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Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 5


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Day 5 begins and the Top Three are revealed!

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Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 5

  1. 1. Welcome back, didja miss me? Of course you did. Well stuff kept me from writing, spending rare time with boyfriend and a Niagara Falls trip. But now it’s time to write. I think I can, I think I can… Anyway, who goes home today? We shall see.
  2. 2. Day 5: Have bachelor do three flirts with the four remaining girls before noon… Loki: I-I am ner-nervous…can I hold your hands Camilla? Camilla: You even have to ask? Loki: Well, the email said I had to…
  3. 3. Loki: How about a Sweet Talk? Camilla: I like sweet talking... Loki: Oh good, I was afraid there for a second. Camilla: You’re so adorable when you’re nervous.
  4. 4. Loki: *whisper whisper* Camilla: *blushes* Suggestion is a win. My boy is all growed up…*sniff*
  5. 5. Next up is Aria. A Hold Hands, and a heart-fart. This is good. He likes her. Aria: You’re so sweet Loki, not at all like your namesake. Loki: Well sometimes names are just names. Aria: True. Point. Loki: I know the mythology of Loki and I hate the idea of being a deceptive, lying, manipulative, grudge-carrier.
  6. 6. Sweet Talk, also accepted. They are doing well…but the day is just beginning of course. I like Aria, I do hope the elf ears make it into the Beta gene pool…
  7. 7. Loki: Ella, mi bella…*sigh* Ella: You know Italian, very nice. Loki: Star Baby. We know lots of languages. Ella: We do? Loki: You mean you don’t?
  8. 8. Loki: Here let me show you; Ella, tu sei bella come un ulivo in fiore. Sono onorato per contemplare la tua bellezza.* Ella: Wow, I have no idea what that means but it sounds beautiful. *Ella, you are as lovely as an olive tree in bloom. I am honoured to gaze upon your beauty*
  9. 9. Ella: Tell me more. Loki: *whisper whisper* Ella: Teehee!! Well then…someone is feeling the spring in the air…
  10. 10. Loki didn’t have the Sweet Talk option for Aphrodite, their relationship is too high me thinks. So she gets a Shy Charm. Loki: I get so tongue-tied around you Aphrodite, I don’t know why. Aphrodite: Comes with the name, Goddess of Love. Loki: That makes sense I suppose.
  11. 11. Loki: Then let’s try some Greek. *Afrodíti̱, o í̱lios o̱ chriá se sýnkrisi̱ me ti̱n aktinovolía sas . Ta astéria zi̱lév̱ oun ti̱n omorfiá sas Aphrodite: Indeed, tis true. *Aphrodite, the sun pales in comparison to your radiance. The stars are jealous of your beauty.
  12. 12. But the others were there, no sense in giving anyone an advantage over another right? Aphrodite: Made of win. Loki: What is? Aphrodite: Nothing.
  13. 13. There was time for some hot tubbing before noon so it was first come first serve for the tub with Loki. Poor Camilla wasn’t fast enough. Ella: This won’t be televised will it? Aphrodite: No, of course not. Loki is far too shy for that. No, it will just be splashed over the internet instead…
  14. 14. Ella: As long as I’m paid for an appearance I’m good with it. Loki: Paid? You aren’t being paid. Aria: Yeah, none of us are…unless you are getting secret funds under the table. No, but her twin is married to my simself in Duality A…that doesn’t count. *cough*
  15. 15. But sadly, it wasn’t enough to save Aria from the Computer of Shame today. She had to be eliminated from the race. Aria: Ella is being paid isn’t she? That’s why she’s still around!! Umm…no?
  16. 16. Aria: She is!! I can prove it!! I’ll hack into the applicant files and see!! Loki gave me a heart-fart!! You all saw it!! Umm. *hits keys* The application has crashed, the computer will now restart. Aria: WHAT?? Whew, dodged the bullet there. We’ll see Aria later.
  17. 17. Day 5: Ending Stats Aphrodite: 140 Crush, Three bolts  hardly surprising there… Camilla: 115 Crush, Two bolts  moving up is good, we likes that… Ella: 109 Crush, Two bolts  we have a contest people!! Aria: 108 Crush, Three bolts. (most likely because I messed up her aspiration…<_>) So Aria lost by one point, that has to suck for her. But there you have the top three, all from different readers of mine too, that was unexpected to see.
  18. 18. So it was back to the tub before the coveted Romantic Kiss one on one dates with the Top Three. Loki: The spring sun feels good doesn’t it? Camilla: Sure does. Aphrodite and Ella: Yep.
  19. 19. Poor Loki, he made this face every time I said he had to kiss them *hearts Loki* Loki: I have to wha? Kiss her. Loki: Aww…
  20. 20. Camilla: Wow…my First Kiss…I see stars. Actually, that’s the wallpaper. Loki: I am happy to give you such an important memory.
  21. 21. Loki: Do you have to take the picture? Yes. But you didn’t give me a good shot so I feel Ella got jipped. Ella: Damn right I did. Sorry. >_<
  22. 22. Loki: Mmm… Aphrodite: Mmm… No surprise here. But the big red, love hearts were. 0_0 Aphrodite really doesn’t want to lose does she?
  23. 23. Cupid: Aria? I was so sure you would make it. Aria: It’s a conspiracy. Cupid: How so? Aria: Ella is being paid to oust me…I know it.
  24. 24. Cupid: No one is being paid. Aria: They so are!! Ella’s twin is married to the Voice’s simself!! She cheated me out of my spot! Cupid: No, Gabriel isn’t married. Aria: Not him, the girl Voice!!
  25. 25. Cupid: In Duality A, not in Duality B. And I assure you no one cheated their way in. Aria: Of course you would deny it…but I know better… Cupid: *sigh* If you say so, it’s not true but whatever. Aria: I do say so.
  26. 26. Aria: But how do I prove it? Hmm… Cupid: Anyway, as per rules you get the choice to stay playable or be a Townie. Aria: I don’t know right now…if I see Ella show up tomorrow I’ll decide then. Cupid: And if she doesn’t?
  27. 27. Cupid: She may not, you never know. Aria: She was on the low end of the totem pole…she will show up tomorrow. I know. Cupid: Anything can happen. Aria: It’s fate…she will.
  28. 28. Aria: But wait…was it my fate to lose from the start even with the bolts? *frets* Cupid: I’m sure you’re just imagining things. The Fates know about Duality B, and I also know that Clotho loves to weave twisted fates… Aria: Oh nerts…
  29. 29. Meanwhile… “Are you sure that he is the new Chosen One? “I know because the Force is as strong in him as strong as it is in the other one…” “So we must act soon before he loses his way…Valeran, what can we do?”
  30. 30. Valeran: We lost Kiara, but we will not lose her grandson too. “Ah yes, it was a shame about Kiara. Turning to the Dark Side so easily…I miss her.” Valeran: Windaria, I know we can save him. Loki’s blood is rich with metachlorians from his father’s repeated visits to the Force itself. We will get him. Trust me. Windaria: And what of the woman who wins this silly game he’s playing?
  31. 31. Valeran: We must be patient, there needs to be one left before we act. If we take Loki away before he dilutes his blood and purity with the woman we can save him from the path to the Dark Side. Windaria: I hope so. We all know that love leads to jealousy, and jealousy leads to anger, and anger is the path to the Dark Side.
  32. 32. Windaria: He hasn’t already has he? That would be terrible… Valeran: No, he hasn’t I was watching him in college and he never did. Windaria: Oh good. *whew* Valeran: Loki is the Chosen One, and we know for sure this time.
  33. 33. Valeran: Loki is the one we want the most, but the young female Mercury also has potential. The purple eyes are signs of the strength of metachlorian content in the body. They do have more than one in the bloodline with the purple eyes but only the ones who came from the Force are the strongest and most pure sources. Those children of the Force are the ones we need most of all. Windaria: I see. It would make sense that you could tell that, you have the eyes as well.
  34. 34. Valeran: I pray that we can reach Loki before he soils his purity. May the Force guide and protect us. Windaria: May the Force guide and protect us. ******