims, Trace) [Pop. 250 x 12=3000] Entertainment: 1 of 5 filled (Columbus) Intelligence: 2 of 2 filled (Hood, Starr) Architecture: 1 of 2 filled (Trace) [+1 for addition of a sub-hood: Business District] Science: 2 of 6 filled (GilsCarbo), (Cooke)