Altered Fates: Chapter 8


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Pre-Uni Hijinks abound!!

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Altered Fates: Chapter 8

  1. 1. Like the new title page? It’s shiny…and pink. Don’t tell Dark Mistress Kiara though. *shh* I left off last time with the Beta kids heading to terrorizeTakemizuVillage, now we see what they got into while there. And then more of the Alpha kids before I head to Uni officially to start generation three. I hope that I took enough of them to fill this chapter…I forget now. Anyway, moving on. 
  2. 2. Nyx: Something wrong with your chirashi twin? Thanos: Did the shrimps suffer horribly before being fried and sauced? I must know. Nyx:Why? Thanos: Suffering makes them taste better.
  3. 3. Nyx:You truly are a freak you know?You sent it back? Loki:That was not nice, the chef made it for you. Thanos: Jedi scum…SILENCE!! As a future Sith Lord I will do what I see fit with food that didn’t suffer enough before making it to my plate. Loki: But I’m not a Jedi…
  4. 4. Nyx: So what does that make me then? Thanos: My evil twin, and I hope that you’ll join the Dark Side of the Force with me. Goddess of the Night. Nyx:Wut? Loki: *sigh* Let’s indulge our delusional brother sister…it’s good for him.
  5. 5. Thanos:You DO NOT call the future DarthThanos delusional Jedi scum!! I will use the Force Choke on you for that!! Loki: Force Choke? Ur Doin it rong!! Nyx:Yay!! Bouncy couch!! And my brothers are tying to kill each other !!
  6. 6. Umm,Tybold hun?Your kids are trying to kill each other… Tybold: *snore* *Pokes*Well he’s no use.The current heir is indisposed at the moment so his Darth-in- training heir is left on his own. Oh well. Makes things interesting.
  7. 7. Loki:You know I have enough trouble breathing as is!! Thanos: Well that’s what you get for being born weird Jedi tonton. Loki:You are nuts!! Nyx!! Say something. Nyx:Whee!! Bouncy couch!! Hehee!!
  8. 8. Tybold: *yawn* What an awesome massage. Did I miss anything babe? Oh, nothing much, just your sons trying to kill each other…you know nothing important… Tybold:They’re just playing, come on baby they’re boys. And now I know whereThanos gets his delusions from >_<
  9. 9. Thanos:There you are!!Teach me to teleport. Ninja:You must first prove your worth by answering a simple riddle. In battle, what is more important; to know yourself or your enemy? Thanos: Easy, know your enemy. If they have a weapon strong enough to blow up my future Death Star Mark 2, then I want it. Ninja: Wrong.You must know yourself before your opponent.You are not worthy.
  10. 10. Thanos: I’m going to pretend you just didn’t reject me…you don’t want to see me get mad now do you?That would be unwise… Ninja:You are not worthy, try again later. Thanos: Wrong answer…
  11. 11. Ninja: Ninja vanish!! *throws smoke bomb* Thanos:Very well, you have made me angry now…and that will not end well for you. You will teach me that technique, then I will kill you. Scary heir is scary… O_O
  12. 12. The next day… Thanos: Are you insane?You dare to bring a Jedi Master into my presence twin? Nyx: He’s not a Jedi Master, he’s the Wise Old Man freak. Thanos:You can’t fool me!! He wears the robes of a Jedi Master!! Loki: Drink the tea.
  13. 13. Thanos: It could be poisoned!! Nyx: I’m drinking it, and I’m fine. Loki: Me too. Thanos: Silence Jedi padawan!! I don’t need to hear THAT from you. Loki: *sigh*
  14. 14. Thanos: Alright!!TALK!!Who’s your master? Obi Wan? Qui Gon?Yoda? Wise Old Man: Such anger in you young one… Thanos:Yoda!! I knew it!! Wise Old Man: I am no Jedi, as your sister said.You are delusional. Thanos: HA!Those Jedi MindTricks won’t work on me!! I will become DarthThanos one day!!
  15. 15. Loki: How long are we going to play along with this? He’s clearly a few marbles short of a bag… Nyx: *sigh* I don’ t know, I say just go with it. Maybe he’ll grow out of it. Loki: So you’re saying I should play the Jedi part for him? Nyx: It’s probably a good idea.You are his closest in age brother, and well Jupiter is way too young…
  16. 16. Tyrone: He’s your son, do something. Tybold:What? He’s just messing around. He’s a kid. Douglas: Pretending that there’s no problem won’t help boy. He’s the heir. Tybold:What is with you two?Thanos is fine.
  17. 17. Thanos: He was a Jedi Master!! I know that robe anywhere!! Douglas: See? Tyrone: Well what are you going to do? Tybold: He’s fine, son stop being weird.You’re upsetting your uncle and grandfather.
  18. 18. Thanos: Weird? What’s weird about seeing the obvious? Father…you know the Jedi will use anything they can to defeat us. Even lie. Tybold: Right… Thanos: See?You notice things too.We can’t let them win. Tybold: He’ll grow out of it.
  19. 19. Douglas: If there was such a thing as a psychiatrist in this world, you’d be in there so fast boy your head would spin. Thanos: Make fun all you want grandfather, I will find the Emperor and prove it to you. Tybold:The Emperor? Thanos:Yes, the all-knowing, all-powerful Emperor. He is the one I seek.
  20. 20. Nyx: Cool, floating pictures. Nyx finally learned the Dragon Legend. Once he left her crazy twin brother at home of course. And who is this Emperor he’s looking for?
  21. 21. Thanos: So we meet again…now teach me what you know!! Ninja: Do you know the importance of Courage verses Wisdom in battle? Thanos: Of course, you need the know-how to send the pawns to battle. Ninja:Very well, you are finally worthy. I shall teach you the secrets of the Force. Thanos: I KNEW IT!! IT IS REAL!! Great…my Duality B Ninja is part of the mass delusion…or is it us who are delusional? *dundundun*
  22. 22. And that was on the last night of their trip, time to get back to Duality B and prepare for college. Also some birthdays, you remember the unauthorized far too nice alien triplets?Yeah…they’re growing up.Then we head over to Duality A, where things will hopefully be less crazy…
  23. 23. Loki: Hey!!When did we get a puppy? Your alien triplet brethren will probably want one so…meet Suzie.The Betas’ new puppy. I have no idea what she’ll grow up to be, she’s not black which is boo…but them’s the breaks when you don’t make a dog in CAS.
  24. 24. Loki: Puppy!! *tickletickle* Loki, honey. Drop the puppy.The aliens are growing up. Loki: Puppy. *sigh* He’s not even Family either.
  25. 25. Well that was anti-climatic. Mercury:We got face time!! HOORAY!! Venus: Why the dinosaur suit? I HATE the dinosaur suit. Jupiter: I kept my hat. And that’s about all you’ll see of them. On to Duality A!!
  26. 26. Ani-Mei:Alak!! Alay!!That hurts!! Lilac: Down the hatch mommy dearest. Oh hai thar. My simself and her pod baby wanted cures (not really, I did) so they called up the gypsy and got three bottles.
  27. 27. Wow, what a pretty podling Lilac is. Lilac: Really?You think so? Yeah…nice.
  28. 28. Lilac: Umm…crap. Wait, who’s kid is that? Lilac: I—I don’t know… Wut?
  29. 29. “Some mouse clicker you are.” Which one are you again? “I’m Sage, S.A.G.E.And you call yourself my mother.” Shut up. Mouthy brat. >_<
  30. 30. D’aww, first kissies. Sage: Beat it. Hair Buns Townie: Are you talking to me? Sage: No. Hair Buns Townie: Oh, okay then.
  31. 31. Parsley: My turn now. So you’re the other twin then, okay. Parsley:Yeah, longer hair. Purple. I’m Parsley. At least one of you is nice to me. *sniff*
  32. 32. Multi-BunsTownie: Mmm, green meat. Parsley: Mmm, purple clad BVTownie. At least they match…
  33. 33. I didn’t forget about my legacy spare hubby, he’s also Perma-Plat now. Good job Sol. Sol:Yes, well. *pushes glasses up* It was easy. Of course. Mr. Prestidigitator. Sol:Yes.
  34. 34. Lilac: Umm, shoo flee? Parsley: *nine nice point sigh* Sol: Here we go.
  35. 35. Lilac: Baby!! You are no Romance sim…the aspiration, it lies. Lilac:Where’s the nearest body? Uhh, why? Oh…
  36. 36. Lilac: Here, hold her little half brother. Sage: This is because I’m Family isn’t it? Parsley: Maybe I’ll be doing that some day. You are ALSO no Romance sim, and why are you pudgy again? Parsley: My girl likes chub. And you can tell us apart easier. Fine…I’ll take that.
  37. 37. Brown hair, green eyes…you remember who his father is yet? Lilac:Yeah. But don’t tell him okay? Why? Lilac: Because. He’s happy inTakemizuVillage.
  38. 38. Sage: She’s cute, I guess. Aww, you love your little niece. So meet Danya and Darel. I know who their daddy is, but I’m not telling, we have to visit the Alpha kids now. Hehe.
  39. 39. And what is my Romance Heiress up to? Diana: Oh heyVoice, getting my First Kiss of course. Of course. Let’s see then. Diana: Make him cute!!
  40. 40. The GothTricou? Oi… Diana:YAY!! First Kiss!! *rolls up want for two lovers* Thought as much…and well you have lots of time to find a spouse for generation four anyway. Just not GothTricou.Though that huge schnoz he grows up into would probably balance out the Noseless One…hmm.
  41. 41. Stupid steam ruining my pictures.Well IF you can see through that, it looks like Steffi is trying to drown herself in the hot spring…why? Kiara: Are you alright dear? Steffi: *bubbles*
  42. 42. This is why. Lightning loves to strike when they sit in the hot spring while it rains. But it doesn’t make them get out, oh no…see following montage. I call this Strike One. And Steffi is clearly conflicted, she doesn’t know if she should be annoyed or happy that lightning struck her. Steffi: *twitch,twitch*
  43. 43. StrikeTwo. Lee:You smell something dear? Kiara: Must be the sulphur. Kitian: Uhh…
  44. 44. StrikeThree!! UR OUT!! Kiara: No, I still think it’s the sulphur. Lee:Well, if you say so lovely wife. Kitian: Uhh…not again. My poor heir…*pets*
  45. 45. Lee: Aren’t you glad your child rearing days are over huh son? Kitian: Bite me old man. Lee: *chuckles* Atta boy.Take it like a man. Lee, that’s not nice. Lee: Oh he’s fineVoice, he’s my son after all.
  46. 46. Oh look, it’s Cousin Andrew, made over. Andrew: *girlyscream* Oh no…not you. Love you too Andy. How’s life? Andrew: Please don’t talk to me when my date falls from the sky. It’d be weird. You aren’t channellingTyrone are you?That would make me sad. Andrew: Who?
  47. 47. Hat GirlTricou: Heehee!! No I’m ticklish!! Andrew: I know.That was the point. No, no moreTricous…I age them up in nearly every hood… Hat GirlTricou: Did you hear something? Andrew: Nope, not a thing…must be the wind.
  48. 48. Andrew: Pleasure sim Folk Song Perk, activate!! Hat GirlTricou: Oh I know that!! I’m Pleasure too!! It sounds suspiciously like the Sea Chantey from BV, for shame Maxis. Recycling old animations…*tsktsk*
  49. 49. Well, there you go folks, plotz is abound.WillThanos find the Emperor? Who IS the Emperor? And— Kitian: Hey!! No fair!!The Betas got way more slides than we did!! Sorry Kit, but I just had more to do in Duality B. Next time. Kitian: I am so going to tell everyone who the Emperor is!! He’s— NINJA STEALTH ATTACK!! *gags Kitian* Kitian: Mrphh!! No spoilers. Bad Kit.